Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just some Spring things...

Just thought I'd share some pictures of Spring time around here.  Today Jocelyne and I went to a green house and got some flowers to plant in some of our pots.  And my dad rototilled my vegetable garden so it's ready to plant as well.

We got all these pots and tea pots at Value Village and today 
we planted some flowers in them.  We're thinking it'll look pretty cool with all the different coloured pot and tea pots.

Here's the little Gray Tree Frog I found, he's the cutest little frog I've ever seen and actually changes colour from gray to green and black to white.

He's so tiny and his little feet are sticky.

These are my mom and dad's Silkies, they're fancy little chickens, they lay eggs but they're smaller than normal chicken eggs.  My mom is hoping to hatch some of the Silkies' eggs, though the Silkies don't seem to want to set on them so my mom has put one in a Robin's nest and the rest she is incubating in her oven.

Here's the Robin's nest with the Silkies' egg, I'll let you know if this works out, that Robin's going to have a big surprise when that egg hatches :-)

Here's one of the other hens, there are ten of these gals and my parents and I get eight or nine eggs a day.

After a long winter our horses go a little crazy when they are first let out on the pasture.  This is
Daytona with his flaming mane.

A roll in the nice soft grass feels so good after having rolled in dirt and snow for the last six months.

Another baby bunny rescued!


  1. Tina, I so enjoyed your farm pictures! Especially the frog. I'm glad I clicked on the pics to enlarge them because he is just too cute. Those pots and cups you purchased for planting are so colorful and fun. Really, every picture told a sweet story. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. I love these pictures! I haven't checked in in a while and have enjoyed scrolling through the last several post with my morning coffee :-)