Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Refreshing Rains

After many weeks without rain and a land dry and parched we've finally had a number of good rain days and I am so so thankful.  

One night as I was doing chores I was looking at the lawn and pastures so thankful that there was growth again.  I was thinking how in the span of a couple days of a good rain a tinge of green was already noticeable.  And I thought with these refreshing rains the grass can't help but grow and flourish once again, it's so instant. Even when it looked as though there was no life there at all, underneath that dry parched, brown, crispy grass the roots were still alive just waiting for a soaking so they could burst forth with life. 

As I was pondering this in my heart, smiling at the green I was seeing, I thought about my own heart.  Jesus Christ is that LIVING WATER to my dry, parched soul and yet unlike the grass that can't help but grow after being soaked with rain there are many times when He pours into me and I am not refreshed and I do not grow.  I have a choice in what I do with what is poured into me.  And there are times when it's like I get out my umbrella and keep myself out of the "rain." The very thing that would give me life is the very thing I push away or refuse to acknowledge.

It's like this heart of mine works on two planes.  I know what's right and what would be good for me.  Yet there is this pride and self-sufficiency where I choose to do life on my own and by my own rules or ways of self preservation.  If I would only bend and receive, I would be refreshed and life in those dry, parched areas could grow.  

Could you imagine if the grass decided, I know that I'm dry, parched, brown and crispy but I don't want any of this rain, cover me up so I can remain as I am...barren and dead on the surface.  I'll just protect these roots of mine.  Besides there have been many times when I've chosen to let myself be refreshed with these rains and I've grown and I've flourished only to be brought through a time of drought again.  So I'll just remain as I am so I don't have to face the possibility of that again.

Fear and pride...we let them dictate our choices.  

On Sunday morning during praise and worship we were encouraged to kneel if we felt led to.  And this heart of mine wanted to, I wanted to kneel before my Saviour whom I love with as much of me that I can, but I couldn't or it was I wouldn't.  Fear had set in and if I'm honest I would also have to say pride.  It's not only the fear of what others would think, what goes with that is pride, how will I be seen and that becomes about me.  So I let that rob my Saviour of this heart surrendered before Him.  I felt guilty, I felt shame and I felt like a disappointment and that's when the only thing I can do is go to Him with it.  Repent for allowing fear and pride to dictate my actions towards Him, forgive myself and hope to make a better choice next time.

Again I think about the grass and how it just grows so quickly after a soaking rain even when you'd think there is nothing left of it.  If I could only receive and accept all He puts before me and tries to pour into me...

A choice to kneel in the presence of others

To accept the Encouragement from another into my heart

The choice to stand for truth, when I could be the only one standing

The discipline of a God who loves me even when that discipline is brought through a fellow believer

Correction when I'm in the wrong

A choice to be vulnerable so I can find healing in areas where all I've done is protected myself

The choice to stay and not run

There are many more things I could add to this list.  This God I serve wants all my heart...every last piece of it.  If my heart is surrendered to Him He will continue to search for it and to expose those areas where His life must pour in so I can be made more and more like Christ and live in all the freedom that He has for me. 

May this heart of mine die to pride and fear open wide and receive what the LORD has for me and let that LIVING WATER refresh my soul for His glory and His purposes.

Things to be thankful for...

2510. Good conversation with a young woman
2511. Project finished
2512. Good conversation with friends and a delicious meal
2513. The sound of crickets in the night
2514. Hilarious video made by Matt, laughter

2515. Encouraging words
2516. Bible study with friends
2517. The stream is still running in the woods despite the lack of rain
2518. Small group fellowship
2519. Morning chat with Jocelyne
2520. An unexpected gift in the mail

2521. Beautiful clouds in the evening sky
2522. The Body of Christ working as the Body
2523. Encouragement and a hug
2524. Quiet day with my husband
2525. Refreshing cool morning
2526. Tea with a friend
2527. Chat with Charissa
2528. Sitting on the deck with my husband chatting in the cool of night
2529. Cool night for sleeping
2530. Peaceful morning doing chores
2531. Animals, the joy they bring
2532. Quiet night
2533. Nice afternoon and evening with Will, Amy & Lily
2534. Lily's smiles and babbling

2535. A cute baby donkey named Zoe

2536. Sitting outside on the patio with Lily as the sun goes down
2537. The moon & stars through our bedroom window
2538. Working things out, hearing each other
2539. Time spend with friends
2540. Engaging speakers, words of wisdom
2541. Power back on
2542. Night spent with Charissa
2543. Pizza dinner from Charissa
2544. Walk by the Hamilton waterfront
2545. Successful day in moving Will & Amy and Charissa
2546. Charissa's love for Yael and her family
2547. Home
2548. A good dumping of rain
2549. Church community
2550. Pinks, orange, blue and grey in the evening sky
2551. Game of cards and tea on the deck
2552. Movie night with my husband
2553. The rain has come - a full rain day!

2554. Visit with Jessica
2555. Sunlight shimmering through the rain soaked trees

2556. Strong winds and fast moving clouds
2557. A tinge of green on the pastures
2558. Oscar, one cute and entertaining kitten

2559. Delicious zucchini/cheese pizza made by Charissa
2560. Cooler nights for sleeping
2561. My husband and son passed their motorcycle test
2562. Charissa and Alexandrea taking a roadtrip
2563. Tea and conversation with a friend
2564. Our small group
2565. God's Word...wisdom
2566. Charissa got a dog named Cooper
2567. Beautiful beauty and detail in the dew up-close

2568. Charissa out for a quiet morning ride on Daytona

2569. Relaxing drive with my husband
2570. Beautiful country
2571. Dinner out at a lakeside restaurant
2572. Full moon, low in the sky
2573. Laughter with the girls
2574. Refreshing rain
2575. God calls us to fullness of life
2576. Visit with my cousin and her family
2577. My husband's love
2578. A cool night, 12 degrees!
2579. Sunshine through my bedroom window