Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A gift in so many ways...

The last two weeks of July my husband and I were in Denver Colorado at the Family Foundations International School of Ministry.   A couple from our church had generously paid for us to go and we are so thankful for this gift.  We had never heard of FFI and didn't really know what this school of ministry was all about but really sensed the LORD wanted us there and so we went without really knowing what we were in for.

I myself was quite hesitant about this venture but was willing to go with my husband where he felt the LORD calling us.  And so I said to the LORD that I would go with open hands and a willing heart to receive and walk where He called.  We were to stay at the Colorado Christian University in the dorms, I was kinda nervous about that, what were the dorms like and would we be sharing rooms with others, all these fears start to kick in.  Also, I left my camera at home, something I never leave home without, especially when we're travelling.  But once we had decided to go I really felt I needed to lay that down and be free of it for the two weeks.  So any pictures I have were taken with my husband's phone.

We arrived at the university Saturday afternoon and were shown to our residence for the week.  It was a three bedroom, two bath residence with a living area and full kitchen that we would be sharing with others.  I walked into our bedroom and it had an ensuite, I smiled and looked at my husband, he smiled back.  I was blessed, it may seem like a little thing but to me it was God saying, "I see you Tina, I know you, you'll be safe here, I've got you."  That was huge to me and set the stage for the two weeks.  I know it's only a bathroom and I'm fine to share but this was a special touch from God to my heart :-)

Two songs that spoke to my heart personally during my time in Denver were Oceans...the lines, "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me.  Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the presence of my Saviour."  And also the song No Longer Slaves..., "No longer a slave to fear."  I so much wanted to have a trust in the LORD that was without borders, knowing deep in this heart of mine that He held me and that I could live without fear and go wherever he called me to go.

And so I prayed, "LORD, I want to have a trust in you that is without borders, I want to live this life of mine fully for you and without giving in to fear.  I don't want fear to be my master."  In asking for for these things I am tested.  Each day we are tested in these areas...

Will I really trust my LORD with all of me

Will I follow my LORD wherever he would call me

Will I allow him to be LORD of my life...all of my life

Will I give up self preservation

Will I allow myself to be vulnerable

Will I lay down my need to be comfortable

Will I live in the knowledge of knowing that I am his vessel to be poured out

Will I say as Christ said on the night he was betrayed, "Yet not as I will, but as you will."

The two weeks in Denver tested me in these areas and my LORD met me, I was safe in the shelter of his wing.  The testing and stretching didn't always feel good and there was fear but my trust grew and in that the LORD can move and he can transform me.

A year and a half ago I sensed the LORD saying to me, "Tina, will you let me love you."  I had to think about that, I knew I loved the LORD and I knew that he loved me but there is a difference between knowing and letting.  It was true I did struggle with letting God love me.  Yet over the two weeks in Denver there were many times where I could see that God was loving me and I was letting him, I was accepting what he was pouring into my life.

I met so many beautiful people...each a gift and a blessing.

People from around the world...Singapore, Guam, UK, Canada, and from all over the US...blacks, whites, asians...it was a tiny glimpse of heaven.

So many of these people were truly the hands and feet of Christ to me.  They spoke words of life, truth, blessing and encouragement into this heart of mine.  I was guarded when I first came, quiet and protective of this heart and yet they loved me and saw me.  And I'm so thankful to each one of them, they hold a special place in my heart.  As Olga said, "This is history."  To me it was a defining moment, HIS story in each or our lives.

Things to be thankful for...

1052. Cooler morning, great for a walk with my neighbour
1053. Chat on the phone with Charissa
1054. Charissa settling into her new place
1055. Matt playing hockey
1056. Another cool morning
1057. Fellowship with believers
1058. Watching birds at the bird feeder
1059. The variety of birds
1060. Our neighbourhood
1061. Mosquitos aren't as bad today
1062. Dinner out with my husband
1063. Chat with Jocelyne this morning
1064. Cleaning the front of the house with my husband
1065. Refreshing swim
1066. Chat with Will and Charissa
1067. Quiet day with my husband
1068. God's Word, His truth
1069. Knitting
1070. Matt had a good camping weekend
1071. Refreshing swim on a hot day
1072. A swim with my husband
1073. A new day
1074. Cool morning
1075. Quiet, cool, bug free morning doing chores
1076. Beautiful afternoon and evening with friends at a cottage
1077. Peaceful lake
1078. Delicious meal
1079. Neighbours working together
1080. Seeing Charissa, Will and Amy as we head out to Denver
1081. Safe travels to Denver
1082. Amazing views from the air


