Monday, 19 October 2015


I was at Walmart the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, I had to get some groceries for our family dinner.  I went early hoping to avoid the crowds of all the other last minuters like me :)  The store was pretty quiet, I grabbed what I needed and headed to the checkout, there weren't too many cashiers on yet but it wasn't busy either.  I pulled up behind this older woman and her first words to me were something like "there's hardly anyone on cash" said with a bit of annoyance, I don't share this to pick at the woman but what came to my mind immediately was I have a choice here in how I respond to this woman.  I could either agree and feed the annoyance and incompetence she felt towards Walmart or I could speak something positive.  So I chose something positive and just said "I guess they haven't really gotten on with their day yet, it's not too busy."

As my groceries were being rung through I chatted with the cashier about how the day would probably be a busy one and fly by.  It was her first day back to work after having been off for two weeks due to back and hip pain.  And it was the first time she'd been pain free in a number of months.  She was somewhat concerned that after her shift and once she sat down in her car to go home she wouldn't be able to get back up.  And so I just said to her well I pray that when you get home you'll be able to get out of your car on your own and that they're be no pain. We chatted a bit more and then I was on my way. ( Since writing the blog I was at Walmart and had this same lady as my cashier, I asked her about her pain and she's still pain free!)

I thought about these small little interactions with these two strangers and how I have the power to either bless, curse or be silent.  I could have just fed into the first woman's annoyance and impatience, which would have increased her negative feelings or I could try and steer her in a different direction and not feed the negativity.  With the cashier I could have said nothing but instead I chose to step out and bless her with a prayer.  I share this not to be boastful but to encourage you that in your day you may cross paths with strangers, little interactions here and there.  In those little interactions you can leave blessings, a word, a smile or kind and helpful gesture.  Things that may seem little and of no significance but who knows what happens in the lives of each person whose path you crossed and chose to bless.

Things to be thankful for...

1370. Beautiful fall day
1371. Fresh rye bread with butter
1372. Visit with my husband's mom and sister
1373. Hot bowl of homemade soup for lunch
1374. Beautiful reds along the road
1375. Yellow butterflies fluttering about
1376. Family photo shoot with a special young woman and her family

1377. Beautiful evening light
1378. Warm sunshine through my window
1379. A girl sharing her ice cream bar with me
1380. Impacting lives
1381. Sharing in small group
1382. Tea with a friend
1383. Hard but good conversation
1384. Gorgeous fall colour

1385. God's glory seen in creation
1386. Sun shining through the morning fog

1387. Blessing a stranger, words of blessing
1388. Thanksgiving dinner with family

1389. Gorgeous day
1390. Beautiful fall walk

1391. Gorgeous fall colour
1392. A sweet little kitten named Simba

1393. Two cute mini horses

1394. Another beautiful day
1395. Visit with my husband's mom
1396. A chat with Charissa
1397. Something lost was found
1398. Sunshine after the rain
1399. Vultures soaring on the air currents
1400. Sound of the wind howling
1401. God's love that never changes
1402. A new day
1403. Visit with a beautiful young woman
1404. Sunlight and shadows dancing across the bed
1405. Laughter in the morning with Matt
1406. My husband's help in the kitchen
1407. The warmth of the wood stove
1408. Pink tinged clouds in the early morning sky
1409. Refreshing morning
1410. Stormy skies
1411. Good nights sleep
1412. Early morning walk and conversation with a friend
1413. Hearing Lauren and Keira chatter in the background while on the phone with Jocelyne
1414. Mom's help with chores when I'm away
1415. Another beautiful stormy evening sky
1416. Flaming reds and oranges as the morning sun hits the trees
1417. Words of wisdom at a conference
1418. Soft pinks and purples in the evening sky
1419. Beautiful frosty morning

1420. Leaves falling

1421. Worship
1422. Call from Charissa
1423. Pics with Sarah and her horse Dolly

1424. Pets, the gift and companions they are
1425. Sparkly morning frost

1426. The freedom and privilege to vote

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  1. Your blog post is always a blessing to me! Pretty kitten. Last week Mo found 2 Calicos in the woods next to their house. They were 5-6 weeks old and so cute. One had ringworm so my daughter has her kitchen divided into two kitty havens so the other doesn't get infected.

    Looks like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing it with us.