Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Some more Spring things...

Just thought I would post some images I've taken over the last week.

My daughter holding the Robin's nest, I had posted one of these on Flickr too and so you probably know that the Robin had not been setting on the eggs for a number of days and so we figured something happened to her.

These iris' are in my mom's garden, they're such a beautiful soft peach colour and were quite beautiful with the raindrops on them.

Another Gray Tree frog, my mom found this one and it's quite a bit smaller than the one I found.

I took this on a morning when the dew was so thick and were the mosquitoes minus the beautiful part :-)

Not sure what this flower is but they're quite beautiful.

You may look at these and think they aren't beautiful, but when you get up close and if they are covered in dew and basked in sunshine they're quite beautiful.

This little dude was stuffing his face under my mom and dad's bird feeder, I was able to get quite close to him.  These guys can be little pests but they're quite cute.

Lupines from my mom's front garden, I love Lupines.


  1. Tina, each and every one of these are stunning. Your photography gets better every single day! That little chipmunk is precious. My favorite image has to be the first one of your daughter holding the robin's nest. Have a great day!

  2. Am loving your new lens Tina! These are awesome shots! Understand I love them all...but I love the first iris a tad more, followed by all the rest!

  3. Beautiful shots! Are all the dew shots taken with your new lens? If so, that lens is amazing!
    By the way, the pink flower is a Painted Daisy.. from the chrysanthemum family.