Wednesday, 26 October 2011


My husband and I took a long weekend and travelled out to Pennsylvania to see the production Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theatre.  Also along the way we stopped in so I could meet up with a Flickr friend...Paula.  It was such a blessing to meet her, we had a nice visit but way too short.

Paula from Pennsylvania, she gives some of the best hugs :-)

Saturday morning we went to a little town and walked around in the beautiful sunshine and came across this funny guy.  They have a feeder where you can buy some grain to give him so he promptly walked over to show me where it was and stood there waiting but I didn't have a quarter so he was out of luck. 

He may need to see the orthodontist...what do ya think... 

Charissa, Kayla said this shot reminds her of Vennus :-)

I love seeing the Amish as they're heading through town in with their horse and buggy.

These two guys were playing the guitar and banjo out in the little shopping area where we were walking.

I had said to my husband I wanted to get a closeup of this guy and so of course he encouraged me just to ask, but I was nervous to do that.  He said I could put $5 in their tip pot if I did it...I did it!

These always remind me of fall and look so beautiful sitting on people's front porches or steps.

I'm always looking to befriend the animals, though this little guy wasn't too friendly.

Some of the farm country...the farms are so beautiful down in Lancaster.

This is Sight and Sound Theatre.  I took this four years ago when we were last down to see the production In the Beginning.  It's a beautiful theatre and the production Joseph was amazing, such a beautiful and moving story of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Sunday morning when we left it was quite foggy out, we passed this old cemetery so we stopped so I could take some shots, it looked so neat with the fog.

I think old country cemeteries are so interesting...maybe that's weird.  What are the life stories, where did the people come from and what was life like way back then.  And then I am also reminded of how short life is and how important it is to live it well and be where God calls me to be.

Heading home...

We went through Mount Pocono to check out some lookout but none
of my pictures did it justice so this one will have to do.

This is the view as we entered New York state.



  1. These are awesome photos!!! The ones of the goat are crisp with that beautiful bokeh. Sounds like you had a lovely trip, with the bonus of meeting a Flickr friend! How special. The last photo of the fall foliage is superb. What a perfect sky you had there.

  2. I love this little photo journey. It sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to the states! My first thought when I saw the funny llma (?) was that he could use an orthodonist!