Friday, 1 November 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 281 ~ 302

We're in the heart of Fall, today the wind is gusting all around.  The trees are bending this way and that, I love the sound and it's amazing how much bending a tree is able to withstand.  After today most of the leaves will have fallen.  As much as I love Fall I also look forward to winter and a blanket of pure white snow.  Each season holds a special beauty and I'm thankful I can experience all four.

One Thousand Gifts journaled for days 281 ~ 302

841. A quiet night
842. Smile from my daughter
843. Another gorgeous Fall day
844. Time spent with the youth at our church
845. The love from my husband
846. Quiet in the morning doing chores
847. Beautiful evening for a family photo shoot
848. Sitting in the sunshine in the lower pasture, enjoying the quiet
849. Vibrant Fall colours at the Bay
850. This beautiful country I live in
851. Once again a beautiful Fall day, I'm amazed with the weather we've had
852. Beautiful walk on the Bay with family

853. Seeing the heart of my nephew in the stories he tells
854. Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner
855. Cousins hanging out and chatting
856. The life I've been given
857. Laughter on the face of my daughter
858. My marriage - growth
859. The Gospel message shared
860. Good conversation about fear
861. The courage of my husband - a willingness to say the tough things and ask the tough questions
862. Charissa cleaning the kitchen
863. Thankful to be home when my neighbour called for help
864. Our health care system - doctors, nurses, etc.
865. Light in dark places

866. Great morning walk with a friend down the road
867. Good conversation
868. My girls helping out around the house
869. Meeting a beautiful family - doing their photo shoot
870. Driving home and seeing the majesty of God's creation - the sunlight hitting the tops of the golden coloured trees
871. Rain held off while second shooting a wedding
872. Blessing another
873. My bed at the end of a long day
874. Our Church council and all they do, their leadership
875. Celebrating Sarah's 13th birthday - family
876. God's pursuit of us
877. Chocolate bar from Jocelyne :)
878. A refreshing walk
879. Things accomplished
880. Horses cantering up the hill when I whistle for them
881. Jocelyne's help making dinner
882. A nice hot meal, people around the table
883. A chilly but refreshing early morning walk with a friend up the road
884. Frost sparkling in the light
885. The assurance of my husband that things will be okay
886. Charles H. Spurgeon - The Treasury of David
887. Country life

888. Some quiet time with my husband
889. The funny grin Charissa had on her face as she walks by me while I'm vacuuming, realizing she has her shoes on and that's why she had the grin on :)
890. Cousins having fun
891. New opportunities - possible nanny job for Jocelyne in PEI
892. Blessing some families with family albums
893. Heat from the wood stove on a rainy blustery day
894. The majesty of God's creation - watching a video, Winter in Yellowstone, amazing
895. Sunshine after the rain

896. Community
897. God's fingerprints in our lives - our stories
898. Vennus - a special horse
899. Chatting with the kids before heading to bed
900. Fresh sheets on my bed, hung to dry on the clothes line
901. Beautiful frosty morning walk, capturing the sparkling beauty with my camera

902. Water line put into the horse paddock, no more hauling buckets of water this winter - thanks to my husband and boys
903. Laugher with friends
904. Visit with a bride-to-be
905. The input and help from a professional photographer
906. Working on a big project with my mom, her help


  1. Tina, I've missed your photography. So happy to see a post from you. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  2. As always, beautiful photos, Tina!

  3. It's always a joy to visit your blog, Tina!