Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 25 ~ 30

So we've had some strange winter weather here this past week.  It's gone from - 30C to + 10C in the span of a week.  Our yard was covered with a blanket of pure white snow and now it's bare and dirty looking.  My son and his friend were actually out on their dirt bikes yesterday thanks to the mild temps, melting of snow and the repairs done in the son's bedroom last Thursday :-)  Right now the wind is howling outside my window and the temperature has dropped to -2C from a spring like +10 C yesterday, we're getting back to more seasonable temperatures.

Life at times can be like the weather...from one extreme to another.  One week I'm away for a couple days with my husband having a nice time and a few days later we're distanced from one another, something gets in the way and we drift apart...or at least I do.  And I wonder how do I get from point A to point B so quickly and how do I get back.

But life goes on and we grow and we learn how to work things through  because we're in this together, we're committed and we need each other.  And like the weather there are those cold blustery days and the cold winter rain days but then there are those days of the beautiful sunrise, the softly falling snow  and the glistening of a winter frost.  If we look and if we wait we can find beauty whether that be in our relationships or in God's creation.

Gifts journaled for days 25 ~ 30

73. Help from a neighbour
74. Dinner with friends
75. Friend surprised and blessed
76. Gorgeous sunrise
77. How the falling snowflakes glisten as they are hit by the morning sun
78. Family and all it's personalities
79. Going to the farm where my daughter works and helping her with chores
80. Challenging message
81. God
82. The quiet and peace of doing chores in the gently falling snow
83. Laughter
84. My bed after a long but good day
85. A couple of hours of solitude
86. To hear my daughter say "this is really good mom"
87. Life
88. A new day
89. Fresh baked brownies
90. A son who notices

A gorgeous winter sunrise, before the sun broke the horizon all I saw was this beam of light reaching up into the sky.

So delicate and beautiful.

Some shots of the colts and mares my daughter has been looking after for the past number of months.

The moon was still out when we got to the barn.

Back in December it was a rainy cold day and we got a frantic call from Charissa.  She was at the farm doing chores and the colt to the left got hung up in a gate and was strangling.  It took us ten minutes to get there and he'd already been hung for 15 minutes, he was gasping for air and it was getting worse.  My husband got the chain cut and the colt fell to the ground, we thought we'd lost him but he was breathing and he eventually got up and he staggered inside and we put him in his stall.  Today he's fine with just a bit of swelling on the one side of his neck.

Sarah came over for the day on Monday.  I was outside taking pictures so I got her involved :-)

We all need HOPE.

Blowing a little snow.

My mom called me Monday afternoon, this Cooper's Hawk had been chasing a bird and hit their window and was on the ground stunned.  I was able to get quite close and took some shots. 

Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4


  1. I rejoice when you post, Tina. Your words and your images are always uplifting and thought-provoking.

    Our weather is crazy too. Was high 60s two days ago, after a few days of almost freezing. Then the temps dropped and we had high winds and flooding.

  2. Thanks for sharing your gifts that God has given you. Every time I see a posting from you, I look forward to reading and seeing your pics. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your love for our awesome God! Take Care