Wednesday, 2 March 2016

New Seasons...

This morning I woke up to the big snow storm that wasn't ;-) Somehow it missed us and that's okay with me, as much as I love winter I'm looking forward to spring.  

There have been a few mornings lately when I've been out doing chores and the birds have been singing as if it's spring. That's one thing I love about hear the morning bird songs through my open window.  It's always amazing how beautiful the songs of so many different birds can sound all sung together. 

Another reason I'm looking forward to spring is because little Vanderlaan will be arriving!  A new season in life begins for my husband and I...Opa and Oma we will be, sounds kinda old doesn't it :-)  But it seemed all the more real a couple weeks ago when we saw Will and Amy...she so radiantly pregnant.  We can't wait to meet this little one, only a little over two months to go. 

Things to be thankful for...

1807. Chat with Jocelyne and Charissa
1808. Words of encouragement
1809. Tea with Sarah
1810. Beautiful sunshine
1811. My husband, an encouraging father
1812. Snow falling
1813. Challenging bible study with friends
1814. Hanging out at the church office
1815. Hug and a smile from a little girl
1816. Visit with an elderly couple
1817. Working with a great leadership team
1818. Dinner theatre
1819. Helping hands
1820. Beautiful waves of pink in the evening sky
1821. Gorgeous, peaceful morning doing chores
1822. Worship
1823. Greeting people at church
1824. Morning chat with Will
1825. Sunshine
1826. Chat and songs with Lauren, Keira and Jocelyne
1827. Good fellowship with a couple
1828. God stories
1829. Sarah over for a visit
1830. Call from Jocelyne
1831. Soft purples, pinks and orange across the evening sky
1832. Quiet night at home
1833. Gorgeous sunny spring like morning
1834. Knitting with a friend
1835. Our Marriage Ministry team at church
1836. Bright sunshine on my face
1837. My husband
1838. Laughter
1839. Longer days
1840. Charissa home for the weekend
1841. Beautiful covering of soft snow this morning

1842. Doing the men's breakfast with mom, Charissa and Debra
1843. Dinner with the neighbours
1844. Checking out an abandoned house with Charissa

1845. Sisters
1846. Charissa home safe
1847. An ambitious girl helping with chores
1848. Walk in the Frink Centre with Lily, her mom and brother
1849. Dinner made by Kayla to celebrate her parents birthdays and anniversary
1850. Visit with an elderly couple, reading to the wife who suffers from dementia
1851. Coffee with friends
1852. Chat with Jocelyne
1853. Movie night with friends
1854. Celebrating a friend's birthday
1855. Gently falling snow
1856. Pictures sold
1857. Cold crisp morning
1858. Chat with Will
1859. My marriage

1860. People willing to be vulnerable
1861. Crunch of the snow under foot on a cold morning
1862. Morning sun glistening off the tree branches
1863. Charissa home for the long weekend
1864. Relaxing Saturday
1865. Warmth of the wood stove on a bitter cold day
1866. Gerber Daisies from my husband

1867. Meeting and hearing stories from a man from Nepal
1868. Will got his frozen water problem fixed
1869. Gently falling snow
1870. Charissa safely home
1871. Jocelyne's 24th birthday
1872. Snow storm
1873. Beautiful out in the snow

1874. Neighbours working together
1875. Working with Matt on some pictures and video
1876. Beauty of winter
1877. Celebrating my dad's 75th birthday
1878. Encouraging words
1879. Gorgeous, crisp winter morning
1880. Laughter with my husband
1881. Tea, conversation and bible study with friends
1882. Beautiful sunshine
1883. Gorgeous pink morning sky
1884. A woman stepping out into a dream of hers
1885. Chat with Will
1886. My husband's help in the kitchen
1887. Celebrating my dad's 75th birthday with an Open House at my sister's
1888. Seeing all my aunts and uncles and some cousins
1889. Life and family

Techy Aunts :-)

Young and old but no easy match hey James :-)

Good old Pac-Man

1890. Beautiful weather
1891. Grand-baby is growing beautifully - a little over two months and he/she will arrive

1892. Delicious rib dinner with friends
1893. Dan got accepted into school
1894. Warm sunshine
1895. Visit with Lily
1896. Warmth of the wood stove
1897. Dinner made by Kayla
1898. Call from Will
1899. Knitting by the fire
1900. Snow day
1901. My husband's leadership
1902. Tree limbs coated in ice
1903. Quiet day at home
1904. Charissa's help
1905. Beautiful morning
1906. Delicious birthday gifts from Charissa

1907. Luncheon, fellowship and FFI presentation/sharing 
1908. Many hands make light work for cleanup
1909. Servant hearts
1910. My husband's help in the kitchen
1911. Lunch guests and good conversation
1912. Matt's smirk
1913. Morning bird songs
1914. Finding satisfaction in doing the things I don't necessarily love to do
1915. Chat with my sister
1916. Bright sunshine
1917. Chat with the neighbour in the woods
1918. Matt's creativity

Murphy's favourite spot.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to count my blessings; really the prescription God is calling me to fill as He fills each day with beauty and pours His love on me. It is the simple things that nourish our souls if we are aware. You have turned up my awareness!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to count my blessings; really the prescription God is calling me to fill as He fills each day with beauty and pours His love on me. It is the simple things that nourish our souls if we are aware. You have turned up my awareness!