Saturday, 20 June 2015

Journey with me to PEI

Thought I'd share our trip to PEI with you intermixed with my list of things to be thankful for...enjoy the trip :)

Last week we took a little vacation and drove out to PEI to visit our daughter and do some touring around the island...we took her two siblings with us.  Four adults, one of them 6 ' 5'' all crammed in a Ford Escape...there were times I felt like escaping...a tad bit squishy it was.  Oh and we drove the 16 hours in one day and we survived the trip without killing each other, though there were some minor incidents in the back seat once and a while :-)

946. After 16 hours of driving we've made it to our destination
947. A good visit with my husband's brother and his family

Our first stop was actually Pictou Nova Scotia where we spent the night at my husband's brother's place and visited with his family.  It was good to catch up again.  The next afternoon who took the Ferry across to PEI, it was a beautiful sunny day and we spent most of the time out on the deck as we crossed the Northumberland Straight.

948. Beautiful ride on the Ferry to PEI
949. Warm sunshine
950. Sunshine sparkling on the water

We drove off the Ferry and headed to our daughter works to visit with the family whose children she looks after.  They're two cute little girls, it was good to see them and see Jocelyne with them.

951. Seeing Jocelyne with Keira and Lauren
952. Visiting with Vicki and Colin

After our visit we headed to our daughter's boyfriend's place for dinner.  Pulled pork on buns and caesar salad...a good meal and a good visit with Dan.  Now it was off to our cottage at the North West end of PEI for three nights.  We arrived around 9:30 and unloaded the vehicle and headed into our cottage.  The girls checked out their room, screams were heard as there was a spider in the room and so we had to check over everything and they really didn't know if they could sleep in the room incase there were any other eight legged critters hiding about.  Eventually they braved it and headed to bed :)

953. Dinner with Dan
954. Arriving at our cottage
955. Hearing Jocelyne and Charissa chatting in their room as they head to bed
956. The girls laughter in the night

There are now five adults crammed in our Ford Escape as we tour the island :)  Our first day of driving took us up the North Cape Shore, it was beautiful, all the red cliffs and brilliant blue water. We pulled over at one point and walked the beach, there would be a very cool surprise waiting for us on this beach, it was the highlight of our day.

It blessed me to see my girls together again.

If you look off to the left in this image, you'll see a dark spot with a lighter colour on the top...a bald eagle!  The girls had no clue there was an eagle up a head.

957. Seeing a bald eagle - such a majestic bird

Photo credits go to Matt for this one.

You may wonder why the girls are crouching's because of that 6'5" brother of their's, he can be a bit pesky at times...of course he'd never push them over the cliff ;-)

958. Beautiful red shores and cliffs
959. Walking the beaches



960. Charissa's 22nd birthday, celebrating in PEI
961. Family - working things through
962. More beautiful landscapes

We visited the glass bottle house, chapel and tavern; all build with approximately 30, 000 glass bottles, pretty cool. 

In our travels we passed these guys doing some sort of fishing.  We stopped and I went out and asked if I could take their picture and also asked what they were doing.  They were oyster fishing, I loved their dog sitting in the back of the boat :)

It was neat to see all the potato farmers busy planting, I loved the red dirt fields.

A stop at Green Gables, the setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic tale of fiction, Anne of Green Gables.  We toured the house which was beautiful and then walked the Lovers Lane and Haunted Wood Trail. 

A little low on headroom for Matt :)

Our next stop was one of the little fishing villages, we were hoping to catch some of the lobster fisher men coming in.  We had a nice chat with a local fisherman named Pat.  I love chatting with people and hearing some of their stories.  As we were chatting a lobster boat was coming in, it was his cousin Peter, he sent us over to check out his catch. 

964. Card game with the girls
965. Photography with Matt
966. Driving the beautiful roads of PEI

967. Beautiful weather

I'll continue with the rest of our trip in my next blog.  Up next another highlight, Greenwich Dunes in PEI National Park...a gorgeous place.


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  1. So picturesque! Looks like William got left behind...but he left you, didn't he, and got married!