Friday, 15 March 2013

Beauty of a Snowflake...

Many of us here in Canada are eager for Winter to end.  March comes around and the days are getting longer, the sun feels warmer on your face, the birds are chirping their Spring time chorus and we're eager to get outside and enjoy some warmer temperatures.

Often times we're teased with a few days of balmy weather and we throw off our winter coats, gloves and hats and relish in that beautiful Spring like weather...but winter still lurks and hangs in the shadows.  And suddenly you wake up to -10 C with a windchill of -18C and then the snow starts to fly again and you wonder was it all a dream those past few days with the sun warm on your face.

But even in the disappointment of Spring not yet, I found some beauty in this white stuff we no longer want to see and thought I'd share it with you to give us all a different view of winter and a small glimpse into the amazing Creator God I serve.  A God who creates with such detail, beauty and amazement if we but take the time to look and notice.

This one is similar to the image above other than two more snow flakes have joined onto the

Isn't it amazing how each one is so beautifully and delicately made...each one unique.  Isn't God amazing!  Hope you've enjoyed this different perspective on the white stuff :)  And don't worry Spring is just around the corner but wasn't it wonderful for God to give us this glimpse of beauty in a season that can be so cold and unrelenting.


  1. These snowflakes are gorgeous. Have always wanted to capture them, but I never think about it when it snows and it's so cold I stay in!

  2. Living in the Deep South, I'll never have an opportunity to capture these beauties unless I travel. These are exquisite.

  3. Wow, those are amazing! Thanks for sharing.