Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What's Your Vantage Point?

Since moving to New Brunswick one of my goals is to capture some beautiful images of the majestic bald eagle.  Yesterday some of the men here at the Village of Hope saw one roosting in a tree across the river, it was resting there for about an hour.  So this morning I walked down to the river hoping this eagle would be back.

Standing on the rivers edge I looked across at the huge pine where he had been roosting the day before, he wasn't there.  I was disappointed but kept looking.  Zooming in on the tree top with my camera I took a picture thinking maybe he was there somewhere and I just couldn't see him.  I enlarged the picture on my camera screen but no eagle.  So I decided to walk down the bank of the river a ways and hope that maybe somewhere further down this eagle was roosting.

As I walked along the rivers edge I looked back up at the huge pine across the river and there he was, that majestic bald eagle!  He'd been hidden by some branches.  I stood there and captured some shots, as I tried to get closer he flew away, but I'd seen him and was so thankful to my Creator.

Walking back home what came to mind was that he was there all along, all I needed to do was change my vantage point in order to see him.

Vantage point, a position or standpoint from which something is viewed or considered.

How often have I come against something, a problem, a situation, a bad day, and I become burdened down and heavy hearted.  I'm consumed by my feelings and I feel alone.  Yet I'm not, my vantage point is wrong.  Oh the situation is real, the feelings are real but it isn't everything.  At times I need to change my vantage point and realize that I have a Saviour who is right there and He's been there all along.

As we enter the Easter season from what vantage point do you see your Saviour?

Things to be thankful for...

3245. A good day
3246. Gift from friends
3247. A good nights sleep
3248. Saw two bald eagles
3249. Laughter
3250. Drive with my husband, checked out some more covered bridges, seven more off the list of 60!

We went to the beach too, we were the only ones there, of course it was -25, maybe that's why ;-)

3251. Fellowship
3252. Day out checking touring some green houses
3253. Gorgeous plants...such variety
3254. Met a beautiful cat...miss mine

3255. Dan got a job
3256. Chat with Jocelyne
3257. Time in the sugar bush videoing the guys tapping trees
3258. Delicious dinner at Andrew & Erica's with the kids
3259. Lily smiles
3260. Chat with Charissa and Matt
3261. A new day
3262. The guys shovelling my decks and driveway
3263. Charissa's happiness while talking with her dad
3264. Quiet space with my husband
3265. God's timing
3266. Ideas shared
3267. Morning sunshine
3268. Morning chat with Jocelyne and Charissa
3269. Sapphire blue skies
3270. Walk in the sugar bush with my husband
3271. Chat with mom and dad
3272. God's provision through His people
3273. Testimonies shared
3274. Forgiveness...communion
3275. Jocelyne over for a visit
3276. Gorgeous day
3277. Walk to the sugar bush with Jocelyne

3278. Sunshine warm on my face
3279. Chat with Charissa
3280. Cousins hanging out with their grandma
3281. Health and strength
3282. Video call with Lily and Amy
3283. Dinner time conversation with one of the guys
3284. Chat with Charissa
3285. Pictures sold
3286. Pancake breakfast at the VOH
3287. Testimonies shared
3288. The men working together

3289. Meeting new people, good conversation
3290. A marriage mended
3291. Nice chat with my sister-in-law
3292. Brian's graduation ceremony

3293. Words of encouragement and blessing
3294. Gently falling snow
3295. A day of baking
3296. Stillness, not a breeze in the air
3297. Beautiful snow covered trees

3298. Call from Charissa
3299. Good nights sleep
3300. Kids out for a tour of the sugary

3301. Kids excitement and laughter
3302. Good talk with friends
3303. Chat with my sister
3304. Sunshine and blue skies
3305. Games night, laughter
3306. Pancake breakfast at the Village
3307. Meeting new people
3308. Celebrating Chad's birthday
3309. Zion leading in worship

3310. Powerful sharing time, God at work
3311. Beautiful, sunny day
3312. Video of Elmo calling
3313. God's grace
3314. Connecting
3315. Laughter
3316. Beautiful sunshine
3317. The call of the Canada goose while walking to the house - reminds me of home
3318. Saw my first robin
3319. My husband's care for my heart
3320. Laughter with Charissa
3321. Seeing a pileated woodpecker on my walk

3322. Bible verses from a friend, Isaiah 55:10-12, Hosea 6:3
3323. Nice chat with Matt
3324. Lily giggles
3325. Sunshine
3326. Matt got a job
3327. Video call with Lily and Amy
3328. Pancake breakfast, working together
3329. God at work in the lives of the men here
3330. Gift from a woman at church
3331. Worship
3332. Gorgeous day
3333. Beautiful words in a card
3334. Blue skies, sunshine and a hike with my husband

3335. Morning bird songs
3336. True peace
3337. Visit with April
3338. Chat with Matt
3339. Breakthrough
3340. Lily smiles
3341. Chat with Jocelyne and Charissa
3342. Saw three pileated woodpeckers at once
3343. Kara and April over for a visit
3344. Saw a bald eagle by the river 

You can see him sitting on the dead limb behind one of the branches.

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