Monday, 1 April 2013

One Thousand Gifts...Days 85 ~ 91

After I had gotten ready for Church Good Friday morning I was sitting at my computer trying to put a blog together for Easter  when my husband came over and asked if I'd do up the buttons on his shirt sleeves.  I have to admit my first reaction inside wasn't the nicest, I was somewhat irritated, I was being interrupted again.  It seemed every time I sat down I was interrupted.  But I had that quick internal conversation, "Tina, stop it, this isn't how to treat your husband…love him…be kind…give."

I turned my chair towards him as he was standing there and I did up the button on his left sleeve.  When I went to do up the button on his right sleeve there in his hand was this little brown box.  I looked up at him and smiled…him smiling at me and all at the same time in this heart of mine feeling ashamed for my earlier feelings.  Here in the midst of my selfishness he was loving me and I was instantly reminded of my Father in heaven who loves me even in the midst of my selfishness; He continues to love me no more no less...this constant never changing love.

Opening the box I was pretty sure of what was inside.  Earlier that week my husband and I had been to Zellers, it was closing and everything was on sale, marked down by 70% - 80%.  I was at the jewellery counter looking at some white gold earrings when my husband came over, I showed them to him telling him I liked them but they were too much and so we put them away.  And so when I took the lid off that little brown box those same two beautiful white gold earrings I'd seen earlier that week stared back at me. 

I got up, still smiling at him, somewhat stunned that he'd done this and that I had no clue; I'm a hard one to surprise.  I wrapped my arms around him loving this man, not just for this gift but because he is a good man.  He'll be the first to admit that romance and all the flowery words don't come easy but every now and then he surprises me.  But what's more important than any gift he could give is the godly man he is and the commitment he has to this family of his and I have to be honest that sometimes my eyes are blind to that.  He has provided for me and our children for all these almost 24 years.  Rarely do I think of the weight he must bear in being that provider.  And just as my eyes can be blind to my husband's love, many times my eyes are blind to the Father's love for me as well.

How often do I miss life moments because I'm sitting in my own selfishness wanting to do life my way, doing my own thing.  Yet God comes along with hands opened wanting to give me something...teach me me something...use me for something and I get irritated because I've been interrupted.  That God would even think to step into this life of mine...a Holy God and me a sinner...yet He comes again and again.  

His blessings come in many forms, not just tangible gifts of provision but often times places where He'll ask me to give of myself and give to another for it is in the giving that I receive.  A life laid down for another because in the end what is it that really matters...what breathes life into this broken world but life.  

In the beginning the LORD God breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life and many years later Jesus breathed His last breath in order that we could once again have communion with the Father...the very One who gave that first breath.  This life of mine is not my own, it is Christ in me and through me and that is what this messed up broken world needs...His life.

One Thousand Gifts journaled for day 85 ~ 91

253. Nice walk on the boardwalk with Silas
254. The sound of running water through the woods
255. Trusting that God knows the answers in difficult situations
256. The peace and solitude of grooming Amadeous in the morning sunshine
257. Gorgeous Spring day
258. Dinner out with my husband
259. Early morning chorus of the birds
260. Joyful daughter
261. Communion - remember and believe...
262. Beautiful gift from my husband
263. Beautiful Good Friday service - the price He paid
264. In Church with all the kids :)
265. Working on a project with my husband
266. Swans on the Bay
267. Life even when it's noisy and chaotic
268. The Resurrection!
269. My son on the worship team
270. Lindor chocolate truffles ;)
271. Sunshine streaming through my window on a blustery day.
272. Girls home safe from TO
273. A son who likes to chat


  1. Linking up after you at Multitudes on Mondays - what a sweet, thoughtful gift from your husband. And I identify with your first thoughts when "interrupted" and asked to do something. Selfishness is something that rears it's head so often for me - and I am thankful for God's quiet voice that speaks to us in our hearts, reminding us to give love. And what a sweet reward for you as you received the gift from your husband ...

  2. This is beauty on so many levels.
    Your heart, Mart's, the love of our Father and of your family.
    Simple, rich treasures and a heart filled with thanks.

  3. A lovely post, Tina. Hope yall are getting some springtime weather.