Friday, 11 January 2013

One Thousand Gifts...days 8 ~ 10

I went to the eye doctor on's getting a little harder to read the fine print.  I'm having to hold those small print books further away...that's what happens when you're over forty :-)

So I had a full eye exam which included getting those nasty eye drops that dilate your pupils, not my favourite thing, it makes me a little uncomfortable.  I feel like my eyes are frozen which I was informed they are, kinda like going to the dentist and getting a freezing but only for your eyes instead of that filling.  Anyway, I thought the drops would wear off in less than an hour but it was probably 4 hours before I could read anything.  I felt kind of stranded in regards to my eyes if that makes sense.  I realized how much I take my eyesight for granted and how I was so easily irritated when they weren't working quite right for me because of the eye drops.  I looked kinda weird with these huge black pupils staring back at me.

My eyes take in so much around me, I couldn't imagine life without sight...what a blessing to be able to see and yet how often do I miss the beauty around me because I'm rushing through life.

Wednesday morning I had to go to Kingston and driving out through the country the winter frost was amazing...some of the most beautiful frost I had seen.  Though there was no sun to add sparkle to this frost, it was still gorgeous...I was in awe of how beautiful the country side looked.  Being a photography nut I just wanted to capture it all.  But frost is short lived and it's amazing how dreary things soon looked once the frost had disappeared.

I was hoping for more of this beautiful frost yesterday but it didn't happen, though the sun came out and it was beautiful.  Clementine the stray cat adopted into our family came outside with me and watched while I did chores and then afterwards came with me for a walk through the woods.  This cat isn't your normal kinda cat...he's a little different and he's huge.  You can read more about him here.

Though these be simple little things...frost...sunshine...a cat out walking, and when looking all around me in my immediate scope of life and the broader world I can think what do any of these little things matter when there is so much grief, pain, brokenness, sin, etc.  I believe the God I serve is a Creator God and in the beginning it was good and there is still good and there is still beauty and He is still God in control and I will still acknowledge His goodness and beauty even in the midst of a world filled with strife.  I will look for those little gifts of beauty and grace and thank Him for it...

January 8th three gifts journaled...

22. Good eyesight
23. A compliment from my son
24. Hard work from generations before me...builder generation

January 9th three gifts journaled...

25. Stunning frosty morning
26. Grocery shopping with Jocelyne
27. Joy in my daughter

January 10th three gifts journaled...

28. A gorgeous sunny morning
29. Doing chores and a walk with Clementine
30. My husband - a man of integrity


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  1. Hey Tina, Your thankful lists reminds me to appreciate all my blessing.

    Lovely images. Clementine a handsome he cat!