Thursday, 28 April 2016

The List and a Lesson

My husband and son were away on a mission trip to China and Nepal for 3 1/2 weeks which left me home alone.  Well not exactly alone I did have some company, two cats, a dog, a donkey and a horse.  And my daughter came home a couple of the weekends to keep me company and to get out of the big city of Hamilton, but for the most part it was very quiet here.

Knowing that my husband would be gone for a length of time and the house would be empty I made myself a list...the great to-do know those big projects you never get to.  

Well now was my moment to accomplish some big things.  I think I went a little overboard with the list as there were eleven items on this list and I only fully completed six of them and partially finished two others. I guess that's not so bad, over 55% completion and with the partials I'd say 65% so I did pass ;-)  I finished some biggies and that was my main goal.  

One of the biggies was painting our bedroom and the upstairs hall. Which doesn't seem like a huge deal, just roll some paint on the walls and call it good.  Well the walls were accomplished no problem, I don't mind painting walls, that's the easy part.  It's the trim that was a big deal, especially since I was changing trim colour.  

When I saw the old trim paint colour up against our new wall colour I wondered why I'd ever picked that colour, it suddenly looked so dark and pukey in colour.  It took four coats to cover that putrid colour in the bedroom.  And as careful as I try to be, painting baseboard when you have carpet...that's a challenge...I do have a little added colour to our carpet in some areas ;-)  

I finally finished the trim and doors in our bedroom and then I was off to do the hall.  Now a hall is a small area but it's filled with doors, door jams and door casing...the trim seemed endless.  The trim in the hall looked white but it wasn't pure white, it was antique white and so since I'd changed trim colour in our bedroom I had to change trim colour in the hall.  At first I thought I'd just paint one side of the door, the hall side but then I decided to change the door knobs since the bathroom lock didn't work anymore.  And since I was going to replace the door knobs I pushed myself into painting both sides of all the doors.  My husband's voice in my head challenging me, "if you're going to do it, do it right." 

Here's some of our Facebook conversation while he was on the other side of the world:

Me: "I was going to get new door knobs for the doors since I'm repainting all the doors I thought that would be a good idea, the bathroom door knob is broken."

Husband: "If you think so."

Me: "Instead of washing the rest of the windows I think I'm just going to get them replaced since the seal is gone in them any way and instead of washing the kitchen floor I think I'll replace it too, same with the carpet since I dripped paint on it some."

Husband: "Can't stop you from this far away :-)"

Days later...

Husband: "How was your day?"

Me: "Full of paint and more paint and more paint and more paint."

Of course at one point he did remind me of how quick a professional painter can paint a house.  I'd been spending days, guess I'm slow ;-)

Another day I cracked.  I sat in the hall, paintbrush in hand, Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing, me bawling for half an hour as I painted telling myself how much of a messy painter I was until I finally packed it in.  That night when my husband asked how my day was I had this to say:

Me: "I had a tough afternoon with the painting and just feeling like it was never ending and I couldn't get the edges nice and so I bawled.  I'm over tired and over painted."

Of course he was sorry to hear that but I'm sure it also had something to do with missing my husband too. Later that night a friend dropped by and we had tea and was good.  That evening I had also bought a new edging paint brush, the Trylon Diamond Pro.  So the next day I would try out this new tool.  In talking to my son one day he reminded me that good tools make all the difference. I must say this one did :-)  Just the word "Pro" gave me confidence ;-)

The painting isn't perfect but it's finished.  I even painted the trim and walls inside the small hall closet, like who would ever notice if I didn't do  And hearing my husband's voice in my head once again, "if you're going to do it, do it right," so I did.

I was thinking about all the painting, my struggles and my annoyance in the fact that it took so many coats to cover the old paint and I was reminded that it's kind of a picture of life...of our transformation in Christ.  

We all have stuff to deal with, issues that hinder the full colour of who Christ calls us to be.  We're image bearers of a holy God, though we are marred it doesn't change the fact that we are created in His image.  The choice though is whether we choose to bear that image.  It takes to self.  Like changing my old trim colour, it took work and coat after coat or the old colour would show through, so it is with transformation.  One coat of paint would have been a dream, but that's all it was a dream, it needed four coats. I needed to work at it, I wasn't getting off easy with just one coat.  Just as in life there are some things that take time to transform and it seems you're always working on the same thing and it just won't change, its because the old is so ingrained...a deep colour and it keeps bleeding through but eventually you'll hit that point where the old is gone and the new has come and it's beautiful. I know, because I've been there.  And one day even those places that still seem to bleed through will be made new.  

Revelation 21:5 And He who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new."  Also he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."

