Thursday, 21 July 2011

Life in the country...

I haven't put a blog together in so long, so today I thought I'd just share some shots from the in our backyard and maybe some other yards as well...

The baby Robins left the nest, this is my mom holding one of them. 

Charissa with one of the babies while home from Oregon.

Charissa, Jocelyne and Kayla out taking one more ride before Charissa heads back to Oregon.

Jocelyne with the mama goat and her twins, these little guys are just around the corner from our house.

This is as close as I'll get to a little goat blowing on a dandelion ;-)

Brother and sister

Come on little girl in the pink shorts we know you have bread in that basket...

Kayla with her goat following, oh, and a rooster.

Sarah feeding the goats.

Hey, get your head out of my basket...

Cousins...if goats can be cousins...

Sarah and Kayla, my nieces with the little baby goats.

Practicing my balancing.

Our son Matt with his friend Matt, biking in the sand pit down the road.

As a mom of an adventurous son, you just have to get used to this kind of stuff....and pray!

Badminton in Opa and Oma's backyard.

Matt and his dad fishing at the river down the road.

Remember I said adventurous...

Here's my, it's my dad but he planted some of my garden.  He weeds it and waters it sometimes too...nice kids do call him the gardener :-)

This is my niece Sarah, she picked some wild black caps for me and ate some...can you tell :-0

The other morning I was out walking through the woods and was coming through the pasture onto the trail and I stopped dead in my tracks, right before me was the hugest spider web I had ever seen.  I almost walked right through it, it was taller than me, I ducked and went under it, the deer flies that were chasing me should have followed my lead...spider dinner.

There's the master of this web wrapping up one of the deer flies.

Today was a super hot day...I mean super're outside for two minutes and you're drenched in sweat. Anyway, our daughter, son and my nieces wanted to check out the abandoned house down the road, mom came with too...that's her blowing on the seed head.  So we all trudged through the long grass to get to the house, I was supposed to be on the look-out for poison ivy but missed it and didn't see it till we were in it...hope we don't get it...scratch scratch...

Here they all are in the old house looking at some of the old stuff.

So this is a little glimpse into life out in the country in our neck of the woods.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else...well except in the pool right now :-)  it's 35 degrees celsius here, 47 with the humidity.  See ya, gotta go take the plunge.


  1. such a wonderful place to live.
    and I just love your goats, they look so sweet.

  2. So many GREAT photos! I love the one of the back sides of the baby goats and the ones with the spider web. Amazing work!! You have really become so good at photography. I think you really bloomed when you got the new camera. Anyway, thank you for sharing your farm life with us! Hope all is well!

  3. Love the baby birds and baby goats. My favorite photo is the one of your dad planting seeds. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can't pick a favorite...maybe the one of Sarah after eating berries! Agree with Gail, "amazing!"

  5. I love the baby goats but my fave is Sarah eating the berries. That is so precious!

  6. ohhh great shots! well except the spider part... looked like you had a wonderful time with you family.

    Hope you have a great weekend!