Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our Trip to Utah

Thought I'd share some pictures from our Utah trip, we had a great time.  Utah is gorgeous with some stunning landscapes.  I loved seeing the mountains.  The weather was beautiful, unseasonably warm we were told, what a blessing.  

Some things I have been thankful for over the last number of weeks.

287. Sunshine streaming through my window
288. The peace and freedom that I live in - my country is not war torn
289. Living in the country, it's the best :)
290. Cleaned up my room, all the piles are gone
291. Sunshine across my paper as I write
292. Snow sparkling in the morning sunshine

293. Chocolate bar from my husband
294. Woke up to snow
295. More snow, looks like a winter wonderland

296. William seeking wisdom about life from his dad
297. Having fun doing some video with Matt in the snow at night
298. Fun night with Youth group
299. "Though my heart can grow so far away and cold, Your love for me remains the same."
300. The softly falling snow

310. Baking cookies with Matt
302. Sunshine pouring across my desk as I work
303. A good nights sleep
304. Beautiful sunshiny day
305. Videoing with Matt
306. Hanging out with friends and new acquaintances celebrating a friend's birthday
307. A quiet day by the fire knitting
308. God's Word
309. Visit with a friend
310. God's plan, His ways, He knows what we need
311. Arrived safely in Buffalo, flying to Utah tomorrow
312. Laughing about our 1 1/2 star motel room with the leaky tap and mirrored wall, at the same time realizing this would be luxury to many in the world
313. Two safe flights - we're in Utah
314. Relaxing in our hotel room after a long day of travel
315. A good nights sleep
316. Surrounded by snow capped mountains

The mountains were gorgeous.

317. Beautiful drive to Arches National Park
318. In awe of God's beautiful creation

319. Gorgeous red rock canyons

The twisted gnarly trees were beautiful, to me anyway, I know they're dead but there's still something beautiful about them.

Met an artist in Arches National Park, chatted with him for a bit and he let me take his picture.

320. Beautiful sunset

321. Sunrise in Arches, when the light hits the red rock it's so beautiful

322. Chatting with a man from Austria - a kind man
323. The gorgeous and majestic Canyonlands - so vast

On the edge, looking down.  I stayed in the middle of the mesa, heights make me uneasy.

On the edge again.

We took that steep, narrow, rough road to the bottom of the canyon.  No guardrails, sheer drop offs, scary for someone who hates heights especially when you had to pass by another vehicle, but I did it for the boys :) 

A picture can never give you the full perspective but we were on the little road way at the bottom, I was so thankful to be on the bottom.  Of course we had to head back up to get out.

Matt in the dried up creek bed and Mart is up higher to the right in black, he's hard to see but it gives you a bit of perspective of how deep the canyon was and how far down we drove.

And on the edge again, for some reason Matt loved being near the edge.  Here you see the Colorado River.

324. Spending time with Matt taking pictures
325. All the driving my husband has done

326. Arrived at the resort in Snowbird, it's beautiful
327. Waking up to a view of snow covered mountains
328. A quiet day at the resort
329. In awe again of the mountains as we drive to Provo

Underneath that fog is Salt Lake City, it sits in a valley.

330. Walking through downtown Salt Lake City - it is better to give than receive - doing some grocery shopping with Mia
331. The amazing and beautiful christmas lights at Temple Square

I've never seen so many Christmas lights, it was beautiful.

332. Exploring Antelope Island
333. Seeing herds of buffalo, some deer, antelope, coyotes and a falcon
334. God's beautiful creation

We took an eight mile causeway to Antelope Island.

Matt taking a picture of a coyote walking across the salt flats.

It was a dry, barren Island but beautiful.

Some deer in the distance and coyote in the foreground.

Practicing their lassoing skills.

335. Softly falling snow this morning
336. Sitting in the outdoor hot tub as the day starts
337. Touring the Mormon's conference centre, a beautiful building, tour led by a kind woman
338. Another beautiful day
339. Taking the tram to the top of the mountain, what an amazing view
340. Spending a few hours walking around the top of the mountain, gorgeous and amazing watching the sky change as the clouds roll in.

Matt capturing the cheetah skier, cape and all heading down the hill.

341. Warm sunshine through my window
342. Homeward bound
343. Two safe flights
344. own bed
345. A good nights sleep
346. The quiet of doing chores at the bottom of the hill in the morning
347. Seeing the horses after being away for ten days
348. Chatting with Charissa on the phone
349. BBQ steak dinner with my husband - quiet night together
350. A moving, God glorifying profession of faith service
351. A nice Sunday afternoon visiting with Charissa and Mart's mom
352. Hanging out with Youth, a great Youth service
353. A good chat with Jocelyne
354. Watching the Friendship Christmas Pageant
355. A nice walk with Black Jack - a beautiful sunny day
356. Charissa stopping by - 3 times in one day :-)
357. "Nothing great happens when you hold back," a quote from the movie "Home Run"
358. I serve a God who loves me no matter where I find myself and He wants me to let Him love me
359. Layer of pure white snow covering the ground
360. A story of God's healing in a life, in a marriage
361. Reminded of the blessing my husband is and so thankful for him
362. Refreshing early morning walk with a friend, peaceful, good conversation
363. Quiet morning
364. A good book
365. My church community
366. Time
367. Bird songs while doing chores - sounds like Spring
368. Kind words from my husband

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  1. Spectacular images, Tina. Must have been a wonderful vacation!