Monday, 11 May 2015


To laugh is a good thing, and when done with another it becomes contagious and good for the soul. You know, that kinda laughter that you can't quite control and it feels like you had an abdominal workout after you've finished, only to just catch your breath and start all over again with a second abdominal workout.  Laughter, the freedom to just let go.

"Laughter is the corrective force which prevents us from becoming cranks." 
~ Henri Bergson ~

"Remember, men need laughter sometimes more than food." 
~ Anna Fellows Johnston ~

"If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy." 
~ Proverb ~

"Laugher is a sunbeam of the soul."
 ~ Thomas Mann ~

"A good laugh recharges your battery." 
~ Author Unknown ~

"Carry laughter with you wherever you go." 
~ Hugh Sidney ~

The other morning I was out taking pictures in my mom's front garden, I heard the buzzing of a bumble bee but didn't pay much attention to it.  I took my shots and started walking up my mom's front walkway looking at her flowers, I still heard that bumble bee buzzing and suddenly there was movement in my pj pants by my upper was the BUMBLE BEE, trapped in my pants!  I ran to my mom's front door and burst through.  She was on the phone wondering what was going on, I told her in a frenzy that I had a bumble bee stuck in my pj pants.  I through my camera off on her couch and ran into the bathroom and ripped my pants off and the bumble lay stunned on the floor.  Thank goodness I didn't get stung.  Mom rolled him up in the bath math and we brought him outside to freedom.  I think I'm gonna have to tuck my pj pants into my socks next time I'm out and about so no visitors enter in :-)

Things to be thankful for...

787. Jocelyne and Dan safe travels back to Saint John
788. Clouds
789. Visit from Silas, Molly and Lola


790. Smiles and laughter
791. Walks in the woods
792. Beautiful warm day
793. Clothes drying on the line
794. Wild flowers

795. Cousins hanging out together

796. Celebrating mom's 70th birthday with family

797. Gifted musicians
798. Time with friends
799. Hanging with Amadeous
800. Beautiful sunrise
801. Visit from Will & Amy

802. Early Mother's Day gift from Will & Amy - David's Tea
803. Gardening help from Charissa, mom, dad and my husband
804. Rain
805. Dishes done by Charissa
806. Beautiful sunshine and fog this morning

807. Dew sparkling in the sunshine

808. Charissa helping around the yard again
809. My husband's encouragement when I'm feeling down

810. Delicious Lindor Chocolates, early Mother's Day gift from Jocelyne

811. Things accomplished

812. Beautiful tulips in my mom's garden
813. The smell of tulips, one of my favourite flower smells

814. Beautiful tree blossoms

815. Quiet night with my husband
816. Beautiful card and words from a friend
817. Animals
818. Jake the dachshund
819. When your kid comes home at night and comes to your room and chats in the dark
820. The scream of the red-tailed hawk
821. Cooling breezes while cutting the grass

822. A walk with my husband

823. Beautiful trilliums blooming
824. My husband's smile
825. The sound of much needed rain through the night

826. Sun rays in the early morning sky
827. Charissa and her dad out fishing
828. Matt and his friend's adventures

829. Beautiful gifts from Charissa

Matt's comment on Charissa's beautiful gift, "Why did Charissa make you a board with all your flaws on it."  Haha, good one Matt.  I'm hanging this in our front entrance and it'll be a reminder to us all because we all fall short and need to be reminded often :-)

830. Delicious breakfast
831. A little much needed rain
832. Worship led by the children
833. Faith of a child
834. Our mothers

835. The crab apple tree in full bloom - beautiful pinks

836. Cooler day


  1. Well hello dear friend! So happy you stopped by my blog yesterday. It was my birthday, so seeing your comment was an extra special treat. I see you are still creating amazing images with your camera. Your art truly inspires me. I hope and pray all is well. I'm not blogging much, but I'll add you to my Feedly so I won't miss your posts. Hugs all the way from Louisiana!

  2. Better yet, will you friend me on FB? That way I surely won't miss what's going on with you!