Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Buffy and her chicks...

Well I thought I'd post some shots of the Buffy and her chicks from the time they hatched until today.

Here's the first chick that hatched on July 1st, Canada day.  We noticed a little hole in the egg at about 7:00 in the morning and so we kept checking throughout the day to see if it had hatched.  We could hear chirping from inside the egg, which we thought was amazing.  Finally at about 6:00 pm. the egg hatched and we found this little guy.

Here's the second one, it didn't take nearly as long to hatch as the first one, she was out of her shell by 11:30 am the next day...chick number two.  There was one egg left to hatch and we thought it would hatch on July 3rd but Buffy pushed it out from under her and left it, so we assumed it wouldn't hatch.  The next day we broke it open and there was no chick inside.

Buffy and her two chicks.

Matt with the two little guys later in the afternoon.

On Tuesday we put Buffy and her chicks outside for the first time, she liked that, though was very protective of her chicks.

Heading back in the coop.

One of the other hens checking out the little chick.

Today, Wednesday, my mom put Buffy and her chicks out on the lawn.

Checking out the water dish.

It's so cute when the little chicks tuck safely under their mother, sometimes they peek out from the wings of their mom.

Time will tell whether these two little chicks are roosters or hens...we're hoping hens.

This is the Silkie rooster attacking Jocelyne, he does this every once and while, though sometimes we do pester him just to see what he'll do.

Some of the other new hens my parents got.

Jocelyne feeding the hens, those who are brave enough to eat out of her hands.


  1. Such cute little guys. Great pics...had to laugh at the one little guy looking at the camera trying to figure out what's going on! So nice of your parents to keep photo ops for you!

  2. They are adorable, Tina! Oh my goodness. What an unusual looking hen; I don't think I've ever seen one like that! Very cool photos. Thank you for sharing! Keep us posted. :)