Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day and One Thousand Gifts...Day 128 ~ 132

It was about 11:30 last night when our youngest daughter who had been out running and then hanging out with a friend came home.  My husband who has been suffering from seasonal allergies was having a tough time breathing so when I heard her going to her room I asked her if she still had her puffer so her dad could use it.  I know you're not supposed to share prescription medication but we did, this husband of mine needed some relief.  So she went to her room and got it and brought it to our bedroom.  As she's coming back into our bedroom I look towards the hallway and there is our eldest son Will from TO, I was so surprised and happy to see him.  It turns out our daughter hadn't been running the track but running the 401 to pick up her brother.  They got me, this mom who is hard to surprise had not a clue :)

Earlier that night when I was making pizza in the kitchen this same daughter had asked me if I liked Mother's Day.  She said she doesn't really like it. I told her that really it was just another day and that I would never want them to feel obligated to buy me a gift or make me something for Mother's Day.  So many people are out there rushing around the day before trying to find something, spending money they don't really have buying things they feel obligated to buy because of this date on the calendar.  I'm not saying it's wrong to celebrate your mom but it's not right when it comes out of obligation because of some day that someone decided to set a side.  And that's what I wanted my kids to know, that for me I never want them to feel obligated to buy me something or do something.  And that's why this daughter of mine really isn't so fond of Mother's Day because it's so commercialized, just like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter…days where billions of dollars are poured out because we feel we have to.  

So kids, no worries from this mom, I'm blessed to be your mom and that is plenty gift enough.  As much as each of you has grown through the years so have I.  God has used each one of you in my life to make me a better person.  Iron sharpens iron and it doesn't matter whether you're big or little God uses us all to impact each others lives.

I know that I've messed up many times and haven't been the kind of mom I should be and for those times I am always so grateful for a new day to try again.  Thankful that God's mercy's are new every morning and that I have kids who are forgiving when this mom of theirs stumbles.  

I am so thankful to walk whatever journey He would have me walk with each one of you.  And I know some of those journey's haven't been easy but with our eyes fixed on Him, He has seen us through.  Doesn't mean it wasn't messy or painful but He was right there with us.

Hearing your laughter and laughing right along with you over the silly things is a breath of fresh air.  Some of the things we have laughed about, the things you wouldn't want anyone else to know.  

The way your eyes light up over certain things gives this mom great joy.  Seeing you in those moments when nothing weighs you down…freedom.  

The surprise kitchen clean-ups bless this mom who sometimes can be so scattered all over the place doing a little of this and a little of that.  Thanks for at times bringing some order to my chaos :)

Your words of encouragement in things I have done bless me so much…thank you for giving them.

Our weekly homemade pizza and movie night...we've been doing that for over 15 years.  Maybe not always the movie...good ones are sometimes hard to come by for this picky mom, Dove approved hey Matt :) 

Nights when you're all piled on my bed chatting away, pestering me, not leaving, those are memories I cherish.  Knowing that you want to spend time with me…your mom.  Yeah I know sometimes I'm annoying, a little too in your face but hey I'm your mom and I love you!  And sometimes you're a little annoying and too in my face but hey you're my kids and I wouldn't want it any other way.  

Maybe at times we're one crazy loud family but we're a family and we're trying to do this dance called family and sometimes we miss the steps and step on each others toes, trip each other up and cause each other to stumble but we're still dancing and no one has left the dance floor, maybe periodically but they always return and for that I am so so grateful.  And as the years have gone by we've learned to dance a little better, there's less toe stepping and tripping and you only get better if you stay together and are all willing to learn the dance from the Master…the very One who put us all together.  

Thanks William, Jocelyne, Charissa and Matthew you bless this mom's world!

One of my favourites...I got this book when William was a baby...this is a new one that the kids got me for Mother's Day last year, the other one was pretty much destroyed.

Will and Charissa walking the beach on their recent trip to Cuba...a beautiful shot.

Charissa walking the beach...I love this shot...the lighting is gorgeous.

Matt doing what he loves.

Jocelyne our wonderful cupcake baker.

Vanilla coconut cupcakes Jocelyne made for Mother's Day.

And they're delicious!

One Thousand Gifts journaled for days 128 ~ 132

382. Cooling breezes while mowing the lawn
383. My dad rotor-tilling my garden
384. Good walk and talk with my neighbour up the road
385. Laughter with the kids
386. Cooler temperatures
387. Fellowship
388. Afternoon rain
389. The husband says be thankful you haven't got allergies
390. A beautiful family - working on a video for them
391. The call of the cardinal
392. Sunshine at the end of a dreary day
393. Laughter
394. The oldest son making a surprise visit for Mother's Day
395. Lives changed by God's grace
396. My kids



  1. Happy belated Mother's Day! Your photos as usual are exquisite.

  2. Sweet post Tina. You children are truly blessed by being yours. I must have missed the post about Will and Charissa going to Cuba. Mission trip?

  3. sounds like you've got some amazing young folks in your family - and what a neat surprise for mother's day.... having one unexpectedly home.