Thursday, 11 September 2014

Some things to be grateful for...

In thinking of losing Vennus and Clementine in the last month I was reminded again that I serve a God who cares about his creatures and not just the human kind, animals matter too.  I was struck the morning after we put Vennus down in reading some of the book of Jonah.  Jonah is sent to Nineveh to proclaim to it the message of the LORD.  He tells the people that in forty more days Nineveh will be overturned.  The Ninevites believed God.  They declared a fast and all the people put on sackcloth. The king does likewise and made a proclamation to the people that no man or beast, herd or flock would eat or drink.  Man and beast alike were to be covered in sackcloth.  I found it interesting that even their animals were to participate in the king's decree.  God sees that they turned from their evil ways and has compassion on them and doesn't bring about the destruction He had threatened.  Jonah gets angry over the LORD's decision and at the end of the passage the LORD says to Jonah, "Nineveh has more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and many cattle as well.  Should I not be concerned about that great city."

It struck me when I read and many cattle as well...God cared about the animals in that great city too.

It's okay to grieve over animals's not's not's not making animals equal with's being human...grieving over a loved one lost.

Some things to be grateful for...

121. Memories
122. The love of friends
123. So thankful that the woman who hit Clementine stopped by today - paths cross for a reason
124. Morning fog
125. God's incredible mercy
126. Gorgeous sunset

127. Quiet day with my husband
128. Father & son working together solving some wiring issues on the boat
129. A new day
130. Fresh baked cookies and how my kids love them
121. My daughter encouraging our youngest son
132. Henrietta's wings flapping
133. Sweet, cold, juicy watermelon

134. Beautiful second cut hay for my old guy Amadeous this winter
135. Beautiful cool morning, warm sunshine on my face
136. Horse to groom
137. Shades of blue in the evening sky
138. Clouds rimmed in light from the setting sun
139. Picnic in the boat
140. Setting sun on the water, warm on my face
141. Help from Charissa making invites
142. Coffee and cards with friends
143. Family over visiting
144. Cousins having fun - laughter
145. Good chats with some neighbours
146. Morning worship at church
147. God wants to lavish His love on us/on me
148. Beautiful sunrise on the Bay

149. Washrooms when you're on the water - thank you Myers Pier
150. Peaceful morning on the Bay

They fish, I read :)

151. Fish caught

It's a Sheephead but still a fun catch, Mart caught it, Charissa netted it.

Later Charissa caught her own Sheephead.

152. Dinner and coffee with Mart's mom
153. Good nights sleep
154. Quiet morning doing chores
155. Bedroom closet cleaned/organized
156. Dew on spider webs

157. Morning fog - sunlight streaming through
158. Vennus' morning nicker for grain
159. The smell of fresh cut grass
160. God's love never changes
161. My husband
162. Hanging laundry
163. Celebrating Jessica's graduation
164. The night sky lit up with lightening
165. Molly & Lola's 2nd birthday
166. Moonlight through the bedroom window
167. Thankful we were able to get Vennus up after she went down and couldn't get up Saturday morning
168. Beautiful, clear Sunday morning
169. Vennus - a little horse, a special horse with a big spirit, a real trooper who will be greatly missed

170. One last nicker from Vennus as Charissa gave her her grain this morning
171. Our vet who would come out on a Sunday morning to put Vennus down
172. My husband - his strength and compassion in being there when Vennus was put down and in burying her - a tough thing to do
173. Painting the sign for Vennus' burial place with Charissa
174. Junior the duck survived another attack by our dog

175. God's finger prints in my life as I go through my day
176. Looking at pictures of Vennus with Charissa - all the good memories
177. Gorgeous sunset
178. Light rimming the clouds
179. The sound of the poplar leaves rustling in the morning breeze
180. Confirmation again that the LORD cares for the animals He has created - Jonah 4:11
181. Night out with my husband
182. The sound of rain through the bedroom window
183. The rushing wind

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