Sunday, 15 March 2015

Arrows in Quiver

This past week my niece lost a close friend of hers, she died in a tragic ski accident.  As a mom my heart grieves for this family, I could not imagine losing my child instantly in such a tragedy.  Again I see how life is so precious.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

It was a reminder that our children are a blessing from the LORD...a gift...they are His given to us to love, to cherish, to teach, to grow up in the ways of the LORD.

 "Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.  Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior's hands.  How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!" Psalm 127: 5 - 7

In this verse I see the deep responsibility we have as parents to grow our children up.  They are ours for a moment - arrows in a quiver - held safely but when the time comes they are arrows that we must launch.  Arrows are never meant to remain in a quiver, especially in the hands of a warrior.

"Arrows in a warrior's hands."

What a powerful image of strength, responsibility and battle.  In this world we launch our children into battle, yes a physical battle, the battle and struggle of finding their place in this world but much deeper is the spiritual battle.  For there is an enemy in this world who seeks the hearts of our children, an enemy who doesn't want our arrows to launch straight and true or hit their target. 

This enemy would rather they be...

flimsy arrows

twisted arrows

dull arrows

arrows missing fletching

weak arrows

broken arrows

arrows that no enemy would fear

And so it's my responsibility as a mom to teach my children the ways of the LORD, after all even though He has placed them in my care ultimately they are His.  They are His children and they will do best in this world if they learn and walk in His ways.

Oh they'll make mistakes along the way just as I have but if their foundation is solid and they know whose they are and who loves them most deeply and if they surrender to this love then they are safe in His hands no matter what battle they face.

Even when they fall down as they most surely will, they have a God who is right there ready to pick them up and just as He said to the adulteress woman in  John 8:10b - 11 "Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?" She said, "No one, Lord." And Jesus said, "I do not condemn you, either. Go. From now on sin no more."

My greatest joy is that my children serve the LORD, that they be a shining light in a broken and sin filled world that is desperate for God's love even when it doesn't know it.  I pray that they have the strength to stand for God's truth even when culture makes wrong right and right wrong.

And more and more I see in this beautiful land of freedom that I live in wrong has become right and shades of grey have replaced the LIGHT all in the name of freedom of rights.  Yet my God says in John 8:32 "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

TRUTH sets us free, not our rights, only His truth truly sets us free.

Things to be thankful for...

526. Nice drive with my husband
527. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine

528. Great study at church
529. Fun small group
530. Beautiful winter morning

531. Bible study
532. My husband and Matt doing groceries for me
533. Another beautiful snowy day
534. Early morning texts with Jocelyne
535. Quiet day knitting

536. Worship
537. Fresh fruit in winter
538. My husband and how he helps our kids
539. Chat with William
540. A good BBQ steak
541. Red dogwood agains the white snow
542. Celebrating the birthdays of my brother and sister-in-law, family
543. Dinner and good conversation with friends
544. Celebrating the birthday of a good friend
545. Afternoon sunshine
546. Horses cantering through the snow
547. "Your path led through the sea, your way through mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen." Psalm 77:19
548. Chores in the softly falling snow, peaceful

549. "What is that to you? You must follow me." John 21:22b...learning this
550. Fresh hay in the shed
551. Great turn out for LYW seminar
552. Community
553. Waking up to a winter wonderland
554. Warm sunshine on my face on a bitter cold day

555. Worship at church
556. Connecting
557. Sunshine on a super cold morning
558. Celebrating Jocelyne's 23rd birthday
559. Peacefulness down the hill doing chores
560. Dinner at mom and dad's to celebrate his 74th birthday
561. Dad's health
562. Charissa's ankle is feeling better
563. Gently falling snow through the sunshine
564. Caring husband
565. God's forgiveness

566. The way my husband looks after the needs of his children
567. Morning sunshine
568. Knitting and tea with a friend
569. Laughter
570. Marriage
571. Community
572. Horses cantering like crazy this morning - majestic
573. Matt helping his dad
574. Beautiful sunset
575. BBQ dinner with my husband
576. Beautiful sunrise

577. Time with my camera and husband

578. Meeting a beautiful older Hungarian woman at the Bay, feeding the ducks

579. Sound of the cardinal
580. Peace
581. Playing in the snow with Silas - tobogganing

582. Hot bowl of soup on a cold day
583. Knitting challenges solved with a friend
584. Great small group time
585. Serving dinner
586. My marriage
587. Beautiful morning sunshine on a cold day
588. Seeing a Pilated Woodpecker
589. Quiet night with my husband
590. Morning birdsongs
591. Cardinal outside my kitchen window

592. Peaceful morning doing chores
593. Chatting with Jocelyne as she heads to Saint John
594. Charissa doing chores for me
595. Gorgeous morning
596. Matt heading out to do some winter camping
597. Stars on a clear night
598. Moonlight so bright
599. Visit with Silas, Molly, Lola and their mom
600. Blessed by my husband - flowers
601. Roast beef dinner with Charissa
602. Beautiful day with my husband on my birthday
603. My kids
604. Beautiful orchid left for me by my front door

605. Calls from my siblings, kids and friends
606. Warm sunshine through the window

607. Birthday blessings
608. My favourite snacks from Charissa and a card

609. Good nights sleep
610. Memories
611. Mild morning, Spring is coming!

612. Molly, Lola and Silas having fun
613. Giggles
614. Beautiful afternoon sun
615. Gorgeous frost on the trees as we drive to church
616. Nice weekend spent with Silas, Molly and Lola

617. Gorgeous Spring like day
618. Amadeous basking in the sunshine without his winter blanket on
619. Afternoon chores - no coat, snow pants, hat or gloves - freedom!
620. Beautiful card from Jocelyne
621. Quiet drive to Huntsville
622. Hurts talked out
623. Laughter with friends
624. Delicious cornish hen dinner
625. Fun, relaxing day with friends
626. Nice dinner out
627. Gorgeous clear blue sky
628. The blessing of friends
629. Relaxing drive home with my husband
630. Our God of comfort in painful times - He sees every tear that falls
631. My dad found a Northern Saw - Whet owl - so cute

632. Bathing the ducks with Sarah

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  1. I always love it when your drop into the blogosphere! Lovely images; lovelier sentiments.