Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The baby swans...

Early Monday morning I went to the Bay to find the baby swans, hoping to get some nice images.

This image was taken back on March 20th when we were having summer in March.  We heard this loud slapping sound on the water and it was a swan taking off.  I'd never heard that before.

A few days later we went back to the Bay to check on the swans and we found this pair near shore.  They're fun to watch, they were doing lots of grooming.

I'm thinking this is the pair that now have the eight babies.

Monday morning they were so far away.

It was a beautiful morning, the water was so still and the sky was pastel shades of pink and orange.

Not the sharpest of images but thought it was pretty cool.  This is the male taking off with the mom and babies in the background.

Still way out in the distance enjoying their morning paddling across the Bay.

The duck eggs I almost stepped on.  Man that duck freaked me out when she flew up out of the grass right in front of me.  I guess we were in the same boat, two freaked females :-)

Mamma with the babies in tow as papa grooms himself.


  1. Tina, these are absolutely exquisite! Loving the pastels of the pink/orange/blue photos. All are quite amazing, though. Hope you're having a blessed day!

  2. Fantastic images! The colors are so beautiful and your compositions are stellar as always.