Friday, 12 January 2018

New Experiences...

Well on my last blog I started with the words "it's been forever since I've blogged," and once again I can say the same thing :-) 

January 20th we'll have been at the Village for a year already, I've
experienced and done many new things this past year.

Here's just one little story...

I actually ate shrimp, something I said I'd never eat!  Well I ate it accidentally.  I was at a potluck dinner and took a scoop from this one dish and it was really good so I went up for more.  As I was scooping some up, I saw this tiny curled thing, I wondered is that a shrimp, like a mini shrimp, are there even mini shrimp?  I went and sat back down at the table and as I dug my fork into this casserole, again I saw this small curled thing, I kind of examined it discreetly and it certainly looked like a tiny version of a shrimp and so I had to ask the woman sitting next to me, is this a shrimp?  She confirmed my suspicions.  Now what was I to do.  I couldn't not eat this, that would be rude and besides I actually liked the dish, it was really good.  By this time everyone at the table new of my dilemma.  Of course I explained that the dish was delicious but I had professed never to eat shrimp and here I had eaten it unaware until my second helping at which time I was now aware.  Well the only thing I could do was eat that tiny little thing and not think about my disgust of shrimp.  So I put the bite in my mouth and tried not to chew too much and swallowed that little critter.  

I can now say I've tried shrimp, of course my aim was to never purposely eat it again but two weeks later we have our staff Christmas party and what was on the menu...shrimp.  This time they were the larger variety, breaded, hot and they had their little tail and you had the option of dipping this sea critter in this red sauce.  So since I had been so brave at the previous potluck by doing something I said I'd never do.  I thought be brave one and so I picked up that shrimp, dipped er in some sauce and ate that thing and it actually didn't taste bad.  Will I eat them again...who knows.

Hope this gave you a laugh, nothing profound today.  Of course I could make some kind of life lesson out of this story...but I won't, I'll just leave it as it is ;-)  

Of course there's lots more I've experience and done this past year but I'll save that for another time.

Things to be thankful for...
3985. One man's story of forgiveness
3986. Meeting a couple from Saskatchewan
3987. Reconciliation

3988. Beautiful day

3989. Mom and dad's 53rd anniversary
3990. Relaxing day with my husband
3991. Movie with a great message
3992. Volleyball tournement
3993. April over for a visit
3994. The sound of one man singing worship songs through my open window
3995. Matt, Charissa and Kayla hanging out
3996. Warmth of the sun
3997. Nice chat with Matt
3998. Video call with Will, Amy and Lily
3999. A clerks kindness
4000. Clouds moving across the evening sky
4001. Ramone coming out to see me
4002. A nice chat with my sister
4003. Early morning breezes through my open window
4004. Some much needed rain
4005. A man gave his life to the Lord
4006. Gusty winds
4007. Morning chat with Charissa
4008. Laughter
4009. The wind howling through the trees
4010. Chat with Jocelyne
4011. Video call with Charissa & Kayla
4012. Morning visit from Ramone

4013. Chat with Matt
4014. The river after the rain
4015. Beautiful morning fog on the river

4016. Sunny day
4017. Chat with Charissa
4018. Nice chat with my sister-in-law
4019. The generosity of others
4020. My husband's heart for me - prayer 
4021. Meeting a couple from PEI
4022. A funny text from Charissa
4023. Laughter with my husband
4024. Delicious meal made by Lori
4025. Chat with Charissa
4026. Good nights sleep
4027. Kind words from my dad
4028. Chat with Charissa and Kayla
4029. The sound of one of the men singing through my open window
4030. My husband
4031. Lily's giggles and cute little pigtails
4032. Nice chat with the hairdresser
4033. Nice dinner and visit with Jocelyne and Dan
4034. A little visit from Ramone

4035. Listening to a Maranatha service with my husband
4036. Prayer and tears together
4037. Afternoon/evening out to a quiet place with friends
4038. Being refreshed
4039. An all seeing and knowing God
4040. Morning chat with Charissa
4041. Nice night out at Bible Study
4042. Fellowship
4043. Chat with Matt and Jocelyne
4044. Men's smiles - life in them
4045. Morning chat with Charissa
4046. Charissa, Kayla and Sarah at the Royal Winter Fair together
4047. Quiet day with my husband
4048. A nice visit with Sydney and Brady
4049. Good conversation
4050. Three way call with Jocelyne and Charissa
4051. Matt and Charissa out getting a Christmas tree together

