Monday, 7 January 2013

One Thousand Gifts...days 4 ~ 7

It's been a number of days since I've blogged from my one thousand gifts gratitude journal, four days have gone by.  The days rush by so quickly and sometimes so slowly, mixed up days, sick days, broken days, joyful days...days...

The flu hit our house December 29th, our oldest son got it and he was sick all through that night, up every hour, a gut wrenching sickness and then our daughter was hit and she was so sick too and then the youngest son 6 hours later.  It was New Year's Eve and this mom was up all through the night tending to her, cleaning things up and that's how we welcomed in the new year.  The party, friends and good food, that wasn't to be...not this year.  And you're around all that sickness and I didn't want to get sick but I couldn't stay away because moms get right into the messy of things and though I can feel as though I fail as a mom so much, I jump instantly out of that bed when that 19 year old girl calls.  And my husband praises me for this and I am blessed and yet it can be so hard to take it in because I know how much at times I'm not the mom I should be and want to be...

I am reminded that as much as I welcomed in the new year surrounded by sickness, leaving a party to tend to a sick girl, Jesus entered our world right into the mess of things, right into the sickness, the hurting, the broken, the prideful, the downcast, the rejected, the failings, the lonely, the self-sufficient, the rebellious...all of it.  He lived among it all and did not shy away from it for fear of being infected by any of it.  He left the glories of heaven...the party so to say...the rejoicing of angels...He gave it all up...willingly...lovingly...obediently for me...for you...for all those who would call on His name.

And when my daughter is sick through that New Year's Eve and calls my name I am there by her side.  And when I call on Him...on Jesus...He is there by my side, my ever present help, He left the party, the glories in order to do be my Saviour because there was no way I could save myself from the brokenness and sin within me...He was sent...He came and I was saved and all those who accept Him are saved and that is cause for a party...a real party.

So I thought I had missed catching this flu, as each day went by I was still didn't get me but being in the mess of it days later I did get it and this mom was down for a couple days.  And yeah the kids joked about it but they also cared for me in it.  And Jesus...God come into this world...Him without sin...was touched by our sin...oh He remained sinless but this sin...this darkness it took Him.  He was wrongly charged...He was spit on...He was struck repeatedly in the head...He was mocked...He was slapped...He was flogged and handed over to be crucified.  He gave up the "party" for this...who would do this?  Only a God of grace and mercy and an unfailing love.  But the darkness in this world couldn't keep Him and He triumphed and the angels rejoiced and I'm sure the Father smiled and even though darkness and sin may at times have it's way with me, it can't keep me because He has me...I am His and am forever grateful...

January 4th three gifts journaled...

10. Winter's sun warm upon my face
11. Amaryllis bloom in winter
12. A wink from my husband

January 5th three gifts journaled...

13. Lazy day with the girls
14. Feeling better
15. Cats playing

January 6th three gifts journaled...

16. Freedom to worship
17. Christ paid my debt
18. Cooking with my daughter

January 7th three gifts journaled...

19. Morning sun glistening the winter frost
20. Light and shadows across the snow
21. An unexpected note

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