Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Gaspereau run...

Things to be thankful for...

3426. Softly falling rain
3427. The financial blessings of God's people
3428. Video call with friends
3429. Volleyball game with the Village girls
3430. Running shoes from a stranger
3431. Bandit a loyal cat
3432. The guys helping cleanup at the Currie House
3433. Meeting new people
3434. Seeing the gaspereau run at the river
3435. Charissa and Matt looking after things with Bandit
3436. Morning chat with Jocelyne
3437. Beautiful weather
3438. Watching the gaspereau swim up river with my husband
3439. Amazing strength of the gaspereau

It was amazing to watch these little fish, the gaspereau, swim up the river against the strong currents and rapids, at times jumping up them.  My husband and I watched them for about twenty minutes. Of twenty that would try to get up river only one would make it and the rest would be pushed back down having to try again and try again they did, I don't think they ever gave up.  It's not like they said forget it, it's too hard, I'll just go with the flow and head back to sea, forget the fact that I'm supposed to be heading up river to warmer waters to spawn.  I know they're only fish but it's like I saw this determination in them and in that I  saw an amazing display of my Creator God and a creature He'd created with such a strong instinct to get to where it needed to go.  

I am reminded of my own life, that despite my fears and insecurities, if I put my trust in God, keep focused on Him, and go where He leads, He will get me to where I need to go.    "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  Philippians 1:6  

3440. Morning bird songs
3441. Lily's 1st birthday
3442. Kind words from a stranger
3443. Video call with Will, Amy & Lily
3444. Card game with the guys
3445. Volleyball tournament
3446. Sound of the frogs
3447. Great message - Jacob wrestles with the angel of God - stay in the ring
3448. Visit with Jocelyne

3449. Jocelyne's delicious cupcakes
3450. Chat with Charissa
3451. Warm sunshine
3452. Trees swaying in the wind
3453. Bald eagle soaring, sun reflecting on his tail
3454. The clouds in shades of grey and white moving across the blue morning sky
3455. God's Word
3456. Meeting a kind elderly couple
3457. Drive with my husband
3458. Visit with Dillion
3459. Chats with the kids
3460. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~ Romans 15:13
3461. God's peace
3462. Beautiful sunshine

3463. Games night with the guys
3464. Another beautiful day
3465. Closeup shot of a pileated woodpecker

3466. Twenty-eights year of marriage ~ my husband
3467. Fog on the river

3468. Guys playing guitars by the river

3469. Beautiful clouds in the afternoon sky

3470. Spring flowers

3471. Special words and mother's day card from the guys
3472. Fellowship and worship Sunday morning
3473. Words of blessing
3474. Flowers, chocolate and special teas from the kids for mother's day

3475. Visit with Jocelyne and Dan
3476. Calls from the kids
3477. Our mom's
3478. Zoe, the new donkey arrived back home, can't wait to see her
3479. Guys playing guitar down by the river
3480. Gift from a stranger
3481. Beautiful array of plants at Scott's Nursery

3482. Guys enjoying their work at Scott's
3483. My husband's love & wisdom as a father
3484. Morning chat with Joce
3485. Chat with my mom
3486. Stormy clouds in the afternoon sky
3487. Kim at the post office
3488. Beautiful day
3489. Delicious dinner and good company
3490. Coyote swimming across the river
3491. Flowers from Kara & April
3492. Fun & laughter by the river as the guys try to catch fish

3493. Eagles by the river
3494. Warm sunshine
3495. Our God of hope
3496. Peacefulness down by the river
3497. Flowers from April
3498. Chat with Matt
3499. Kenny playing mini sticks with Evan
3500. Answer to prayer
3501. Chat with Charissa
3502. Awareness of my sins
3503. Delicious meal made by a grandma & mom of one of the men in the program
3504. Laughter
3505. Chat with mom
3506. Gorgeous sunset
3507. Volleyball
3508. Beautiful clouds in the afternoon sky
3509. Afternoon out with my husband
3510. Morning bird songs
3511. Three way call with Jocelyne & Charissa
3512. God at work in the men's lives
3513. A grandmother's heart for her grandson
3514. Beautiful afternoon spent with Jocelyne, Dan & Aliyah

3515. Gorgeous spring blossoms & gardens ~ the smell of lilacs

3516. Blue skies & sunshine, chat with Kayla & Charissa
3517. Celebrating my husband's birthday
3518. Beautiful words of affirmation
3519. Charissa out for a ride on Daytona
3520. Frank & Barb from Maranatha over for a visit
3521. Chats with the kids
3522. Laughter at the post office
3523. God's care for my heart
3524. Games with the kids
3525. Beautiful clouds in the afternoon sky
3526. Sunshine glistening on rain soaked leaves
3527. Bird songs
3528. Evening out with the men at Prison Fellowship Canada Banquet

3529. Worship
3530. Stories of transformation
3531. Village of Hope baptismal service ~ God's grace

3532. Fellowship
3533. Good talk with Will & Amy
3534. My husband's wisdom
3535. A woman healed ~ answer to prayer
3536. Chat with mom
3537. Morning chat with Charissa
3538. Fun game of volleyball
3539. Trip on the Ferry

3540. Grand Manan Island

3541. Beautiful sunshine
3542. The smell of lilacs ~ reminds me of home

3543. Picnic on the cliff top
3544. Laying in the sunshine
3545. Peace

3546. Charissa graduated!
3547. Good nights sleep
3548. Laughter in the office
3549. Chat with Matt
3550. Games night with the guys
3551. Answer to prayer
3552. Morning chat with Jocelyne
3553. Sunshine, breezes & blue skies
3554. Charissa's 24th birthday!
3555. Worship
3556. The sound of the wind through the trees
3557. Charissa got a job
3558. Dinner, conversation and prayer with friends
3559. Celebrating Dave's birthday

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