Friday, 8 July 2016


Todays thankful list from the end of May starts with:

 #2239. The sound of rain through the night.  

How I would love to hear the sound of rain right now.  The ground is hard like cement, dry, cracked and dusty.  We'd need some of those soft, gentle, all rain kind of days for it to penetrate deep into the ground.  Tonight they're calling for 5 -10 mm so hopefully we'll get it, every little bit helps. 

It's been super hot and humid here, though we were away for two of those weeks and I'm thankful for that.  I'm not so great with humidity.  We sold our pool this year because it just wasn't getting much use and of course this summer it's hot and dry, perfect for jumping into that pool to refresh ourselves, but the shower will have to do from now on :-(

Life has been pretty full here lately.  June flew by as we were away for more than half of it.  Our little granddaughter Lily is already two months old, we haven't seen her in over a month, thank goodness for video Skype.  We'll see her soon though and I can't wait.  It's amazing how much they change in such short amounts of time.  She's smiling now and sleeps through the night.  Her parents surely are blessed to be given that comfort.  

Things to be thankful for...

2240. My husband's birthday
2241. Skype call from Will, Amy, Lily and Charissa
2242. Morning call from Jocelyne
2243. Beautiful morning, soft breezes
2244. Cool breeze through my open window
2245. Chat with my sister
2246. Murphy following me around outside while I'm taking pictures

2247. Daytona's holler when he sees me coming
2248. Smell of lilacs in the early morning as I head out to do chores

2249. Breezy day
2250. Humidity gone
2251. Matt's smile
2252. Tea and chat with friends

2253. My husband's help in fixing some fencing
2254. Cooler day
2255. Lunch out with two kids and their mom
2256. Listening to their stories
2257. Morning cuddles with Murphy
2258. The way the poplar leaves shimmer in the breezes and sunshine
2259. My girls are home
2260. Seeing Jocelyne and Charissa together after six months apart

2261. Dinner made by my husband
2262. Peace after the storm
2263. The love between a mother and her daughter

2264. Beautiful wedding ceremony

2265. Parental words of blessing
2266. Beautiful weather for pictures

2267. Delicious lunch and good conversation with a beautiful christian couple and their children
2268. Words of blessing and encouragement
2269. Time with my sister's kids
2270. Card game with Reuben and Kara
2271. A visit from Will, Amy and Lily

2272. Refreshing rain
2273. A peaceful sleeping Lily
2274. Answer to prayer
2275. Games with Reuben and Kara
2276. Sister and brother-in-law back from California, beautiful pictures shared
2277. Help from Jocelyne
2278. Angels keep watch over us - Matt kept safe after losing his front tire on the 401
2279. Grocery shopping with Jocelyne
2280. Laugher with Matt
2281. Cleaning with Jocelyne
2282. Cookies baked by Jocelyne
2283. Visit from Kayla, Sarah and Tony :-)
2284. Visitors from Calgary
2285. Good sleep
2286. Morning bird songs
2287. Doing ministry with my husband

2288. Fellowship with believers
2289. Open hearts...courage
2290. Melissa...our joyful caterer for the seminar
2291. Girls off to the zoo for Charissa's birthday
2292. Celebrating Charissa's 23rd birthday
2293. Words of blessing given to Charissa
2294. Cousins laughter and chatter
2295. A surprise gift of fruit bowls and apple pies
2296. Great help from Jocelyne and Charissa
2297. Morning rain
2298. Table full at breakfast - fellowship
2299. My Pastor's heart
2300. Words of encouragement
2301. My husband - a good man and father
2302. Jesus' sacrifice
2303. Time off for Charissa
2304. Sisters
2305. Kitchen knife set from Jocelyne and Charissa
2306. Cousins hanging out together

2307. Stories told...laughter
2308. Lasting friendships
2309. Visit with Amanda and Ryan
2310. Walk in the Frink Centre

2311. Matt's car fixed
2312. David's Tea from Jocelyne
2313. Jocelyne and Charissa gardening for me
2314. Life
2315. Cinnamon, my sister's donkey had a surprise foal!
2316. The smell of fresh cut grass
2317. Friends out for dinner
2318. My son's heart
2319. Call from a friend
2320. Photo shoot with the girls

2321. Tea with friends before heading to PEI  

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  1. Always enjoy your posts, Tina! We've had rain almost daily...would gladly share!