Monday, 2 September 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 221 ~ 244

Once again it's been forever since I've blogged, life has been full lately.  At times it can seem pointless to even continue with my One Thousand Gifts journaling, I can feel like in the whole scope of life when there is so much pain, brokenness and sin in this world it can seem silly and shallow to be writing some of these things down.  Yet this is my life, this is where I live, it's a simple life, a blessed life, doesn't mean it's without struggle or's the life God has given me and I want to live it for His glory.

It's the simple little things...a beautiful the dew glistens in the sunshine when you look up close...mist over a hay field in the early morning...the flight of a butterfly...the laughter of my kids...breezes through an open window...a smile...these are some of things I am thankful for...and they are gifts from my Creator God. I can feel spoiled with this life I live when I see and hear of the pain and turmoil across the ocean but this is the life God has given me and who am I to throw back in God's face what He has given to me.  That's what I do when I am hesitant to grab hold of what He has given me, when I am guilty for what I have.  It's what I do when I feel somewhat foolish for writing down some of these simple things...

One Thousand Gifts journaled for days 221 ~ 244

661. A dreaded job accomplished - it's been so many days since I wrote that that I don't even know what the dreaded job was, must not have been so bad :-) life is usually like that when you look back on something, mountains turn into mole hills
662. Communication - hearing each other
663. Nice chat with a stranger while standing in the rib fest line
664. Beautiful quiet morning doing chores
665. Gorgeous weather for a wedding
666. Working with another photographer
667. Worshipping with God's people
668. Celebrating Amanda - Bridal shower

669. Great weather for the shower
670. Thankful that the boys had a good time at the cottage with their Oma and Opa and extended family
671. Great evening weather for a family photo shoot
672. Thankful for the father my husband is, a wise man willing to enter into the tough places of parenting
673. The beauty of the sun breaking through the fog
674. Breezes through the window
675. A visit with my cousin Anne Marie who is doing 3 weeks of the Sea to Sea bike tour to end poverty
676. Early morning sun shimmering on the hydro lines
677. Beautiful Gladiolus from my dad's garden
678. Freedom is found when things hidden are brought to the light
679. This beautiful country I live in - freedom
680. Prayer on the boardwalk with a friend
681. Geo-caching with Matt & Jocelyne
682. Delivering a family their pictures and seeing their joy in them
683. A good talk and visit with a fellow mom about the tougher things of growing up kids
684. A visit with dad and mom after their holidays
685. A full day - lots accomplished
686. Help in the house from my husband
687. Dinner with friends
688. Freedom to worship
689. Kind words, a card and gift from our next door neighbours
690. The joy in a bride to be
691. Eldest son standing up for his brother
692. Working on a project with my husband - trenching in a water line
693. Quiet after the chaos
694. Beautiful sunrise

695. The evening sunlight
696. Having fun doing a photo shoot for a beautiful family
697. A nice visit with my husband's mom
698. Thankful that my kids have jobs
699. The sound of Vennus' nicker
700. Charissa hangin in my room chatting a bit
701. Heading out on a little vacation with my husband
702. Relaxing drive
703. Our brains - thinking things through
704. A woman worshipping the Lord unashamed at a gas station in New York
705. Safe travels
706. Wonderful visit/talk with Nancy and Bruce from PA

It was so refreshing to talk and pray with Bruce and Nancy.  We'd only met Nancy once back in March but because we serve Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour it's like we've known each other forever.

707. Great hospitality
708. The Body of Christ crosses all boarders
709. Beautiful pink morning sky
710. Boat cruise and dinner with a couple from New York state
711. Transformed lives - baptism in the park
712. Beautiful country roads
713. Home sweet home
714. A phone call and prayer with Nancy
715. Delicious peaches

716. Family
717. Adventure from the youngest
718. My husband the handyman
719. Fun photo shoot with three friends

720. Time with a niece, ice cream, a walk on the Bay and a good chat
721. The sound of crickets
722. Two girls in the kitchen making salsa
723. A quick visit with the eldest son
724. A patch of yellow butterflies
725. Full day - lots accomplished
726. Listening to my husband as he talks with our eldest son about life, encouraging him
727. My husband's heart for our marriage
728. Working together to solve a problem
729. Forgiveness
730. A morning of heavy dew and beautiful sunshine
731. Charissa :)
732. A God who hears our prayers

I love old and bright coloured doors.

My husband and I went to a Baptismal church service on the lake while we were away.  About eight people were baptized that morning.

We also got to watch part of a Polo game...pretty cool to see.

Cousins canoeing. 

I loved the little reflections captured in the drops of dew on this tiny flower.

Sparkly dew in the beautiful morning sunshine.

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  1. Hi Tina, I was thinking about you and wondering what was up in your world. I love looking at life through your words and your camera lens!