Wednesday, 15 June 2011

...because I love bokeh and dew...

Just thought I'd post some more images I've taken over the last few days.  I am hoping to have a longer blog up soon but it's still percolating in my mind ;-)

My husband and I went for a drive on Amherst Island and some of the roadsides were
covered in these beautiful flowers in shades of purple.  (I may have to use this for Fence Friday)

A daisy against the blue sky.

My husband took me out early this morning, 6:15, to catch the dew and gorgeous morning sun.  The dew was thick and beautiful, dew forms so beautifully on the's different than rain.  Rain and sunlight are beautiful too but dew is more delicate and beaded.

A tiny dew drop with a reflection.

I know it's only a fly but I love the beads of dew contrasted against it.

Pink kids we used to pull out the petals and suck the necter :-) anyone else ever do that?


  1. Wow! Amazing images. Each and every one! Some of the dew pictures remind me of jewels. And that water drop?! Be still my heart. With what lens did you take that? All of these are stellar. Your Flickr break has not prevented you from taking amazing photos. Glad to see you are still at it.

  2. Oh Tina, you've outdone yourself! I LOVE the field of purple flowers! The clover petals look like they're edged with tatting. And the others look like diamonds! And what a job you did with the dew drop reflection! If only I could get up with the dew...!

  3. These photographs are so beautiful! Did you use a tripod? What kind of lens?I love your photos!