Saturday, 2 September 2017


I went to the Fredericton Dump with my husband the other day...the dump was massive.  Winding our way through I looked around and saw a number of Bald Eagles, of course there were lots of seagulls and crows but I was surprised by the amount of eagles. Some were juveniles and others fully grown with all their adult plumage. I saw one huge eagle soaring low across the sky, such a beautiful majestic bird and yet here he was in the midst of a dump, a stench filled place overflowing with humanities garbage. 

As we exited the dump we stopped at the weigh station to pay. My husband asked if I'd be allowed to come some day just to take some pictures of the eagles.  He said no, not at this time of the year as it's so busy at the dump.  Though in the spring I could make an appointment to come, they have people who come up from the states to take pictures of the eagles.  There are 50 resident eagles that live at the dump.  Wow, 50 resident eagles, this dump was their home.

I've been thinking about my trip to the dump and seeing all those eagles, such a majestic bird and yet here there are a number of them that live at the dump and scavenge for food through the massive mounds of rotting garbage.  Though it was neat to see so many eagles in one place, it was also sad.  This bird belonged along the water ways, soaring over the lakes, bays and shorelines in search of fish and other prey.

I'm sure for the eagle it's much easier to scavenge for food on an unending pile of garbage that gets dumped day after day.  Searching through our refuse for scraps and eating who knows what, toxins entering their bodies.  Studies have been done and it's been noted that the more mature the eagle the more it will search for it's own prey but the younger are more apt to scavenge if it's available. 

The easy way...that's what I saw.  The way of least resistance and least effort.

How often do I choose that way?  

The way of least interference in my life 

The way that requires little of me

The way that comforts me when I don't need comfort but need a push

The way that embraces my pride

The way that refuses to die to self

The way of hiding

The way of walling up on the inside

Earlier today I met up with one of the new men at the Village as I was heading to the office, he heading back to the dorm, suitcases trailing behind.  He choosing the tough road, the road that hurts, the road that is not comfortable, the road that calls him to really look at the sin and brokenness in his life, the road of much resistance.  He wanted to leave, life here was too hard and not because it's physically hard labour but because it's emotionally hard labour...the labouring and pushing through that brings life.

I told him I was proud of him for choosing to stay even though it's hard, even though it's not what he really wants, even though he'd rather scavenge his way through life then dare to venture where God would take him.  

He said he wasn't proud of himself at all. I told him he could be because here he was dragging those suitcases back across that road, and he'd be emptying them and heading back to work. That was something to be proud of.

I have two pictures in my mind...

The eagle sitting on that heap of garbage scrounging for food and the other picture of an eagle soaring high on the air currents and I am reminded of Isaiah 40:30-31 "Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but they who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint."

God wants us to soar, trust Him, do the hard stuff.  

Today one man did.

Things to be thankful for...

3671. Chat with Matt
3672. A good day
3673. Farm fresh eggs from back home
3674. Our God of hope in the midst of tragedy
3675. Chat with Matt
3676. Kindness from the men
3677. Celebrating Zach and Kara's birthdays

3678. Beautiful grad ceremony for Shawn and Chad
3679. Lives transformed
3680. The love and support of family and friends for Chad and Shawn