His "brush" is the true "Diamond Pro" and we are safe in letting Him be the painter in our lives.

Things to be thankful for:

2017. A walk on the boardwalk with my husband
2018. Rich deep blue water
2019. My husband and Matt headed on their adventure
2020. Beautiful spring sun shiny day
2021. The smell of sheets off the clothes line
2022. Strawberry sundae
2023. My husband, son and the others have arrived safely in Shanghai
2024. Knitting and tea
2025. Encouragement
2026. Marriage - a reflection of Christ and the church
2027. My church community
2028. Murphy and Bandit waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I came home
2029. Video skype call from my husband
2030. Encouragement from a brother in Christ
2031. Sunshine after the rain
2032. Message of encouragement
2033. Charissa home for the weekend to keep me company

Winter coat shedding time.

2034. Morning visit with Sarah
2035. Muddy paths, floating board walk and puddles
2036. Laughter with Charissa
2037. Warm sunshine on our faces
2038. Movie night with Charissa
2039. Surprise visit to the Great Wall of China for my husband and Matt

2040. The children in the toddlers room at church
2041. Memories
2042. Chat with my husband
2043. Beautiful covering of snow

Can you believe it Daytona, it snowed again...but it is beautiful.

2044. Skype video call from my husband - good to see him and hear his voice
2045. Call from Jocelyne and Lauren & Keira - hearing their little voices
2046. A chat with Will
2047. Good to hear my husband's voice again
2048. Facebook chat with Matt
2049. Crisp air, warm sunshine on my walk
2050. Video skype call from my husband, smiling faces and hellos from some Chinese children 
2051. Delicious dinner with friends
2052. Tea, good conversation and prayer
2053. Sent home with leftovers :-)
2054. My husband and son safe in Nepal
2055. Our marriage ministry group
2056. Arizona album finished
2057. Sunshine through my window

2058. A big job accomplished
2059. A game of cards with mom and dad
2060. Skype chat with my husband
2061. Chat with Jocelyne
2062. Sunshine and blue skies
2063. Chat with my husband - stories from Nepal shared
2064. Morning bird songs
2065. Pictures shared by Matt from Nepal

My son sent me this picture one day while I was chatting with him on Facebook, they'd had a magnitude 4.5 aftershock and everyone had to evacuate the buildings they were in.

2066. Refreshing Sunday afternoon walk with a friend
2067. Video skype call with Charissa
2068. The Father's Heart
2069. Early morning cooing of the mourning dove through my open window

2070. Chat with Will
2071. Technology - contact with my husband on the other side of the world
2072. Seeing his smile, hearing his voice
2073. Morning sunshine
2074. Beautiful cloud filled sky
2075. Dinner with some church folk
2076. Chatting with my husband
2077. Morning sunshine sparkling on the frost

2078. Closer to getting my painting finished

2079. Will got a new job
2080. Robin's song in the morning
2081. Morning frost sparkling like jewels in the sunlight

2082. Video skype with my husband
2083. Warmth of the sun on my back as I hang laundry
2084. Laying on the deck in the warm sun with Murphy
2085. God uses conflict to bring life
2086. Gorgeous spring day
2087. Charissa home for the weekend to keep me company

2088. Reid's Dairy strawberry sundae
2089. Enjoying the sunshine
2090. Delicious pasta dish made by Charissa
2091. Chores and a visit with Lily

2092. Kayla popping in for a visit
2093. My husband and Matt feeling somewhat better after a having a stomach bug
2094. Frink Centre walk on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon

2095. Bees, an amazing little creature, watching an apiarist open her hives

2096. A boy singing a worship song as he walks down the lane
2097. Another day of sunshine
2098. Hearing my husband's voice
2099. Dad fertilized the pastures for me
2100. Chat with my husband
2101. More beautiful pictures from Nepal taken by Matt
2102. Skype call with Will and Amy
2103. Beautiful sunshine
2104. Morning bird songs
2105. A friend popped by for an evening tea
2106. Friendship
2107. My husband and son are heading home
2108. Lunch outside in the sunshine
2109. Safe flights
2110. Breakfast and pedicures with a friend
2111. Skype call with my husband while he waits in Shanghai for his next flight
2112. Charissa home
2113. Painting is finished
2114. Early morning walk with Charissa

2115. Charissa driving to the airport
2116. My husband and Matt home safe
2117. Seeing my husband after him being away for 3 1/2 weeks
2118. Celebrating my mom's birthday
2119. The rain

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  1. Wow Tina you were very industrious! Congrats on accomplishing much on your list. Glad your hubby and son returned safely.