Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Summer time and things to be thankful for.

982. Early morning walk with my husband
983. Rain while the sun shines
984. Morning bird songs
985. Great morning walk and conversation with a friend
986. My husband, his wisdom
987. Sarah's 2 kittens over for a visit

988. Delicious beef stew
989. Sharing life, fellowship
990. Refreshing morning walk with a friend
991. Seeing a beautiful blue bird while walking
992. Tea with a friend
993. Cooling breezes while mowing the grass
994. Fresh cinnamon buns
995. Beautiful morning
996. Celebrating a 6 year olds birthday
997. Children's smiles
998. Fishing on the river with Charissa and my husband
999. Sunlight through the trees and beautiful reflections on the water
1000. Father's Day
1001. The father my husband is to our children
1002. Majestic clouds in the evening sky
1003. Cool evening breezes through the open window
1004. Coolness of the morning
1005. God's Word
1006. Walk with my husband
1007. Thunderstorm in the early morning

1008. A daughter's love and care for her ailing dad
1009. Charissa's help
1010. Delicious dinner
1011. Morning walk with a friend
1012. Visit with Molly & Lola

1013. Breezy walk on the boardwalk with Charissa and the girls
1014. Borrowed wagon 
1015. Animals
1016. My husband doing the dishes
1017. Beautiful clouds in the evening sky

1018. Delicious watermelon
1019. Early morning symphony of bird songs
1020. Beautiful young woman excited for her wedding day
1021. Amadeous
1022. Charissa got a job!
1023. God's truth never changes, no matter what society says
1024. Pail of wild flowers

1025. The smell of fresh strawberries
1026. A beautiful wedding day
1027. The rain held off, I could do the wedding pictures outside

1028. Working with Matt

1029. A bride so excited, so in love

1030. Marriage
1031. Laughter
1032. Cousins hanging out 
1033. Our freedom
1034. Dinner at my brother and sister-in-laws

1035. Cute little kittens

1036. Henrietta, one cool duck

1037. Beautiful morning
1038. Delicious meal and fellowship with friends
1039. Fields of yellow
1040. Got William & Amy moved to their new house
1041. Visit with Miranda, Emily and Leah

1042. Red sun early this morning
1043. Got some hay
1044. Charissa's help stacking hay
1045. Laughter
1046. A game of Phase 10 with Charissa, Sarah and my husband
1047. Morning cardinal song
1048. Sound of an owl calling
1049. Hanging with Charissa, Amadeous and Daytona

1050. Charissa safely in Hamilton
1051. Thunderstorms and rain

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  1. Such beauty in your life! The wedding images are beautiful! Congrats to Charissa!