Monday, 18 March 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 70 ~ 77

When sad news of loss comes your way it gives you reason to think about life and it's frailty and how we are but a today...gone tomorrow.  Life is so short and each day a gift.  I wonder how we would walk our days if we truly saw them for the gift that they are...for the preciousness that each breath is...

What if when I woke in the morning I didn't dread the day ahead because of all the things I'd rather not do...but saw each of those rather nots as opportunities.  When I look at life and my circumstances do I view through a half full glass or a half empty glass.  Because if my viewing point is always half empty then I'll never be satisfied...I'll never find that joy of the half full and filling.  I think the only way we can live that life of the half full and filling is with our eyes fixed on Him...the one who asked that the cup be taken from Him...that cup that would be so full and overflowing with sin...your sin...the sin of the world.  He is the filler of my cup because He drank the cup of death that I deserved.

How often do I complain about the smallest of things.  This morning I was hanging a curtain rod and was having trouble using the power screwdriver, the bit kept slipping off the screw head and right away I get frustrated and cranky.  In teaching our kids I have said many times if you can't be trusted with the little things how can God trust you with the big things.  And so I say that to myself today, "Tina, if you can't even be trusted with hanging a curtain rod - the little things - without getting frustrated how can I trust you with the bigger things."  Because in a sense that's what every day is about, a Father in heaven entrusting His child with a new  And my SOUL purpose is to glorify Him in all I do from the mundane to the great.  In His eyes the mundane and great are no different, He looks at my heart and how I respond and walk out this one life that He has given me.  How will I respond when things don't go smoothly, when I run into difficulty.  And how will I respond when life does go smoothly, will I praise Him or forget Him.

Each circumstance in my life is opportunity to bring Him glory.  What if I could truly see life that way and not just see it but live it.  I have failed so often in the area of "being trusted with the little things," I catch myself so often and shake my head knowing better.  And so as I'm writing this my daughter calls from the kitchen and instantly I don't want to get up and see what she wants, I'm busy..."it's the little things Tina," and so I get up and adjust my heart attitude and give and the half full becomes fuller and the Father is glorified.  That's how it works.

When I look at life circumstances as half empty instead of half full others take notice and I have the potential to empty the cups of others...especially those of the half empty.  My complaints in life drain my cup and won't change the situation but has the potential to make it worse.  What if instead of complaining I gave thanks for what I do have, for what He has done and is doing.  That's what fills...that's what overflows.  A grateful heart...

I think there is a crafty serpent who wants to remind us of all that we don't have, all that has gone wrong, how we've been mistreated, how we're owed so much, how we have our rights, how people need to pay for what they've done to us, etc.  He will constantly have us believe and focus on the half empty and emptying...but it is a choice...he has no power to make us choose.  Just as Eve had a choice when the serpent deceived her so do I.

Yet I have a God who is of the fullest of full and overflowing and this is who He is...

~ great in power
~ mighty in strength
~ does not grow tired or weary
~ creator of the ends of the earth
~ gracious
~ a God who justifies
~ the King
~ abundantly good
~ righteous
~ slow to anger
~ rich in love
~ loving toward all He has made
~ faithful to all His promises...

And so why would I not believe Him...His Words are trustworthy and true.  This is what the world needs to see reflected in me and through me...

One Thousand Gifts journaled for days 70 ~ 77

208. Love and happiness all over my husbands face when he talks to me
209. Hanging out with Sarah
210. Four guys out on a winter camping adventure
211. Chorus of birds in the morning
212. Worship music
213. Beautiful day
214. The joy in a boy jumping in mud puddles
215. How the sun breaks through the sky as its still snowing creating this beautiful light
216. Fellowship
217. Beauty and colour in creation
218. Hot shower on a cold day
219. Such joy in the heart of a friend
220. The detail and uniqueness of each snowflake
221. The sound of the eldest laughing
222. When my kids express how much they like what I've made
223. Quiet after chaos
224. Watching a good movie with my husband
225. Kind words from a friend
226. That God would dwell among us
227. All four kids hanging out in TO at Will's
228. Beautiful gerber daisies from friends
229. That Jesus has conquered death
230. Oldest daughter trying something new (lasagne) for dinner and liking it
231. That one day He will wipe every tear from our eyes.  There will be no more death or mourning
         or crying or pain... 

"Life Giving Words" cards by Debbie Friley


  1. Another wonderful post, Tina! I am one who gets frustrated easily, but I never thought of that verse pertaining to life's little aggravations. So true! Thank you for the reminder and for your ministry through your blog and photos.

  2. There have been a lot of sad moments this week as mine started out with a funeral but even with deep and heavy things I too find that it seems I am so often distracted with smaller things. I'm trying to stop being ensnared with the little frustrations so easily so I can focus on bigger things.