Monday, 15 June 2015

The rains have finally come...

Well we've finally gotten some good rains, it's been so dry.  What a blessing when the skies finally open up and the rains come down.

I actually wrote this blog over a week ago and never posted it because I didn't have time as we were heading to PEI to visit our daughter and vacation with our family, I heard we had more rain while we were away.  It looked like a jungle when we came home, everything has grown so much.  Thankfully we were dry in PEI, it was such a blessing to have beautiful weather.  PEI pictures will be on the next blog.

Things to be thankful for...

878. Amadeous and Daytona enjoying the pasture

879. Fields of green
880. Bits of frost on the lilacs

881. Breezy day
882. Pioneer Picnic, kids having fun
883. Farmers
884. Toddlers in the Toddlers Room at church
885. Having fun with a couple doing their engagement pictures

886. Gentle rains
887. Raindrops on my skin
888. Conversations, sharing
889. Beautiful light through the clouds
890. Sarah's three cute little ducks

891. Nice morning walk and talk
892. In Christ I need not fear
893. My husband has been accepted in to Tyndale seminary 
894. His joy
895. William got a new job
896. Wind
897. Gorgeous evening clouds and sunlight
898. Charissa picked up groceries for me
899. Cooler days
900. Small group, fellowship
901. The sound of crickets
902. My husband's birthday
903. Cheese cake

904. Quiet lunch at Paulo's

905. Evening bird songs
906. Rain in the night

907. Puddles in the driveway, haven't seen a puddle in months
908. Storm clouds - the rain is coming
909. Visit with Will & Amy and her parents
910. Jenna jumping in the puddles 
911. Visit with my sister and her family
912. Rain, rain, rain...lots of it!
913. Wonderful Profession of Faith service
914. Touching words from a woman at church
915. More rain
916. Wearing rubber boots, means there's mud, which I haven't see in two months
917. Beautiful pink evening sky on a rainy drive home from church
918. Jocelyne makes me laugh
919. Amadeous and Daytona laying down in the pasture together - buddies

920. Working outside with Charissa
921. The majesty of the oak tree
922. A walk with my husband
923. Night out with my husband
924. Early morning walk with a friend
925. Working at church with Nancy
926. Beautiful twins - precious new life
927. Nice chat with Kayla after school
928. Will & Amy bought a house - a new chapter in life
929. Charissa's graduation - she did it!

930. Lunch with Charissa
931. Dan got a job!
932. Small group fellowship
933. Peaceful morning, sun shining, birds singing, horses grazing in the yard
934. Courage
935. Health and strength
936. Dark broody skies
937. Rain - downpour
938. Delicious dinner with great friends
939. Conversations and fellowship, lives shared
940. Beautiful weather
941. Homemade grilled pineapple and ham pizza

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