Thursday, 27 October 2016

Climbing your mountain...

As I sit her writing this my youngest son is climbing Mount Begbie in BC.  He's in running shoes and the snow at this point is knee deep, I'm sure it will only get deeper.  But for him it will all be part of the adventure.  He has this app on his phone so we can track where he's pretty cool.  Plus he's been messaging me along the way and sending some pictures.  It looks beautiful but I'm sure it's painful: steep incline...thin air...dense fog...wet shoes...trudging through deep snow, etc.  

He's climbing a physical mountain and will have his share of difficulties and triumphs and yet I'm thinking how that so much mirrors our own struggles through life...the so called mountains we climb.  

This morning I was struggling up my own mountain.  I woke up and felt like I was in a pit, that pit of feeling like my life has no purpose...directionless...just waiting for something but not sure what...doing a little of this and a little of that.  I felt so down.  Of course I realize the truth, my life does have purpose but sometimes the feelings overpower the truth.  This morning was one of those times where what was truth did not resonate in my heart.

Then I start feeling bad for being so down.  Like what have I really got to be down is pretty good.  But where you're at is where you're at and there's no point in denying it.  I also know it's a place I can't stay in and so I gotta climb my mountain. 

Even as I'm writing this I feel like I'm trudging, it's difficult, the words aren't flowing out and I feel like giving up and yet maybe not giving up is part of this climb.  This morning I had said to my husband I'll just quit this whole blog thing, nothing flows anymore anyway so what's the point, what difference does it make to anyone anyway.  Please don't think I'm looking for pats on the back...I'm not.  I'm just being honest with where I'm at, because I'm sure many of us feel these same feelings, different circumstances but similar feelings.

Life is full of difficulties for each one of us.  I've heard numerous stories of people who have had such difficult circumstances in their lives and I have marvelled at how these people have persevered and not given up.  They've climbed their mountains, they've "bled" on the way up and yet they've continued. 

Our mountains can be any number of things...

A difficult marriage

Strained relationships



Our relationship with the LORD

Physical disabilities

Loss of a loved one




And the list goes on and on.

I came across this quote a couple years ago and it's so true.

Our mountains that we climb shape us, they strengthen us and they humble us.  Even though the climb at times is difficult and painful and we stumble along the way there are triumphs with each step upward that we make.  There is freedom at the top...on the High Places and we have a God who wants to see us live in freedom.  He want's to take us to the High Places but we have to be willing to climb...will you climb the mountain in your life?

Things to be thankful for...

2664. Charissa picked up groceries for me
2665. Kayla popped by
2666. Chat with my husband
2667. Sarah over for a visit

2668. Beautiful weather for the wedding I have to shoot
2669. Care and concern from friends
2670. Morning walk with Cooper
2671. Good choices made
2672. Grass is up on the path my husband made to the creek

2673. Rain
2674. Fears faced by someone we love
2675. Beautiful fall day
2676. Chat with Jocelyne and my husband
2677. Morning laughter with Matt
2678. Walk with Charissa and Cooper
2679. The beauty of creation
2680. Visit from Kayla and Sarah along with some chocolate for me
2681. My husband's words to my heart
2682. Love and commitment
2683. Tea and conversation with a friend
2684. Technology - being able to see my husband and talk with him via Facebook video call
2685. Walk to the creek with Charissa and Cooper

2686. Hair colouring and laughter with the girls
2687. Special moments
2688. Good nights sleep
2689. Beautiful wedding
2691. Rain held off for outdoor pictures

2692. Powerful Sunday morning service
2693. The prayer of God's people
2694. Hide and seek in the woods with Charissa and Cooper
2695. Vibrant colours of fall
2696. Vase of roses from mom
2697. Brilliant light hitting the tops of the trees as the sun sets
2698. My dad's help
2699. Chat with my husband's mom on our way to Kingston
2700. Tiny spiderweb covered in dew

2701. Beautiful shades of red

2702. Hope
2703. Walk along the river with Charissa and Cooper

2704. A good talk with my husband
2705. The presence of God in His day
2706. Help from a young woman with a project I'm working on
2707. Beautiful fall day
2708. Bible study
2709. Visit with Lily my horse chore helper
2710. Frappuccino from Sarah and Kayla
2711. Chat with Will
2712. Follow through from someone we love and care about
2713. God is our anchor in the storm
2714. Answered prayer
2715. Groceries picked up by Charissa
2716. Beautiful hike with Charissa, Sarah and Cooper on the Rock Dunder Summit Trail

2717. Gorgeous view and sunset
2718. Time spent with Will, Amy and Lily

2719. Travelling safety
2720. Quick visit with my sister and her family
2721. Morning chat with my husband
2722. Refreshing fall weather

2723. A new day
2724. Beautiful morning walk in the Frink Centre with Charissa and Cooper
2725. Gorgeous sunlight and fall colours

2726. Meeting kind Kenzel on the boardwalk
2727. God moments...moments of blessing
2728. My husband's heart
2729. God in control...He is my Rock
2730. Another beautiful fall day and morning walk with Charissa and Cooper
2731. The prayers of friends and family
2732. Talks with my husband
2733. A wise but difficult choice made
2734. Help from Matt
2735. Matt off on a new adventure
2736. Meeting new people
2737. Calls from Matt
2738. Skype calls with Will, Amy and Lily
2739. Dinner made by Charissa
2740. Long talk with Jocelyne
2741. Prayers answered
2742. Thunderstorm and much needed rain
2743. God's steadfast love
2744. Strawberry sundae from Charissa
2745. Dad's eye surgery went well
2746. Forest trails covered with leaves in shades of yellow, orange and red
2747. God's grace in difficult situations
2748. Beautiful fall day for a walk with Jess and the kids

2749. Delicious cupcakes made by Charissa
2750. A call from friends before I head out to the airport in the morning to pick up my husband
2751. First time driving to the airport
2752. Seeing my husband after he's been away for four weeks
2753. A gift from my husband
2754. Breakfast out
2755. A nice visit with Will, Amy and Lily
2756. Lily smiles
2757. Home with my husband
2758. The Body of Christ working together
2759. Lots of much needed rain
2760. Chat with Jocelyne
2761. Refreshing fall walks with Charissa and Cooper
2762. The beauty of God's creation in fall

2763. Calls from Matt as he travels out west
2764. A visit from Lily Lin and some chocolate :)
2765. The crunch and smell of leaves while walking through the woods
2766. Laughter with Charissa
2767. Messages and pictures from Matt as he climbs Mount Begbie

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  1. Your words are always thought provoking and your images are amazing. I could feel my feet cold and wet when you said that Matt was climbing in deep snow! Lily is so precious. Hope you are printing all these amazing photos!