Monday, 2 November 2015

Live Life Fully...

It's no surprise that I love taking pictures...capturing the beauty around me and sharing it with others in order to bless them and at times give a view of something they may never see.  I have so many pictures and so in the last couple years I have uploaded some of them to getty and other stock photography sites in hopes of selling some.

Back in April I noticed that Bath & Body Works had purchased a picture of mine through getty, it was a winter scene and so I figured they would possibly use it for their winter or christmas line of products.

I was at the mall last Thursday and I thought I'd just do a walk through in Bath & Body Works and see if I could spot my picture on any of their winter products.  I walked into the store and there before my eyes was my picture on a think I smiled from ear to ear.  I picked it up...held it and looked at was just so cool to see one of my pictures used.  Of course I had to buy some of the candles, they were kind of expensive but hey how often does your picture get used by such a big corporation.

So I walked up to the cash counter to pay for my items, in my head I'm thinking to myself do I tell the sales woman the picture on the candle is mine.  I thought no...I can't...that would be boasting, I'd better just keep it to myself.  I wrestled in my head with this for a brief moment but when you're so excited about something it's hard to keep it in and so I blurted out to the sales woman, "that's my picture on there, I'm not boasting but I just had to share this because it's so cool!" She said, "," and then turned to the other sales woman and told her.  For me it was just neat to see their joy.

My kids told me I had to write a blog about this, which as you can tell I'm doing...of course I feel like I'm boasting again but really it's just me sharing some of my joy...some life.  So being the picture taker I am and pondering the blog I should write I decided that I really needed a picture of this product in the store. This morning my husband and I headed to the mall.  I walked into the store camera in hand, feeling kind of awkward but determined to face my awkwardness and share some more joy.  I always figure people living their lives fully gives life to I'm willing to step into things and risk being seen as a fool ;-)

I walked up to the young sales woman and I was pretty sure she was the same woman I'd shared my excitement with last Thursday.  And so I preceded to say "I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the woman whose picture was used on the candle," she said "yes she remembered."  So I asked if I could take a picture of the product display where my candle was, it's not really my candle but that's how I distinguish between the dozens of others ;-)  She said "sure that would be fine."

Feeling somewhat awkward because who takes pictures in stores, and having two men sitting just outside the store on the "gentlemen's bench," you know the bench where men sit while their wives shop, I proceed to take my shots.  There's such beautiful colour and light in that store I just love it.

I walk over to where my husband is and tell him that I'd really like to get a shot with the sales woman holding the candle and so the two of us head on over and ask if she'd be up for it.  She agreed and I so was thankful.

I get her positioned and then as I'm backing up blindly to frame my shot I bump into a shelving display and there go Bath & Body Works products to the ground with a clatter, I cringe inside.  I was so embarrassed and apologized repeatedly.  She said "no big deal, it happens all the time."  My husband goes over to pick up the products while I quickly take my shot.  I turn around to help cleanup and say to the men on the "gentlemen's bench" just a little entertainment for you :-)  The three of us finish cleaning up, me still babbling apologies.  One cap on a bottle of cream broke and so of course I felt bad and apologized some more.  The kind sales woman said "no problem."  I sure was glad there weren't glass items on that shelf, could you imagine.

After the cleanup I grabbed some more of my candles :-) and went up to pay for them and told the sales woman that I'd buy the bottle of cream with the broken lid too, she said I didn't have to but I insisted as I'd been the one to break it.  Of course I was hoping it'd be a scent I liked and you know it's not too bad,  Frosted Winter Woods...a refreshing woodsy scent.

So there you go kids...aren't you glad you didn't go to Bath & Body Works with me today ;-)

Things to be thankful for...
1427. Answered prayer
1428. Thunder
1429. Mild day
1430. My husband's words to me, made me smile, "Want to go play in the woods?" = doing firewood together
1431. Kind words of encouragement
1432. A raise and encouraging words for our son
1433. My husband's support
1434. Quiet night
1435. Tea and knitting with a friend
1436. Problem solving
1437. Chocolates shared
1438. Beautiful night
1439. Foot washing and communion with my husband
1440. Sins washed clean
1441. Hurts talked out
1442. Love from my husband
1443. Early morning walk with a friend before the sun was up
1444. Walking as dark turns to light
1445. Geese taking flight
1446. The sound of the fallen leaves crunching under foot
1447. Our kids sharing their hearts
1448. The rain held off for an engagement shoot for a beautiful couple

1449. Dinner with friends
1450. Yard work with my husband on a beautiful day
1451. Visit with my husband's brother and mother
1452. Beautiful afternoon/evening for a photo shoot with a beautiful family

1453. Gorgeous evening light
1454. Beautiful frosty morning walk on the boardwalk with my husband

1455. Morning light hitting the trees
1456. Frost edged leaves sparkling in the morning sun

1457. A church where our daughter feels at home
1458. A Pastor who sees her
1459. Vibrant pinks across the evening sky
1460. Huge full moon hanging low in the evening sky
1461. Another beautiful frosty morning on the boardwalk

1462. Morning chat in the Frink Centre
1463. Cutting more firewood with my husband
1464. A God who pursues me, wants all of my trust
1465. Chat with Jocelyne, Lauren and Keira
1466. Rain day
1467. Charissa enjoying her small group
1468. Matt's skill at taking his ATV all apart and rebuilding it
1469. Gusty winds
1470. Sunlight and shadow dancing across the bed
1471. Seeing one of my pictures on a product at Bath & Body Works

1472. Sharing in small group
1473. Friendship
1474. God's grace
1475. The fresh smell of clothes off the line on a sunny crisp day
1476. Charissa, Will and Amy home for the weekend
1477. Refreshing morning walk on the frosty boardwalk with Charissa

1478. Grooming the horses with Charissa and her riding Daytona

1479. Chatting with my eldest
1480. Game of Scattergories with Dad, Mom and the kids
1481. New car for Charissa - God's provision
1482. Powerful Sunday morning message
1483. Worship
1484. Walk on the boardwalk with family

1485. My kids...their joy and excitement about my picture on the candle
1486. Connecting with good friends
1487. My husband's love for our kids
1488. Warmth of the sun
1489. A kind retail woman at the mall
1490. Laughter 


  1. I am sooooo happy for you Tina! You are not being boastful, just joyful. I'll be picking up some candles with mittens too!
    Your photos are wonderful as always.

  2. You are so talented, Tina! What a wonderful surprise for you!