Friday, 22 May 2015


Spring has been beautiful here the last number of days.  The temperatures have been cooler and the breezes strong...good for keeping those pesky mosquitos away.

Things to be thankful for...

837.  A little rain through the night
838. Finished Charissa's sweater
839. The sound of the wind rushing through the trees
840. The smell of lilacs along the road

841. Walking against the strong wind - refreshing
842. Twenty-six years married to my best friend, a good man
843. Beautiful vase of tulips and chocolate from my husband

844. Relaxing drive and lunch out with my husband
845. Beautiful turquoise colour of the water at the Outlet

I've journeyed with this guy for 26 years, I couldn't imagine life without him, he's my right hand man. He's my greatest encourager, he's spoken words of life to me so often when I've felt down or felt like I just didn't have much to offer anyone.  He sees the good in me that I don't always see.  This husband of mine is a humble man, a man of integrity, willing to own where he's done wrong.  He's teachable...something I'm not always the best at being but am learning through him.  A forgiving man, not a grudge keeper but a releaser.  He is a man who earnestly seeks what God would have him do.  A simple man is how he would describe himself, not extravagant or needing the best of this world, material possessions mean little to him.  He holds loosely to the things he has but holds tightly to the God he serves and loves.  Wisdom dwells in his heart and I am always amazed at how he walks our kids through their struggles in launching into adulthood and all that comes with breaking away.  He is one amazing father, oh he knows he hasn't been perfect and he's made mistakes but his heart and purpose is to see them fly and be all that God calls them to be.  Involved and willing to go down the the tough roads...that's him and I'm so thankful to be his wife.  

The one section of woods was filled with trilliums, a blanket of white with hints of pink.

846. Nice chat with the owner of Campbell's Orchards

The blossoming apple trees were beautiful.

847. Chats with people
848. Walk on the boardwalk
849. Charissa out for a ride on Daytona
850. Beautiful planter from mom and dad
851. Grooming Amadeous
852. Matt puttering around in the garage all day fixing dirt bikes
853. Bees buzzing in the crab apple tree

854. Amadeous, my four legged lawn mower

855. My husband's support
856. Breakfast on the deck in the sunshine
857. Droplets of dew on the dandelions

858. Freedom to worship at church
859. Charissa out fishing with her dad
860. Charissa's laughter
861. Cooling breezes
862. Reid's Dairy strawberry sundae
863. The wind, it blows the mosquitos away
864. Funny stories, memories
865. Rhubarb pecan muffins
866. Planted some of vegetable garden

And then this happened just as I was getting ready to plant the veggies, I guess Daytona couldn't resist that soft turned up dirt...I called it the rolling bin :-)

867. A call from Jocelyne and the girls
868. Early morning rainbow
869. Great morning walk and chat with a friend/neighbour
870. Got some more of the veggie garden planted
871. Delivery of a fresh loaf of rye bread from the neighbour kids and their dad from up the road

872. Bible study with friends
873. Beautiful warm sunshine
874. Fellowship
875. Skype call with Will & Amy who are in Israel
876. Hearing Matt whistle the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
877. Gorgeous lilacs


  1. Spring is beautiful in your corner of North America!

  2. Well said! Beautiful words Tina! You are indeed blessed! Congrats on 26years!

  3. So much beauty here. I love the piece you wrote about your husband. I feel the same way about mine. :)