Thursday, 13 July 2017

God Provides

It's no surprise that I love photography, capturing life around me and sharing it with others.  At the Village of Hope I'm blessed to be able to use my love of photography by capturing life as it unfolds here.  Recently I've also been stepping into capturing video, it's something new for me but something I've wanted to try. The only problem is, I can't do both in some situations, especially live events where it's a one time deal, no retake.  So for a while now I've wanted a second camera to enable me to do both photography and video at the same event, at the same time.

I would check online but didn't  find what I was looking for. When we headed home I checked around our area a bit but then kind of forgot about it as we were busy with other things and our time home was short.  As we were driving back to New Brunswick this past Tuesday I thought I'd check online in the New Brunswick area. I found the camera I was looking for and the price was pretty decent.  I called the seller and he had just sold it, my heart sank a bit but he did say if when he went to meet his buyer and the deal didn't go through he'd call me back.  I had no hope of that happening and just let it go.

I really wanted that second camera for this coming weekend as we are having a graduation ceremony for two of the men and I wanted to capture images as well as video.  But I figured I would just have to make due and that would be okay.

Anyway a couple hours later the seller calls me back, his deal fell through, he still had the camera!  We arranged for a place and time to meet him on our way through Fredericton.  I felt so blessed by this.

We meet in the Costco parking lot, shake hands and he shows me the camera, it's what I'm looking for and has been gently used.  I tell him I'll take it and offer him a little less than he's asking but he tells me his price is firm.  My husband tells me later you don't say you'll take it until you make him an offer first and see where it goes...oops ;-)  Anyway, I take it and head to our vehicle to get him his payment.

As I'm counting the money, I hear my husband talking with him and mentioning that we're just heading back from Ontario and that we're now working at the Village of Hope a Christian regeneration program for those who struggle in addiction.  I then hear him say he's a Christian too.  I continue counting and then head over.

It turns out he has a friend who went through the Teen Challenge program.  He sees the great need from programs such as these and is pretty encouraged with our plans to start a similar program in Ontario.  We chat a bit more and then I ask him why his other deal fell through.  He tells me the potential buyer offered him $45 less than his asking price and he was firm on it and so it fell through.  I thanked him for being firm on his price which enabled me to buy it.

As we parted ways, he a newly wed off to buy a bbq - he just got married the week before - and me in awe of how things worked out. Seeing God's finger prints all throughout, how He sees me, my desires, and how He provides.

I smiled and chatted with my husband all the way home, not because I'd gotten a second camera but because of how it all came to be.

I serve an awesome God!   

Things to be thankful for...

3612. Good nights sleep
3613. Good byes with the guys
3614. Homeward bound for a visit
3615. Saw a big black bear cross the highway in front of us
3616. Smooth sailing driving home
3617. Home!
3618. Seeing my family
3619. Sleeping in my own bed
3620. My church community
3621. Lily's babbling
3622. Hanging out with our kids
3623. A drive, dinner and catching up with good friends
3624. Morning bird songs
3625. Time with my family

My daughter in-law makes bamboo jewellery and so we did a little photoshoot to display some of what she's made for her etsy site. Have a peek at what she creates at Spring Meadows, it's not just jewellery, she has some beautiful products that make unique gifts. 

3626. Lily walking all over
3627. Walk in the Frink Centre
3628. Family BBQ at mom and dad's
3629. Visit with Lily Lin 

The two Lily's...what a blessing for Lily Lin to visit with us.


Lily having a little drive in Opa's car.

3630. Rain showers, sunshine and a rainbow
3631. Morning walk with Charissa and Cooper

I've walked with my kids to this cemetery ever since they were little.  May seem strange to walk to and through a cemetery but it is a peaceful place.  We'd check out some of the older stones from the 1800's and wonder what stories these lives lived.  I remember one summer we even watered some of the flowers around some of the grave stones.  

3632. Sarah over for a visit
3633. Cute little Jax
3634. Good visit with my brother and sister-in-law

My sister-in-law along with my niece have worked hard at taming these two.  Before Jax was born they couldn't get near Lucy at all.  

3635. Walk with Charissa and Cooper
3636. Video coming together for Sunday night
3637. Kayla over for dinner
3638. Bible study and visiting with friends
3639. Beautiful day
3640. Hay in for the winter ~ thanks Charissa and mom
3641. Dinner and visit with friends
3642. Morning walk and catching up with a friend
3643. Dinner out with my mother-in-law, kids and husband
3644. Reid's Dairy ice cream cone from Charissa
3645. Morning chat with Jocelyne
3646. Kayla over for a visit

Kayla is studying to be a nurse, so it was blood pressure time at the Vanderlaan's, as you can see Cooper was interested in the procedure too :-)

3647. Shopping with Charissa
3648. Reid's Dairy strawberry sundae
3649. Beautiful evening light through the pasture ~ pictures with the animals

What a blessing to see all of our animals during our visit home, it's something I really miss up in New Brunswick apart from my family and friends of course.

Cooper loves the donkeys.

Animal chaos :-)

3650. Service lead by Teen Challenge ~ testimonies shared
3651. Lunch at mom and dad's
3652. My sister and her family over for a visit
3653. The blessings, prayer & encouragement from our church family
3655. God's provision through His people

Sunday evening my husband and I were able to share some of what we've been up to at the Village of Hope over the last six months.  It was a real blessing to worship with our church family and be able to share how God has been working and moving in our lives and at the Village of Hope.  At the end of the service we were surrounded by our church family as they joined in prayer for us, the vision God has given us, and for the Village of Hope here in Tracy New Brunswick.  We both felt so blessed, loved, supported, and lifted up by God's people.  

3656. Breakfast out 
3657. One last walk with Charissa and Cooper in the Frink Centre before heading back to NB
3658. Dad working in my garden

I had given up on my vegetable garden last year and figured it'd just be a garden of wild flowers and weeds this year as we're away for a while, but my dad worked it up and planted some vegetables.  He has a pretty amazing vegetable garden at his place next door. He always produces way more than him and my mom need and so lots of people get to enjoy the fruit or can I say vegetables of his labour ;-)

3659. Hanging laundry on my clothes line
3660. Monday night dinner at mom and dad's with the kids, Kayla and Sarah
3661. Laughter around the dinner table
3662. Good time at home
3663. Goodbyes and gift from mom
3664. Morning fog over the trees tops as we head back to NB 
3665. The blessing of a new (used) camera and how it all came about
3666. Back home in NB
3667. Seeing some of the guys, chatting for a bit
3668. Charissa got a job
3669. My son Matt's care
3670. Video call with Amy & Lily ~ Lily smiles and giggles 

Beautiful Zoe, our new addition from my sister and her family.

It's been a while since he's had two wheels but here we go again.

Some beautiful flowers from my mom's gardens.

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