3681. The courage of the wife of one of the men
3682. The blessing of being used by God
3683. Jocelyne and Dan over for the service
3684. Chat with Matt
3685. Much needed rain
3686. Chat with Charissa
3687. Knowing I've made a difference in the lives of one of the men
3688. Air conditioning on a hot day
3689. Touring Kristen around the Village
3690. A call from Matt
3691. A monetary gift
3692. Clouds like cotton balls hanging in the sky
3693. Good flight - picked up by mom and dad
3694. Visiting with family
3695. Peaceful, quiet morning sitting outside
3696. Seeing family I haven't seen in years
3697. Memories shared of my cousin
3698. Being able to see my kids and granddaughter
3699. Game of Scattegories with my nieces and sister
3700. Drive and chat with Matt to the funeral
3701. Call from Charissa & Jocelyne while waiting at the airport
3702. Quiet flight home
3703. A good day - chatting with some of the men
3704. Good visit with Pastor John and Michelle
3705. Icecream
3706. Weeding the driveway with the guys
3707. Chatting about life
3708. Chat with Matt and Jocelyne
3709. Laughter with the guys
3710. A good visit with Jim and Karen
3711. Catching up
3712. Worship
3713. Sitting on the deck in the sunshine with my husband
3714. Chat with Kayla and Charissa
3715. Laughter
3716. My husband's love
3717. Cool night for sleeping
3718. Wind through the poplar trees
3719. A bit of rain
3720. Cooler days
3721. Laughter in the office
3722. Dinner and visit with Josh
3723. My husband's care for my heart
3724. Good nights sleep
3725. Nice chat with Matt
3726. Cool morning
3727. Video call with Will and Lily
3728. Nice chat with Heather at Home Depot
3729. Call from Charissa
3730. Hearing the laughter of one of the men after he's had a couple tough days
3731. Mad Gab with some of the men at games night
3732. Beautiful day
3733. One man's laughter
3734. Chat with Charissa
3735. Kenny & Shawn playing worship songs outside Sunday evening
3736. Being able to speak words of encouragement to the men here
3737. Peaceful evening sitting on the deck with my husband
3738. Some rain through the night
3739. Morning bird songs
3740. Breezes through the poplars
3741. Morning chat with Charissa
3742. Chat with Jocelyne
3743. Doing a video for one of the men
3744. Laughter
3745. Catch with a couple of the men and my husband
3746. Chat with my mom and dad
3747. Quiet day out with my husband

3748. Saw a whale as we took the ferry to Campobello Island

3749. Chats with Jocelyne and Charissa
3750. Game of Mad Gab with some of the guys at games night
3751. A good visit with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law
3752. Catching up and sharing
3753. Surprise visit from friends from Maranatha
3754. Lunch time conversations
3755. Prayer from friends
3756. Lots of visitors - seeing the men and their families
3757. Matt, Charissa and Kayla hanging out
3758. Chat with Charissa and Kayla
3759. Charissa and Kayla out visiting Will, Amy and Lily
3760. Wind blowing through the tops of the poplars out my front window
3761. Morning chat with Jocelyne
3762. Encouraging words from Arvi
3763. Rain Saturday night
3764. Kindness given
3765. Call from Matt, good to hear his voice as it'd been a while 
3766. Beautiful day with Jocelyne checking out downtown Fredericton

3767. Seeing men push through in the tough places
3768. Delicious meal made by Lori
3769. Chat with Charissa and Matt
3770. Strength and confidence in one of the men
3771. My fear lifted
3772. Morning video chat with Will and Lily
3773. Something lost was found
3774. Good choices made
3775. Nice day out with my husband
3776. Good chat with one of the men
3777. Gently falling rain
3778. Matt heading to North Bay
3779. Worship
3780. My husband
3781. Sunday afternoon sitting by the river - peaceful
3782. Beautiful clouds in the afternoon sky
3783. A visit with an elderly man and his dog

3784. Saw all kinds of Eagles at the dump
3785. Laughter with my husband and the guys
3786. Morning chat with Charissa
3787. Chat with Matt
3788. Beautiful cloud filled blue sky
3789. Celebrating Frank's 60th birthday
3790. Lily smiles and chatter
3791. Afternoon chat with Charissa
3792. Charissa content in her job
3793. Nice evening at the Village, bonfire, hanging out

3794. Chatting with Jody and Juddy in the night while they're gillin the ribs

3795. Homecoming Celebration at the Village, a great day
3796. One of the men seeing his boys after being away from them for eight months
3797. Kids having fun
3798. Family and friends fellowshipping

3799. Community
3800. Living testimony

3801. Afternoon out with my husband to Saint John to see the Tall Ships

The fog rolled in and out constantly while we were in Saint John, it was pretty cool to see.

3802. Sitting on a bench on the boardwalk, just resting with my husband

3803. Chat with Charissa, Kayla and Matt
3804. How my husband loves me
3805. Heart talk with Charissa
3806. God knows the desires of our hearts
3807. Good conversation
3808. Some of the men over for dinner
3809. A good talk with the wife of one of the men at the Village
3810. God restores and redeems
3811. One man's laughter
3812. Prayer time and communion around the bonfire
3813. Kind words from one of the men
3814. Blessed by prayer
3815. Stars in the night sky
3816. God's provision through His people
3817. Catching up with mom
3818. Chat with Matt
3819. Morning chat with Jocelyne
3820. Answered prayer, good choices made by one of the men
3821. Birthday celebrations for one of the men
3822. Three way call with Jocelyne and Charissa