Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Beauty of Winter...

Thought I'd share some images of winter's beauty, it's a season I love to capture through my lens.  I love snow and the way it changes the barren landscape of late Fall, covering everything with a beautiful blanket of pure white.

Some things to be thankful for...

478. Night out with my husband
479. Chocolate
480. Charissa happy with her new placement
481. Gorgeous morning outside
482. Daytona basking in the morning sun
483. Crunchy royal gala apple
484. Peace
485. My bed
486. Ibuprofen
487. Another beautiful morning
488. Fresh out of the oven honey cake with butter
489. The guys doing a major garage cleanup/organize together
490. Sunshine glistening on Daytona's back

491. Horse muzzles

492. Longer daylight
493. Stacking firewood with Matt
494. Our health care system
495. Mom is feeling better
496. Beautiful morning sunshine
497. Hard work
498. Fresh country air
499. Beautiful pink morning sky
500. Its snowing
501. Snow covered horses

502. Beautiful covering of snow this morning

503. A tractor to plow the driveways
504. Got the hose thawed and the water working down the hill
505. Sunshine on a bitter cold day
506. Early morning quiet

507. Hot cup of tea
508. Knitting
509. Quiet afternoon
510. The light of the moon
511. Dinner and conversation with friends
512. Laughter
513. The smell of freshly baked pound cake

514. Talking with Lauren and Kiera on the phone with Jocelyne
515. Snow storm

516. New opportunities
517. Calm after the storm
518. Beautiful evening light while doing chores

519. Kindness from my husband
520. Winter wonderland

521. Gently falling snow
522. Refreshing winter walk on the boardwalk

523. My camera
524. Matt plowing the driveways
525. Falling flat on my back in a deep soft blanket of snow

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, Tina, all that snow! It does change the landscape...I see everything with new eyes. Love the icy whiskers on the horses!