Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Last night my husband and I went out for dinner and then for a drive along Lake Ontario, it was a beautiful night.  The day had been very hot and it was a sunny hazy evening, beautiful for capturing some nice images.  Usually when we go out together my husband suggests that I take my camera just in-case we have time for pictures.  I appreciate that about him, he sees my passion for photography and he doesn’t mind taking the time to stop here and there.

We were driving near the lake when I spotted a male and female Canada Goose and their goslings, so I had to stop and get some pictures.  They were beautiful to watch, the parents were so protective of their young and their young just stuck with them, secure in their midst.  When I came too close one of the adults would start hissing towards me.  At one point they all headed into the water, the parents first and then the babies one by one and as they swam away one parent led and the other took up the rear with all the babies between the two of them.  It looked so beautiful; I was quite touched and amazed by how this little family interacted. 

I read up on the Canada Goose today because I was so intrigued from watching that little goose family last night.  Canada Geese are monogamous and most couples stay together all of their lives, though if one is killed, the other may find a new mate.  The female lays 3-8 eggs and both parents protect the nest while the eggs incubate, though the female spends more time at the nest than the male.  During the breeding season the adult geese lose their flight feathers and they don’t regain them until the goslings hatch and are ready to fly.  I find that so interesting, it’s like they are forced to remain grounded.  Once the eggs hatch, adult geese are often seen leading their goslings in a line with one parent leading and the other taking up the rear and they are very protective of their young.

Reading this and watching the family of geese made me think of myself as a parent and just families in general.  The little goose family looked so perfect; the parents knew their place and the goslings were able to grow safely in the presence of their parents.  It’s like they operated how God intended for human families to operate. 

Parenting isn’t always easy, there are many ups and downs, and sometimes you’d swear you were riding one of those old rickety wooden roller coasters.  Its one thing to do life with your husband but then add four other human beings with different personalities and ways of thinking and put them all under the same roof and then live together in harmony…it’s difficult at times.  Yet I’ve realized that it’s in the living, in the difficulties, in the joys and the sorrows that I grow too as a person.  I’m pushed to be more than I thought I could be, I’m pushed to be a better person and I’m pushed closer to my Saviour.  Because sometimes I just can’t do it, sometimes I’m overwhelmed, sometimes my emotions and their emotions just get all intertwined and life can seem to be too much.  And it’s at those times that my husband reminds me that it’s not the end of the world, we will get through this.  Though I must confess that there have been days when I wish the world would end, but only momentarily :-)  Because I do love life, yes sometimes I’d rather wimp out than deal with things but my heart is to raise our children to be the best that they can be that they may impact those around them in a positive way.  To teach them to think of others before themselves and to see the good in others, to offer compassion, grace and mercy to a world that is desperate for it.

By the way I hate roller coasters…so this life that at times can seem like a roller coaster ride is the only one I’ll willingly keep riding :-)

As we were driving we saw this fox lying on the side of the road, I thought maybe she was hurt or rabid but she got up and later my husband saw two of her kits.


  1. Great post Tina! I so admire you and your ability to share the bad as well as the good. Have been on that old rickety roller coaster myself! Lovely shots of the geese and fox. There's a family of foxes down below my house. I saw one of the kits one afternoon, and the family of four visited my backyard late one night when my son was sitting on the deck.

  2. Oh, Tina, how pertinent this is for what is going on in my life right now. I do feel like screaming "LET ME OFF!" Peace will come visit us again, of that I am sure. God is faithful.

    Beautiful shots of the geese! I loved learning about them; thank you for sharing that. I did not know they are monogamous. When I saw the little goslings in Portland the parents were always positioning themselves in ways to keep the babies between them. It was fun to watch.

    That last shot of the fox was so unexpected and cool!!!

  3. Tina,
    Lovely post on parenting and wonderful captures!
    I didn't know much about Canada geese, only that they land over in the field quite often behind my house.
    As for foxes, we have a very bold one that walks up the street like he is a prince. They have been after the cats in the neighborhood. I saw one in my backyard when my dogs were barking in the window at it.
    Wildlife is wonderful. I am so blessed that I live in an area that still sustains it.

  4. Beautiful post and photos. You captured such lovely light. My fave is the one parent with 2 babes behind walking left.
    And my favorite line of yours is "To teach them to think of others before themselves and to see the good in others, to offer compassion, grace and mercy to a world that is desperate for it." I was just thinking about this very thing. We are moving right now and everybody was tired and grumpy today. I was trying to explain to the 9 year old that we need to try to extend extra mercy and grace to each other during this time. You hit the nail on the head, girl!