Saturday, 9 June 2012

And the rains came...

It's been dry here for so long but we finally had a day of rain a week ago.  A soft all day rain…perfect for soaking into the ground.  Since then we've had a thunderstorm pass through on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon…more rain.  

I love thunderstorms, though only when I'm safe inside.  I'm kind of paranoid about getting hit by lighting, not sure why but I am…my family thinks I'm crazy…really…I'm that freaked about them.

I love pictures after the rain or morning dew when the sun comes out.  All those rain droplets sparkling in the sunshine.  What an amazing God I serve...the Master Creator.

Storm clouds a-brewin'.
The cloud formations have been gorgeous this week.

Not sure what these little guys are but they were beautiful all covered in raindrops and glistening in the morning sun.


  1. Lovely photos this week Tina! It's rained here just about all week, at least once a day. So far today, no rain!

  2. Beautiful photos! But I expect nothing less from you. :)

    My grandmother was terrified of thunderstorms. She'd take a vial of holy water and go all over the house sprinkling water in each room. She also used holy water on me when I was a rebellious teen and not long after that I started getting my life on track. Hmmm....