Monday, 11 March 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 67 ~ 69

Dear friends of mine gave me a sword pendant for my birthday.  They know my heart and love of God's Word and so this gift was quite special to me.  It's kind of neat because lately I've been thinking a lot about God's Word and how important it is that I get into it more regularly.

So often I can let other things take priority over time spent in God's Word.  There are always so many things to do and yet I know that can never be an excuse.  So many times I've gotten up in the morning knowing I should spend time reading my Bible but I keep letting other things get in the way.  In my mind I'm thinking I'll do this first and then I'll sit down and read but then another thing comes up that I need to do and before I know it I've missed the opportunity.  God doesn't want my left overs or my rushed time or my distracted time, the reality is any time I have is a gift from Him.

In my house there are so many Bibles...I think at one time I counted 15 or more.  We do have four kids and some of the 15 were there's.  I live in a society where Bibles are so readily available and yet they collect dust just sitting around.  Do I realize this gift that I have when in other countries this very Book is not permitted and Christians in those countries treasure even pages of this beloved Book.  Do I realize that through the centuries my Christian brothers and sisters have died over this very Book and the dust here settles and collects and the pages remain unopened because life is busy, life is full, life times empty in it's fullness because He is the only One who can make it full.

It is said that in 167 BC. Antiochus Epiphanes and his henchmen tried to destroy all copies of the Jewish Scripture.  All books they found were torn to pieces and burned with fire.  Anyone who was found possessing the Book of the Covenant was condemned to death.  During his seven year reign thousands of Jews were executed...and the pages here are barely worn and the dust collects because we don't realize the treasure we have.

In AD 303 the Roman emperor Diocletian instituted the "Great Persecution" against Christians.  He attempted to exterminate the Church and decreed that every manuscript of the Bible be seized and destroyed.  But even through this terrible age the Word survived...yet here the dust collects and the pages remain barely worn.

If there is one thing I have so wanted to teach and instill into my children it's the importance of this one Book and it's life giving Words...the very breath of God...His truth.  Yet I/they live in a society that is full of so many things, we allow so much to steal from the time we need to be spending in His His presence.  Psalm 16:11 says "You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."  What a promise from the very One who knows us best.

When I met with Debbie she was telling us of her time spent ministering to the they were so hungry for God's Word.  One person said to her, tell the western people to stop praying that the persecution of the Chinese Christians will end for it's the persecution that keeps us on our knees in desperate need of God.  Oh to be that hungry for His Word...for His Truth...for relationship with Him...

Am I hungry for I thirsty for Him...for His Word that is Life, or do I live in a state of lethargy when it comes to His Word...not knowing that I am in desperate need of Him and His life giving Word.  In John 6:35 Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty."

If I am to know God and know His will then I need to get into His Word...not just when I feel like it or when I think I have time but every day.  Just as in the physical my body needs food and drink daily so it is in the spiritual...He is that daily bread of life, that daily living water that quenches this dry and thirsty soul.

And He waits for me to come to Him and He desires to speak to teach correct love be with me.

This morning I read Psalm 103 and here's what I learned about God's character...

- Holy
- forgiving
- healing
- redeeming
- compassionate
- gracious
- slow to anger
- does not harbour
- loves greatly
- everlasting love
- righteous
- satisfies
- just
- will not always accuse
- does not treat me as my sins deserve
- abounding in love
- does not repay me according to my iniquities

Why would I not want to spend time with this kind of God...blow the dust off those Bibles...may the pages be worn with use and may my/your relationship with God flourish and touch this broken world with a love and truth that passes all understanding and is so desperately needed.  May the cloak of lethargy be torn off that you may hear the whisper of His voice and be drawn to seek Him.

Gifts journaled for days 67 ~ 69

199. Precious gift from two special friends
200. Sunshine warm on my face
201. Daughters who give so much to the little ones
202. Listening to Sierra say BEAUTIFUL 
203. Walk through the woods
204. Three eldest kids out together
205. Something lost was found and at that moment the sun broke through
206. Husband out enjoying a ride on his bike
207. Sound of geese flying overhead ~ Spring is on it's way :) 

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  1. Sometimes (most times) I feel so far away from God. Satan has learned to distract us from Him in this technological age we're in. It's so easy to check email, Facebook, and watch a program on tv. And do all three at once, yet it's hard to open the word. Still in a fog..