Monday, 20 June 2011

Sisters out riding...

Just thought I'd share some shots of the Jocelyne and Charissa riding together.  The last time they rode together was back in March just before Charissa left for Oregon.  She's only home for a week and then will head back to Oregon for another 5 months.

Getting ready to ride.

I love watching and listening as our girls head out for a ride.  I love the sound of the clip clop of horses' hoofs as they strike the pavement mingled with the voices of our girls as they chat together heading down the road on a quiet summer morning.

A good bath after a hot ride is always fun, as long as Vennus gets to eat some grass.

Beauty doesn't even mind getting sprayed in the face, Charissa does though :-)


  1. Have a wonderful week with your family, Tina!
    Love these pics of the girls and their horses!

  2. Tina, these are amazing pics--especially the close up of the boots and the girls riding down the road on their horses. So glad you have Charissa back home--even if just for a short time. I know you and your family will enjoy every moment. Blessings to you!