Thursday, 5 May 2011


This morning I woke up to beautiful glorious sunshine…oh how I have missed the sun.  I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for Spring to arrive with all it’s beautiful blossoms.  The other day I realized why…it’s because all you southerners on Flickr have been posting such beautiful Spring flower images for the last month or so and that’s causing me to think our Spring is so behind.  But the tulips are now starting to bloom and the grass is all green and ready for a mow. 

Today I had to help out a lady from our Church with organizing her pictures.  She was like me and had a new folder for every time she downloaded pictures from her camera and if you take pictures every other day you know how many folders that is in a year…lots…way too many.  Anyway on the way there I had to cross over this bridge and it was under construction so I knew there would be some delays.  I waited at the foot of the bridge for 15 minutes and then traffic started moving and I was on my way so I thought, but guess where I ended up waiting for another 15 minutes…the very top of the bridge, not my favourite place to be.  I thought what if the bridge collapsed with all these vehicles on it, it’s not meant to have them all parked on this bridge and I could feel the wind moving my car.  And then in my head I was going through what my son had told me to do if my car was ever submerged in water with me in it.  He likes to watch those informative shows.  But then I thought what am I doing, just hang tight it’ll be fine.  And so I just sat and waited…patiently waited J Of course there were a couple moments when my impatience was getting the better of me, but over all I was enjoying the warmth of the sunshine as I sat there.

In our society waiting any longer than two extra minutes at a traffic light or having to wait five minutes while road construction is going on can seem enormous and we can become so impatient.  But boy to wait 30 minutes to cross a bridge…that’s a long wait.  And so it got me to thinking about waiting.  Why are we always in such a hurry to get places, why do we get annoyed when we have to wait a little longer in a check out line, why do we become impatient when people don’t move as fast as we do, why are we unable to save for things and are so quick to whip out our credit card?  It’s like we don’t know how to wait…we want everything now or yesterday.  Teaching our kids to wait can be so difficult when they are bombarded with the message…why wait, when you can have it now.  But there is something to be learned in waiting, there’s something that happens within our hearts/minds when we are able to wait.  The very thing we are waiting for no longer has the power to control us; we are able to let it go and be content whatever the outcome.  

So the next time you find yourself having to wait a little longer in traffic or in a check out line, or having to save up for an item, enjoy the moment and take note of what’s going on around you and within your own heart and be at peace.  But then of course some of us are time crunchers and we try and fill every single minute of the day and so waiting would wreak havoc but that’s a whole other topic ;-)



  1. Am glad that your long wait for spring is almost over. From the looks of these lovely pics, it's going to be worth the wait. Waiting patiently is certainly not my long suit!
    Love the clean look of your blog Tina! And I like the Recipe page.

  2. Great post! I am so guilty of impatience. Remember me talking about my neighbor that likes to move cars around while I'm trying to leave for work? Oy. He's still at it. But I am learning to not get so angry. Notice I said "learning", not learned. I have a ways to go.

    When I went to Italy 5 years ago and learned that it took several generations to build some of those structures/churches, it gave me pause for thought. To think that some people poured blood, sweat and tears into something that they knew they would never live to see finalized. Well, that just blew me away. Talk about waiting! And look at the beautiful art that Italy still has to this day.

  3. I did a little Bible study on waiting a while back. I used my favorite online Bible study source and searched for the word wait. Did you know that the word wait is very frequently paired with the word hope in the Bible? That was an aha moment for me. If we are waiting on the One True God, we have cause for hope. Here is one example: Psalm 39:7 "And now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You."
    Have a great weekend! and have a Happy Mother's Day! Do they celebrate that in Canada?

  4. Ah, this reminds me of my husbands post .
    It's the same thing from God. We want a quick answer from Him, but sometimes, we have to wait.
    Or just being still and being with Him. In this society, it is so hard!