1083. God sees and knows me
1084. Majestic tree
1085. The majesty of the mountains
1086. Morning walk with my husband
1087. Beautiful black and white birds flying about
1088. Great message, being a part of our home church online while in Denver
1089. Great talk by Craig Hill
1090. Delicious meals
1091. My husband's love and perseverance in the pursuing of my heart
1092. God's love and grace for me
1093. Choosing life in broken areas of my life
1094. God's timing
1095. People who are the hands and feet of Jesus
1096. Affirmation and kindness from people
1097. Awesome teachings
1098. Prayer time - being blessed
1099. Being given the Hebraic blessing
1100. Good chats with people
1101. A fun game of NERDZ
1102. Laughter
1103. Stories shared
1104. Refreshing morning walk with my husband
1105. Words of blessing
1106. Kindness
1107. Snowcapped mountains in the distance
1108. Heart to heart with my husband
1109. Fellowship with believers
1110. Rest & peace deep inside
1111. Beautiful weather
1112. Words of kindness
1113. The sound of crickets in the evening
1114. Beautiful morning walk
1115. Bird songs
1116. God knows me and sees my heart
1117. Knowing that I am precious to Him
1118. Being seen
1119. God is sovereign
1120. Blessed with the vulnerability of others
1121. Once again God's deep love
1122. Powerful words of blessing
1123. My husband who honours and protects my heart
1124. Good nights sleep
1125. Beautiful hearted people
1126. A new day
1127. Road trip, worship song and good conversation and laughter in the van
1128. Amazing trip up Pike's Peak, scary on the edge at times
1129. God's majesty
1130. Gorgeous views

Dream big hunny...
"Then Job replied to the LORD: I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted."
Job 42:2

1131. Beautiful clouds
1132. Garden of the God's...gorgeous

1133. Picnic supper

1134. Beautiful evening sky
1135. Peaceful morning walk
1136. Meeting so many beautiful people
1137. Beautiful cloud filled sky
1138. Swallowtail butterfly fluttering past me
1139. My husband
1140. Beautiful sunset
1141. Good nights sleep
1142. Coffee with my husband and a beautiful lady
1143. Fellowship of believers
1144. Laughter at the dinner table
1145. Breakthroughs
1146. Gorgeous cloud filled sky
1147. Coldstone ice cream with friends
1148. Good conversation and laughter
1149. Another beautiful evening sky
1150. Beautiful Spirit filled people

1151. Words of blessing
1152. A bit of heaven on earth
1153. Words of wisdom from a man from Singapore
1154. Laughter
1155. My husband, a good man
1156. Delicious Shabbat dinner
1157. Blessing one another
1158. Bittersweet good byes and hugs
1159. Safe flight home
1160. My own bed, home
1161. Seeing Matt
1162. Morning chores, seeing Amadeous and Daytona
1163. Worshipping with our church community
1164. Chatting with Charissa, Will and Jocelyne
1165. Coffee with mom and dad
1166. So thankful to my parents, my niece and the neighbour girl for helping looking after the place while we were away
1167. Good conversation at church
1168. Great nights sleep
1169. Rain through the night

The last Friday at the University they started demolishing this building.  I thought it was very symbolic of the things that God was doing in our hearts, tearing walls down...lies we believed that kept us trapped and replacing those lies with his truths.  

This is what the LORD says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."
Jeremiah 6:16


  1. Love it Tina. Thank you for sharing your heart and your ramblings. Blessings, Tara

  2. This is beautiful Tina! I remember the first night - how quiet and reserved and timid you were during our small group ministry time. And then the final night - the glow of happiness and peace on your face and in your eyes! I am amazed at the analogy God gave you of the building being torn down and the walls of lies being torn down in our lives. Thank you! Love and Blessings, -Michelle A.

  3. What a wonderful gifts yall received. Not only the gift of the school, but the gifts of new friends that God placed in your path, and the gift of His glorious and beautiful Colorado.

    When I flew into Denver I was fascinated by the circles on the ground. I'd never seen plots of land like that.

  4. Colorado is a beautiful state. Your photos are proof of that! You're always such an inspiration to me, not only photographically, but spiritually. You are so good at expressing your innermost thoughts. God bless you, dear Tina. Keep doing the good work.