Isn't Charissa and Matt's tree cute :-)

4052. A good day
4053. Sharing from one of the men
4054. Chat with Matt
4055. Dinner time conversation, laughter
4056. My husband's care for my heart
4057. Bible study...sharing
4058. Facing uncomfortable conversation
4059. Erica and the kids popping by to say good bye
4060. Good drive home
4061. Home
4062. Seeing the kids and animals
4063. Mom over for dinner
4064. Sleeping in my own bed
4065. Being in our home church
4066. Chatting with friends
4067. My siblings and their families over for a visit

4068. Doing chores ~ peaceful with Daytona, Elmo & Zoe
4069. Chat with Jocelyne
4070. A nice visit and catching up with a friend
4071. Frink Centre walks with Charissa, Cooper and Kayla
4072. Sarah over for a visit
4073. Cousins dinner at mom and dads
4074. Chatting with neighbours
4075. Lunch with friends
4076. Words of wisdom & encouragement
4077. Running into a neighbour at No Frills ~ hearts shared
4078. William & Lily over for a visit
4079. My husband's mom over for a visit
4080. Tea with a friend
4081. Lily spending a few days at our house

Wanna drink...

Lily sharing her spaghetti with Cooper 

4082. The way Lily smiles at Matt
4083. Dinner with friends
4084. Get together at Steven and Debra's with friends ~ a beautiful night
4085. Walk in the woods with Charissa, Cooper & Lily

A visit with Daytona, Elmo and Zoe

Her Auntie Charissa playing peek-a-boo around the tree

Beautiful morning light in the woods and I was little snappy happy as I rarely get to take pictures of Lily, so this blessed my heart

Wearing Uncle Matt's hat

4086. Jocelyne home for a few days
4087. Breakfast at Denny's with the girls, Jessica and Roberta
4088. Visit with my brother and sister-in-law
4089. Peace ~ God is in control
4090. A wonderful retirement celebration for Pastor John & Michelle
4091. Worship, stories, encouragement & laughter
4092. Will & Amy over - had a successful ETSY show
4093. Worship with our Maranatha family
4094. Pastor John's last message/service ~ a good shepherd to the congregation

The "Circles" have been around for 31 years!

4095. Catching up with friends
4096. Coffee at mom and dads
4097. Visit with Lily Lin
4098. God's provision through his people
4099. Morning walk in the Frink Centre with Jocelyne, Charissa & Lily
4100. The woods
4101. Walking the loop with my husband, dreaming about the future
4102. Heading back to New Brunswick ~ good drive back
4103. Back at the Village ~ good to see everyone
4104. Hanging out with Evan, Kara & April
4105. Games with the kids
4106. Decorating night at the Village
4107. Help from Matt
4108. Ramone
4109. A good day
4110. A man's joy in being back at the Village
4111. Beautiful morning frost and sunshine
4112. Winter wonderland

Mart finally brought the "Circles" out in New Brunswick!

4113. Josh over for dinner
4114. Delicious staff Christmas dinner, fellowship and Christmas carols
4115. Video call with mom and dad
4116. Snail mail from friends
4117. Video calls with Will, Amy & Lily
4118. Lily smiles & giggles
4119. Nice chat with my sister
4120. Having most of my kids here over Christmas helping out at the Village

4121. Laughter
4122. Video call with mom and dad
4123. Charissa's laughter
4124. Sunlight hitting the tree tops in the early morning
4125. God at work in a young man's life
4126. Nice chat with Jocelyne
4127. Matt & Jillian (yeah Matt has a girlfriend :-)), Charissa and cousins hanging out together
4128. Winter wonderland
4129. Beautiful sunset
4130. A man's smile
4131. My husband
4132. Beautiful letter from Charissa
4133. All my children 
4134. Call with Steven & Debra ~ catching up
4135. Morning chat with Charissa
4136. Prayer
4137. Chat with Matt
4138. Beautiful evening sky ~ pinks and oranges
4139. Video call with Will, Amy & Lily
4140. Prayer with a friend
4141. A good outcome
4142. Dinner time conversation