Monday, 16 July 2012

July fun...

Some summer-time fun with the kids.

Charissa really wanted to go fishing in the river but the whole putting the worm on the hook...

Well good thing her dad came with to do the dirty work.

Relaxing by the river with Black Jack...though she hates the water...we tried and tried to get her to like it but it ain't happening.

It may be tiny but it's still a fish.  This little guy was released shortly after it's photo shoot. 

Charissa's first fish...a cat fish and oh she won't take the fish off the hook either...that's what brother's are for.

Aren't we beautiful...

yeah, you are...

The bridge by the river is covered in graffiti so we though a jump shot was in order.

Crazy kids...

Another fishing trip to the river...different location, same river.

And the big guy came with this time.

It's beautiful by this part of the river with all the old buildings in the background.

The river is quite low...we've hardly had any rain in the last six weeks or so...not so good for the crops.

Near the end of our fishing excursion William caught a bass...made his day.

I never saw such a black bass, must be due to it's habitat.

Saturday afternoon my husband and I went for a drive in the county with Jocelyne.  The county is pretty much a big island on the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, a beautiful place for a drive.  Along this one road there are all kinds of stops by the water.

Came across this old pick-up truck on the side of the road.  A perfect photo opportunity.  Jocelyne and I have to work on poses a bit :-) 

Jocelyne and her dad.

 This morning Charissa and I went to a barley field up the road to take some pictures, it was a beautiful morning.

Took the rest of the kids to that same barley field tonight and tried to get some nice shots.

The angle shot :)

Hey look what you can do with these barley heads, this was my eldest sons idea.

After getting frustrated with them because they wouldn't cooperate...well how could I do anything but laugh and laugh some more when I saw this.

This made my day.

Enjoy your summer...we are...laugh lots it's good for the soul and all those around you.


  1. Fun with family is the best! The barley field is beautiful!

  2. Tina, so good to see you out here in blogland again! You really should consider portrait photography. The standouts for me are the two sisters together and the graffiti wall-jumping action. All are nice shots and tell a great story. Glad the summer is going well. Take care and God bless.

  3. Fantastic kids...just love it Tina!!! I know it does your heart good to see your kids happy =)