Monday, 26 October 2015

# 1294

Not sure if anyone noticed but two blogs ago I skipped sharing # 1294 of my thankfulness list, I had been sworn to secrecy in regards to that bit of information.  Anyway, the whole world is allowed to know now so I can share # 1294 so here it is...

Will and Amy are having a baby! I'm going to be an Oma!

They came over on September 13th, we were sitting around having coffee and snacks after church when Will hands me this David's Tea gift bag and said "here's a gift for you."

I thought oh nice, some David's Tea, I love their Movie Night and Toasted Walnut flavours.  I looked in the bag and here's what I pulled out...

My husband and I were so surprised, I wasn't expecting this at all and I'm a hard one to surprise.  It's a way way better surprise than David's Tea ;-)  So I've had to keep this secret for the past 5 weeks or so, well we told close family and friends Thanksgiving weekend, but now every one can know.

So yeah...I'm going to be an Oma.  That sounds kinda strange but it's a new and exciting season in this life of mine, and my husband and I are looking forward to it and can't wait to meet this newest member of the family.  Boy or a girl?...we'll have to wait until the date of his or her arrival.  Will and Amy have decided to keep it a surprise for all and I'm glad.  Though I'm sure it'll be hard for Will, secrets and surprises are hard for him to keep.  So Amy stick to your guns at the next ultrasound, don't let Will look for certain body parts or cave in if the technician asks if you want to know the gender ;-)

This little bundle of joy should be arriving around the beginning of May, the beginning of life.  I can't wait to see this little one and hold him or her in my arms and of course take some beautiful images of this precious little gift.

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  1. Congratulations. What exciting news!!! Words cannot describe the depth of love that one feels with their first grandchild. Then your heart grows bigger and bigger with each additional grandchild, and still, no words to describe it!