Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Thankfulness in the midst of change...

It's been forever since I've blogged.  My life is so different now, at times I'm still coming to terms with that...that it will never be the same.  Of course I realize life is always changing...but this last change for me is different, it's not a natural progression of life so to say.

This change has taken me away from the home I knew and the life I lived, loved and thought I'd live till my time on this earth was finished. Yet in the midst of living that simple every day life knowing that if God called me elsewhere I would follow. 

There are times I still long for the home and life I had, that's just the honesty of what lives in my heart.  I am a creature of normalcy, big change is hard.  My husband reminds me though that he who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of service in the Kingdom of God.

Those may seem like harsh words but they are real, raw words of what it really takes to serve in the Kingdom of God. I can still reminisce and think on great memories lived but my heart must long first and foremost for my God and His plans for my life. 

I am learning more and more what it means that this life is not my own. Yet thinking on that I am also realizing how much more freedom there is when I am only doing the things He calls me to do.

My life is different.  

I could have never imagined what it is now. That's the thing with God and the journey He takes us on, we never really know fully.  We go through the open doors he places before us and walk through to new opportunities.  Not every door walked through leads to an easy path but life isn't about's about obedience.

I have witnessed God's amazing grace and hand in the lives of so many of the men here. 

A man doubting God's forgiveness only to be given two clear signs that he is truly forgiven...two situations that speak that forgiveness into the depths of his heart.

A man who should have received jail time and yet he was released...the lawyers call it a miracle, something that's never happened before.

A couple from 4000km away comes for a visit only to find a former student here...lives intersecting for the sole purpose of  reconciliation.  Only God can orchestrate such things.

God breathing life into dry bones.

He is the Potter...we are the clay.

Things to be thankful for...

   3823. Cooper a good dog
3824. Good nights sleep
3825. Chat with Charissa
3826. A young fox at the Village
3827. My husband's smile
3828. Video call with Will, Amy and Lily
3829. Kindness from one of the men
3830. Charissa chatting with her dad
3831. Morning chat with Charissa while she's out walking Cooper through the woods
3832. Quiet, relaxing morning
3833. Morning sunlight in the tree tops
3834. Call from Matt
3835. Jocelyne babysitting Lauren & Keira
3836. A gift in the mail
3837. Sweatshirt kind of day
3838. Game of euchre with a couple of the guys and my husband
3839. Laughter
3840. The sound of the wind rushing through the trees
3841. Good choices made
3842. Matt and Charissa kayaking on the river
3843. Sunday morning message
3844. Worship
3845. Seeing a brother and sister together after 17 years apart
3846. Families visiting at the Village
3847. Taking family pictures for some of the men
3848. Walk in the park with my husband

3849. Much needed rain through the night
3850. Day out working with the men
3851. Our God of reconciliation
3852. Drive home chat with Jocelyne
3853. Chat with Charissa
3854. God knows the desires of our heart
3855. Call from Matt
3856. Sound of crickets through my open window
3857. Chat with Kayla
3858. Sound of rain through the night
3859. Will & Amy starting a new adventure together
3860. Beautiful afternoon with my husband at Kings Landing
3861. The smell of horses ~ reminds me of home
3862. Interesting chats with people at Kings Landing

3863. Dinner & conversation with friends
3864. The art and sound of fly fishing

3865. Stories of God's transformation
3866. Morning chat with Charissa
3867. Hugs from April
3868. A word of encouragement and prayer
3869. Chat with Matt
3870. Call from Jocelyne
3871. Dinner with some of the guys
3872. Good conversation
3873. My husband and I blessed with prayer from the guys
3874. Watching the guys soccer game
3875. Laughter
3876. Beautiful drive with my husband
3877. The taste of fresh apples off the tree

3878. Chat with Will & Amy
3879. Charissa's care for her clients
3880. Knitting
3881. William's 27th birthday
3882. Jocelyne over for a visit
3883. Homemade pizza lunch
3884. Chat with Charissa
3885. Cupcakes by Jocelyne ~ delicious
3886. Matt & Charissa out on a road trip
3887. Hearing their laughter
3888. Sitting down by the river
3889. Charissa chatting with her dad
3890. Lily smiles
3891. My husband's love and care
3892. Morning chat with Charissa
3893. Kindness
3894. April, Kara and Evan over for a visit
3895. Video call with Steven and Debra
3896. Chat with Matt, Charissa and Jocelyne
3897. Leaves starting to change colour

3898. Playing with Ramone the friendly fox

3899. Chat with mom and dad
3900. Matt's 22nd birthday
3901. Conversation after dinner with two of the men
3902. Beautiful day on the Fundy Trail with my husband, Arvi and Zach
3903. Majestic views
3904. Conversation

3905. Supper provided by Zach's dad
3906. Words of blessing spoken over Zach by the men
3907. Morning chat with Jocelyne
3908. Warm sunshine
3909. Matt and Charissa hanging out
3910. Excellent sales day for Will and Amy
3911. Poplar leaves rustling in the breezes
3912. Health and strength
3913. Morning chat with Charissa
3914. Chat with Matt
3915. Beautiful colours of fall

3916. Ramone the friendly fox

3917. Picture and video sales
3918. A cooler day
3919. Kindness of others
3920. Video call with Will, Amy & Lily
3921. Chats with the kids
3922. Early morning thunder storm
3923. Fog across the fields
3924. Chat with my sister-in-law
3925. Matt and Charissa on their way down for a visit
3926. Apology from one of the men
3927. Matt and Charissa arrived safely
3928. Delicious bacon and egg breakfast
3929. Produce from home ~ tomatoes, beans, squash, berries, eggs
3930. Picked up Jocelyne and headed to the Funday Trail
3931. Having most of my kids together
3932. Nice walk on the beach, beautiful views

3933. Dinner as a family
3934. Matt and Charissa got to see Ramone
3935. Morning walk with Charissa
3936. Church with my family
3937. John H's graduation
3938. Laughter with the kids
3939. Beautiful fall day

3940. A family walk down the road
3941. Matt and Charissa home safe
3942. Watching the guys soccer game
3943. Laughter and fun
3944. Leaves falling
3945. Nice chat with my dad
3946. Evening chat with Matt
3947. Frisbee with Evan and April
3948. My mom and dad over for a visit
3949. Catching up
3950. Beautiful colours of fall

3951. Nice visit and dinner with Jocelyne and Dan
3952. Relaxing day
3953. Great BBQ for Ariv's going away party
3954. Fellowship

3955. Beautiful weather
3956. Cards with mom and dad
3957. Laughter
3958. Chat with Charissa
3959. Thanksgiving day service ~ the importance of gratitude
3960. Stories of gratitude shared
3961. Delicious turkey dinner

3962. Community
3963. Gorgeous fall colours ~ deep reds and oranges

3964. Video call with Will, Amy and Lily
3965. Mom and dad home safe
3966. The sound of rain through my open window
3967. God's grace
3968. My husband's love for me
3969. Guys over for dinner ~ fellowship
3970. Volleyball
3971. Good nights sleep
3972. A miracle in court
3973. One man's joy in seeing the frost sparkle in the light
3974. Chat with Charissa ~ laughter
3975. Dinner out with friends
3976. Good conversation
3977. Morning chat with mom
3978. Chat with the girls
3979. Sharing dreams
3980. Hockey game in Saint John with my husband, some of the guys and the Vähi's

3981. Sunday morning worship

3982. The sound of the wind
3983. Nice chat with Charissa
3984. Sunlight sparkling on frost covered leaves