Friday, 23 September 2016

The Power of Fear can have so much power in my life.  I guess the reality is, is that I give it that power.  As a child I was always so afraid of the dark and had to sleep with a light on in the hall and my door open a crack.  As a teenager I remember heading out to do chores in the dark knowing I'd have to head up into that dark haymow and it scared me.  I'd hum, sing and do whatever to distract myself from the dark and then get out of there as quickly as I could.  When I finished chores I'd tear back to the house as fast as I could.

I can still feel that same fear when walking alone in the dark and I know the truth, that I don't have to fear because the LORD is with me and I have often thought how amazing it would be to have such a deep faith to be so secure as to not even be afraid in the dark. Can you imagine...any of you who are afraid of being alone in the dark, imagine being able to just calmly and freely stroll in the dark.  It's hard for me to imagine.  I live in the woods and to think of heading out there alone in the dark...well it scares me and yet I so much wish it didn't. There have been many times when I've been walking in the dark alone, telling myself I don't have to be afraid the LORD is with me and yet the fear still remains.  But I so much want to live the "fear not" way.  

I know fear goes way deeper than the literal dark, it's that other dark that can cause even greater fear...the unknown.

what I cannot see

what I don't understand

what I don't think I can do

where I don't think I can go

who I don't think I can face 

Fear rises up in the unknown, when I step out and don't know the outcome.  This fear of the unknown and the fear of being incapable of doing something can paralyze you and render you immovable. Life remains somewhat comfortable and safe but nothing of what it could be.  Fear robs you of the fullness of life and not only you but those you do life with.

Then there's the fear that causes me to run.  What happens when I allow fear to take me out of one place to go another...running from something...avoiding something or someone.  Whatever has caused that fear I actually take with me...a packed carryon so to say.  I may have gotten away from the situation but I haven't dealt with the fear at all.  And I take my suitcase with me wherever I go, kept tightly shut, not realizing that my freedom is in the opening of that case.

Life is always a mixture...

the happy and sad

the pain and joy

the freedom and longing

the easy and hard

It's all in that suitcase we carry, pop it open and it's all in there. You gotta rifle through it all, you have to realize that the treasure...the freedom is all tangled in that mess of things you stuffed in your suitcase. 

It needs to be unraveled...

some needs to be embraced

some needs to be tossed

some needs to be mended

some needs to be untangled and separated

It's your suitcase, you have the key, you're the one carrying it.

Open it.

Your freedom is stuffed right in there along with the things you don't want to look at...the things you thought you'd gotten rid of...the very things you need to look at.

Fear is disarmed when you face it, when you walk through it.  You don't have to do it alone.  Find someone who is good at unpacking "suitcases" and let them help you.  Some cases are just too big to empty on our own.

Things to be thankful for...

2580. Working in the riding ring with Charissa and my husband
2581. Old letters read, memories, laughter with Charissa, Kayla and my husband
2582. Refreshing cool morning
2583. Charissa mowing the lawn
2584. Being the hands and feet of Christ in the midst of broken lives
2585. Beautiful pink early morning sky
2586. Meeting with ideas shared
2587. Walk with my husband out back
2588. Chat with Jocelyne
2589. The sound of rain falling
2590. Words of encouragement for where my husband and I find ourselves in life
2591. Kindness and understanding of our neighbour
2592. Black Jack, a loyal dog to our family
2593. Memories of the kids growing up with BJ

We had Black Jack for 14 years, she was a good loyal dog and will be missed.

2594. Going with Charissa to pick up her dog Cooper
2595. Time spent with friends
2596. Fellowship
2597. My husband
2598. Delicious cupcakes made by Charissa
2599. Matt's wisdom
2600. Cool breezes and the sound of crickets while sitting on the deck having tea
2601. Cooper, one cute and smart dog

2602. Daytona and Elmo can finally go back on the pasture
2603. Early morning on the boardwalk, a magical place with fog, mist and sunshine glistening on hundreds of spiderwebs

2604. Charissa and her cousins away for an over night trip to Toronto
2605. Chat with my sister
2606. Evening sky filled with stars
2607. Chat with Jocelyne
2608. Another beautiful morning on the boardwalk
2609. The beauty and intricacy of the spider web

2610. Refreshing, peaceful walk through the woods with Cooper
2611. Small group - good conversation
2612. Girls had a good time away
2613. Weeding the garden with my husband
2614. Visit with my sister and her family
2615. Morning walk with Charissa and Cooper
2616. Beautiful golden evening light in the pasture
2617. Encouragement from my husband to step out into the dreams that are in my heart
2618. Beautiful star filled sky - practicing some night sky photography

2619. Kayla & Sarah popping by for a visit
2620. Great opportunity for Amy in regards to her business
2621. More night sky photography with Matt

2622. Creativity
2623. Worship
2624. Deck cleaned by my husband
2625. Cooling breezes on a hot and humid day
2626. Chat with Jocelyne
2627. Beautiful wedding rehearsal evening with friends
2628. Time spent with my husband
2629. Time spent with my friend on her daughter's wedding day, capturing some beautiful moments
2630. The skies remained dry for Brittany & Joseph's wedding

2631. A great visit with Will, Amy and Lily in their new home
2632. Lily smiles and sounds of delight on our walk through the woods

2633. Visit with my sister and brother-in-law
2634. Cooler refreshing weather
2635. A chat with strangers who ended up in our backyard while walking through the Frink Centre
2636. Warm sunshine on my face while sitting on the deck
2637. Walking with Cooper
2638. Beautiful morning sunlight through the trees while walking through the Frink Centre
2639. Friendly chats with people in the Frink Centre
2640. Sun glistening on the spiderwebs
2641. Tea with my husband in the woods as he works on a trail
2642. Celebrating Will's 26th birthday
2643. Rain held off for outside wedding pictures

2644. Much needed rain
2645. Beautiful evening for an engagement shoot

2646. My husband's help
2647. Visit with my husband's family
2648. Mom doesn't need a cast on her sprained wrist
2649. My husband's love for our kids
2650. His wisdom in difficult situations
2651. Knowing I serve a God who knows and sees all
2652. Honest hearts
2653. A nice walk in the Frink Centre with Charissa and Cooper
2654. Cooper out fetching sticks in the river
2655. Charissa mowing the lawn
2656. Celebrating Matt's 21st birthday
2657. Peaceful morning walk with a friend
2658. Kind words
2659. Matt's courage
2660. Tea and bible study with friends
2661. Celebrating a friend's birthday
2662. Mart made it safely to Saint John, thankful for a ride with his brother and sister-in-law
2663. Morning walk with a friend, heart's shared

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  1. As always, I love your photos. Your children were so cute when they were itty biddies! Your starry night photos are excellent, and Lily is growing so fast and is so adorable! I could say something about each image...but I'm a woman of few words!