Tuesday, 6 October 2015

October already!

Wow,  it's been almost 7 weeks since I last blogged, it's already October.  Fall, one of my favourite times of the year.  The leaves are starting to change colour to vibrant yellows, oranges and reds.  In the morning and evening I hear the geese fly over head, it's 7:15pm right now and I can hear them honking away, not sure what they're up to but must be getting ready to head to a warmer place for those that migrate.  The days are so much shorter, the sun now sets at 6:40 and in a little over three weeks we'll be turning back our clocks and the days will be even shorter.  Fall that cozy time of year. 

Things to be thankful for...

1239. Charissa home safe
1240. Help from mom trimming the crab apple tree
1241. The sound of crickets through the open window
1242. Another cool day
1243. Learning to work together
1244. Beautiful evening sky
1245. Sound of an owls call through my open window
1246. Beautiful morning
1247. Laundry on the clothes line
1248. Safely arrived in Stratford
1249. Gorgeous property where we're staying for the night
1250. Shooting a wedding with Matt

1251. All the driving my husband did and his patience while Matt and I were working
1252. My own bed after a long day
1253. A call from Charissa
1254. Quiet day
1255. Coffee with mom and dad
1256. A drive in the camaro with my husband
1257. Beautiful evening for a family beach photo shoot

1258. Getting my flower gardens weeded on a nice cool morning with no bugs
1259. How my husband honours me
1260. Refreshing walk with a friend
1261. Cool mornings
1262. Morning fog blanketing the backyard
1263. Evening photo shoot with a beautiful family

1264. Chats with their boys while walking back to the parking lot
1265. Families
1266. Helping people
1267. Freedom to worship
1268. Quiet day with my husband
1269. Chat with Charissa
1270. Swimming in the pool with Silas, Molly and Lola

1271. Amadeous enjoying being sprayed down with water on a super hot day

1272. BBQ at mom and dad's
1273. More pool time with the kids
1274. Kids laughter
1275. The smell of rain through my open window
1276. Humidity breaking
1277. Good chat with my sister-in-law
1278. Cool breezes through the open window
1279. Vision to do things for the Kingdom
1280. Cool night for sleeping
1281. Sweatshirt kinda morning
1282. Smell of fresh cut grass
1283. Another sweatshirt morning
1284. Hearing the chatter from Keira & Lauren while talking with Jocelyne on the phone
1285. Peaceful walk on the boardwalk with a friend
1286. The girls are coming home tonight!
1287. Jocelyne and Charissa home
1288. Late night homemade pizza
1289. The sound of our girls chatting and laughing
1290. Homemade cinnamon buns for breakfast
1291. Beautiful wedding, despite the rain
1292. Amazed we were able to do pictures outside at key times

1293. All our kids are home
1295. Great visit with all the kids
1296. Card game with the girls
1297. Major early morning thunderstorm
1298. Photo shoot with the girls

1299. Seeing my girls together
1300. A hot cup of David's Movie Night tea from Charissa
1301. Card game with mom and the girls before they leave
1302. Both Jocelyne and Charissa home safe
1303. Matt sharing the beauty of what he sees while out on the trails
1304. My vision
1305. Early morning fog
1306. William's 25th birthday
1307. Nice visit with a fellow photographer
1308. Quiet night home alone
1309. The sound of leaves blowing across the driveway
1310. Great leaders to serve with
1311. Refreshing early morning walk with a friend
1312. Tea & bible study
1313. Celebrating a friends birthday
1314. Movie and popcorn
1315. Beautiful fall like morning
1316. Church community
1317. Worship
1318. Wisps of pink across the morning sky
1319. Celebrating Matt's 20th birthday
1320. Chat with my sister
1321. An unexpected blessing for Mart
1322. Chatting with Charissa
1323. Beautiful morning
1324. Heading up to Big Moose Camp for a few days with my husband
1325. Loon calls across the lake
1326. Fog over the lakes

1327. Sitting on the deck at the cottage, so peaceful
1328. The sunlight glistening on the lake

1329. Relaxing afternoon
1330. Fishing with my husband, so peaceful
1331. Beautiful sunset

1332. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise

The colours at dawn were beautiful, 6:32 am.

7:03 am

It's amazing over the course of 40 minutes how much the sky and colours changed as the sun broke over the horizon.

7:15 am

1333. Knitting on the deck

1334. Sunshine and warmth
1335. God's truth
1336. Twenty-six loons on the lake
1337. Another beautiful sunset
1338. Pinks across the morning sky

1339. Morning fishing

1340. Watching the loons on the lake

In the evenings when we went fishing we'd see all these loons swimming in a large group.  At one point I counted 26 of them.

1341. Bacon and egg breakfast
1342. Saw a bald eagle while out fishing

It's hard to see but there are two birds here, there's a seagull chasing a bald eagle who is carrying a fish.  I was so busy fishing and couldn't get my camera out fast enough to get a closer shot.  It was pretty cool seeing this bald eagle, I've only ever seen one in the wild three or four times in my life.

1343. Beautiful cloud formations

1344. My husband
1345. Warmth of the sun on my face in the cool morning
1346. Great, relaxing time away
1347. Splashes of fall colour while driving home
1348. Dinner with friends
1349. Beautiful weather shooting a wedding
1350. So thankful to be married to a godly man
1351. Conversations with our kids
1352. Rainy day
1353. My youngest son's heart
1354. The smell of rain through my open window
1355. Quiet night at home
1356. Morning walk with a friend
1357. Warm sunshine
1358. Visit with Silas, Molly and Lola

1359. Majestic moon low in the sky
1360. Kind and encouraging words
1361. Quiet morning doing chores
1362. Call from Jocelyne, Keira and Lauren
1363. A nice fall walk with my husband
1364. Powerful movie - War Room
1365. Beautiful pinks across the night sky
1366. Gorgeous morning sky
1367. Great visit with Charissa, Will & Amy
1368. Refreshing walk through the woods on the escarpment
1369. Being led by the mens choir for worship


  1. Beautiful thoughts, gorgeous sunrises/sunsets; would that we all would reflect the light of Christ the Son as the clouds reflect the Sun

  2. Your words and images are always uplifting. Lovely images, all!