Friday, 7 July 2017

A Visit With the Girls

I was blessed to have my daughters and nieces down to visit for a number of days, what a great time we had checking out some of beautiful New Brunswick.  It was like old times...all the girls hanging out together.  Hearing their chatter and laughter at night as I was in my room heading to bed made me smile...reminding me of home.

On the Tuesday we headed out to what I thought was the Fundy Trail Parkway, my husband and I had been there 3 years ago  and it was beautiful. Anyway, somehow I got mixed up and we ended up at Fundy National Park.   My heart sank as I realized we weren't where I thought we were going.  I know, how does a person mix that up but somehow I did.  

So here I thought I'd ruined the day because I had pictured the Fundy Trail Parkway and knew there were many beautiful lookouts and trails but with this park I didn't know where to go.  I was kicking myself on the inside.

We start driving through the park, my daughter was checking out the map and suggested a hike to a waterfall so we decide to do it. The hike is 2 1/2 km in at a steady decline and the same out except on an incline.  It was a beautiful hike through the woods and when we got to the waterfall it's gorgeous.  We spent about 20 minutes there taking pictures and enjoying the beauty and peace of being the only ones there.

Heading back we passed a number of families who were all headed to the waterfall.  As I was walking back, out of breath at times because of the steady incline :-) I was thinking about how I'd messed up in ending up at the wrong place.  But in the midst of it I realized that God still had something beautiful for us to enjoy and we were able to enjoy it before the crowds came...what  a blessing that was to us.  

The day that I thought I'd ruined or wasn't what I'd anticipated it to be was beautiful.   

Things to be thankful for...

3560. Sunshine through the pouring rain
3561. Thunderstorm
3562. Chat's with the kids
3563. My husband's care for my heart
3564. Fun game of volleyball
3565. Cooling breezes through the night
3566. Beautiful day
3567. Lupins along the road side

 3568. A great nights sleep
3569. Night of bowling for the guys
3570. Day time breezes
3571. Mom down for a visit
3572. Touring with mom, good chats
3573. Good game of euchre 
3574. Nice visit with Jocelyne
3575. Good chat with my brother-in-law
3576. Beautiful field of lupins

3577. Charissa out riding Daytona
3578. My dad - a chat with him on Father's Day
3579. Freedom to worship
3580. Father's in the program connecting with their boys
3581. My heavenly Father
3582. Cool breezes through the bedroom window
3583. My husband - the father he is to our children
3584. Wind rustling through the trees
3585. Chat with Matt
3586. Charissa's laughter
3587. A good day

3588. God's amazing creation
3589. Truth sets us free
3590. Beautiful weather
3591. A man pushing through a tough place
3592. Visit with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law
3593. Generosity of family
3594. Laughter
3595. Games night with the men
3596. God's provision
3597. Charissa and Sarah down for a visit
3598. Jocelyne over for a visit on Sunday

3599. Faith stories
3600. Drive with the girls
3601. Volleyball in the front yard with the girls and my husband
3602. Picked Kayla up at the airport

3603. Drive with the girls to a waterfall

3604. Kind words from one of the men
3605. Beautiful day out with the girls enjoying God's beautiful creation

3606. The girls laughter and chatter
3607. Touring Ministers Island

3608. Family
3609. A great visit with my daughters and nieces
3610. The gift of being a mom
3611. Charissa, Kayla & Sarah home safe

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