Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Gift

I received one of the best gifts from my kids for my birthday back in March...a flight home.  They totally surprised me and we kept it a surprise for everyone else too.  Having moved to New Brunswick the end of January, I was certainly missing home.  So I wasn't quite sure how to react to this special gift, oh I really wanted to go home but knew going home too soon after moving was a bad idea so I waited until the end of April to head home.  Going home in April I'd also be able to celebrate my mom's birthday with her and see the rest of my family.  

Only my kids and a few others knew I was coming home.  Keeping a secret for nearly two months is a pretty tough thing, especially for some of us...hey Will...there were a few close calls with the kids but they managed to keep their lips zipped :-)  

I called my mom the Wednesday before I flew home figuring if I called her she wouldn't have the need to call me while I was possibly in the air or visiting with my son and his family. While we talked she shared about her birthday party being on the Saturday and that Will, Amy and Lily would be coming as well and they'd be celebrating Lily's 1st birthday which was only two weeks away. She asked if I'd be home on Saturday, inside I was a little stunned by the question and kind of stammered, yeah I'll be home but Mart's working.  Her thought was to Skype while they were doing Lily's cake.  In my heart I'm thinking, yeah I'll really be home on Saturday.  My mom had no clue.

I flew out on a Thursday night, it was the first time I'd ever flown alone and I was so thankful it was a direct flight.  I actually ended up meeting someone I knew at the Fredericton airport and we were taking the same flight to Toronto. Here I am a stranger in a new town and I meet someone I actually know, what are the chances.  We chatted a bit as we waited and figured out we were headed in the same direction once leaving Toronto and so we worked things out so my son could drop her off at her friend's place on our way to his house.

It'd be too much to share all that I enjoyed in my time home, all the reactions of those we surprised.  It certainly is fun surprising people.  My husband's mom, my parents and siblings all had no clue.  Though my brother did say he knew I'd come, he just had a feeling he said.  It was so good to see everyone, to be a part of home life again.  

It was good to see all my animals too.  When I went out to see Daytona and  Elmo, Elmo was laying down so I called to him, as he got up he he-hawed and started running towards me so I hopped through the fence and he barrelled into me like he was giving me some big donkey hug and we embraced.  I wondered if it was just coincidence or was it real.  Everyone who witnessed it said it was real.  I like to think it was real too ;-)

Sunday it was so good to be in my home church and to see my church family...what a blessing.  Worshipping together and hearing my pastor's message was good for my heart. 

While home I was able to visit with some friends, though not everyone I would have liked to see, the time was short but in July I'll be back again.

I did miss my husband and everyone at the Village of Hope too, so it was good to get back to my second home.  Flying back to Fredericton I wasn't on a large plane so we flew low and I was actually able to see my home from above, it was so cool.  I was so thankful to the LORD for that birds eye view of home, what a gift to me from Him!

I was greeted at the airport by my smiling husband and it was off to this new life we journey together with the LORD.

Things to be thankful for...

3345. Full moon to the west, glorious sunrise to the east

3346. Delicious turkey dinner made by one of the men's grandmother
3347. Call from Jocelyne
3348. Sound of an owl in the night
3349. Saw the bald eagle by the river again

3350. Beautiful day
3351. Drive with my husband

3352. Gorgeous weather
3353. God's protection of our son and friends while canoeing
3354. He has risen!
3355. Morning worship
3356. Thoughtfulness of one of the guys
3357. Tea and fellowship with Frank and Linda
3358. Powerful Good Friday message at Maranatha
3359. Working with some of the men
3360. Good day
3361. Kind woman at the post office
3362. Gratitude from one of the men
3363. Poem shared, words from the heart
3364. Sunshine
3365. Chat with mom and dad
3366. Laughter with Charissa
3367. Chat with my sister
3368. Beautiful covering of snow
3369. The river lined with snow covered trees
3370. The resident eagle

3371. Kind words
3372. My husband
3373. Flight home from the kids
3374. Meeting Betty Jo at the airport
3375. Chat with Kayla while sitting at the airport
3376. Chatting with Lisa all the way to TO
3377. Landed safely
3378. Picked up by Will at the airport
3379. Getting Lily up in the morning
3380. Lily smiles
3381. A nice day spent with Amy and Lily

I took lots of Lily pictures since I'd missed three months worth ;-)

3382. Surprise visit home for mom's birthday party
3383. Reactions, seeing everyone, seeing the animals

It was good to see these girls again :-)


3384. Being at my home church
3385. Seeing my Maranatha family, what a blessing
3386. Walk in the woods with Charissa and Cooper
3387. Afternoon visit at mom and dad's
3388. Sitting in the sunshine with Lily

3389. Kayla and Sarah over for dinner
3390. Laughter
3391. Tea with friends
3392. Morning walk and talk with Robyn
3393. Walking on the boardwalk
3394. Hanging laundry on my clothesline
3395. Chores with Charissa
3396. Laying in the sunshine
3397. Chat with my husband
3398. Elmo, his surgery went well

3399. Fixing the fences with Charissa
3400. Dinner at mom and dad's
3401. Adventure with Charissa, Matt and Kayla

3402. Morning tea and visit with friends
3403. Reid's Dairy with the girls
3404. Kayla and Sarah over for dinner
3405. A visit at my brother and sister-in-laws farm

3406. Walk in the Frink Centre with Charissa and Cooper

3407. One more visit with mom before heading back to NB
3408. Visit with my husband's mom on the way to TO
3409. Amazing birds eye view of the earth while flying home to Fredericton
3410. The majestic beauty of God's creation
3411. Seeing my home from above, so amazing (circled in yellow)

3412. Being greeted by my husband at the airport, good to see his smiling face
3413. Seeing the men and my co-workers
3414. Day out with my husband...his love
3415. Beautiful weather
3416. Projects completed
3417. Seeing the men with their family members Sunday afternoon
3418. Worship
3419. Powerful testimonies
3420. Encouraging words from one of the men
3421. Chatting over lunch with one of the guys
3422. My husband's strength and wisdom
3423. Chocolate bar from one of the guys
3424. Beautiful card and encouraging words from my cousin

3425. The kindness of the men

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