Thursday, 8 August 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 198 ~ 220

It's been forever since I've blogged and I haven't much to say :-) so it's just my list of One Thousand Gifts...

592. Dad and Kayla helping stack the hay away
593. Beans and snow-peas from the garden
594. Scrabble with the youngest

595. The sound and smell of a downpour
596. A swim with my husband
597. Gorgeous clouds in a beautiful blue sky
598. Where then does wisdom come from? And he said to man, "The fear of the LORD - that is wisdom," Job 28:20, 28a
599. Fun with Silas in the pool
600. The beauty of stormy skies

601. A cooler day - a break in humidity
602. Jocelyne picking and freezing the beans
603. My kids - the life in them
604. Beautiful sunny, breezy morning
605. Leah's beautiful smile

606. Relaxing by the Bay with friends
607. Beautiful flower beds at our church

608. Ice cream cones
609. Gorgeous cloud filled evening sky

610. Charissa getting the groceries
611. Wise words from the eldest son - his blog
612. Night out with my husband
615. The mosquitos are finally dying off
616. That God numbers our days
617. A great walk and talk with a friend
618. The patience and gentleness my daughter has with the girls she babysits

619. A good nights sleep - cooler evening
620. Working with my mom getting ready for a wedding

621. Visiting with a friend who is dying - God's grace, comfort and sovereignty - He numbers our days
622. Being pushed out of my comfort zone = growth
623. Beautiful weather for a wedding
624. Love and devotion between an older couple getting married

625. Teen Challenge presentation/worship/sharing
626. Transformed lives
627. A husband who protects my heart
628. Kids Kamp
629. Kids smiles

630. My husband's commitment to truth
631. Gorgeous cloud formations
632. Gorgeous sunset
633. My comfortable bed
634. A quiet afternoon
635. Jocelyne getting groceries
636. The innocence of children
637. Beautiful rain
638. The glitter of the sunshine hitting the rain soaked earth

639. Driving home from town amazed once again at the beautiful cloud filled sky

640. Thunderstorms
641. Good conversation in my Bible study group
642. Time
643. A beautiful dewy morning

644. Beautiful pink clouds in the evening sky

645. Much accomplished
646. The smell of homemade cinnamon buns
647. Worship
648. My husband catching the mouse in our bedroom in the middle of the night
649. A gift for the kids from my husband
650. Canoeing on a quiet lake with a couple of the kids and my husband
651. Running hot and cold water - a refreshing shower
652. The care and concern of a son for his sibling
653. God in control
654. A husband who helps his children
655. Quiet afternoon
656. The sound of rain through my open window
657. Rolls of thunder and flashes of lightening
658. A husband who cares about the personal lives of his employees
659. The delicate design of a spider web
660. The two boys off cottaging together with their Oma, Opa, Aunts, Uncles and cousins

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