Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Kitchen Table

This past weekend all our kids were down, it was nice to have them all together even if only for a day.  Three of them are out on their own and the thing I miss most is having family breakfasts and dinners together.  So I was blessed to have everyone around our table for Sunday breakfast and dinner.  For me there is something special about eating together, chatting and just enjoying a good meal and fellowship.

Oh I know, the family meal around the table wasn't always all cheery and wonderful.  I can remember the fights, the arguing, the complaints, the tears, the grumpy me but there was lots of goodness and laughter too.  It's the place where family devotions were read and sometimes reread because some of us just couldn't listen and pay attention.

Our kitchen table is battered and worn, it's got nail polish smears and nail remover/stain remover spots, a thrown steak knife gouge, scratches, water marks, paint smears, etc.  But it's the table where a lot of living has taken place.

It's the place where this family and the friends of this family have come together.

This weekend there were eight chairs around this table of ours, we have been blessed with a daughter-in-law and our PEI daughter's boyfriend and so this family has grown and will continue to grow and this kitchen table will continue to be a place where life happens.

Things to be thankful for...

734. A walk with my husband on a beautiful day
735. Tea with Sarah
736. Robin Mark worship concert

737. Country drive with Charissa
738. Lots of butterflies fluttering about in the Frink Centre
739. Beautiful evening light

740. The variety of birds this morning, bluejays, cardinals, robins, chick-a-dees, nuthatches and mourning doves
741. Phone call from Jocelyne, Lauren and Kierra
742. Grocery shopping with Charissa
743. Marriage
744. Sharing hearts
745. Second chances
746. Finished Jocelyne's sweater

Sarah modelled it for me.

747. Matt got a job
748. Being a light in a broken world
749. Pancakes for breakfast made by my husband
750. Spring rains

751. A nice day spent with Charissa
752. Stormy clouds with a tinge of pink
753. Good memories
754. Courage of my husband to step out and do something new
755. Beautiful clouds in the evening sky
756. A new day
757. Reading old letters written to me by my kids ~ I am blessed

758. Grocery shopping with Charissa
759. Sunshine streaming through my window
760. Good conversation with fellow believers
761. Matt has a job ~ I must be really excited for him because I've written this twice ;-)
762. Blessed in small group
763. The fellowship of believers
764. My mom ~ celebrating her 70th birthday

765. Kind words from a client
766. Beautiful morning doing chores
767. My kids are all home and their significant others
768. Walk on the boardwalk with our whole family

Some tricky walking to get over the flooded boardwalk.

769. Gorgeous night sky

770. Family breakfast with everyone
771. Encouraging words at church
772. Evening walk at Vanderwater

773. Card game with Jocelyne and Dan
774. My husband's love for our children
775. Sadie Jo and her mom & grandma over to visit the chickens and horses

776. Movie night
777. Beautiful morning sky
778. Road trip to Niagara Falls

Goofing around.

Jocelyne's classic angle shot.

The kids all went on the big ferris wheel.

This man was amazing at doing this sand art.

779. The majesty of the Falls

780. Fun in the Escape Room
781. My bed
782. Good conversation
783. Beautiful cloud filled sky
784. Seeing my girls together again hanging out for a few days

785. Great visit with Jocelyne and Dan, it was good to get to know him some more
786. Sarah always willing to do pictures with me

Yes some snow mid April, but it was kinda pretty.

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  1. Love this smorgasbord of pics! Happy Birthday to your mom...she's almost caught me! Glad yall had a wonderful family get-together to celebrate her. Love the sign your daughter painted. (Went back to see which one it was and there are many pics I saw that don't show up when I scroll...even starting at the top!) And I'm impressed with your knitting skills! You are impressive, my friend.